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Advertising and Marketing for property management companies and vacation rental tech vendors

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Get your vacation rental business more leads and more authority.

We boost the business goals of vacation rental industry businesses by helping them get noticed and collect more leads. We focus on the needs and interests of property owners and managers to build marketing strategies for our clients that educate the market and create value for everyone.

Marketing offers with your goals in mind


Getting noticed in the short-term rental industry is hard. The
market is fragmented, companies overlap one with another, and
too few outlets offer a strong and trusted communication channel.


Rental Scale-Up helps companies get more visibility and grow
sales by getting them recognized. We help them be seen as serious
contenders in their industry.


With our marketing offers, we help companies increase their
authority, which leads to new customers, more sales and an
increase of credibility among peers.


We help get more qualified leads by working with you and
selected peers to create contents and online events that your
future customers want to hear about

Rely on our reputation and expertise to reach your goals.

Rental Scale-Up is regularly mentioned as a trusted news source. Just in the first half of 2021:

  • Official contributor to Skift Research’s report “Impact of COVID-19 on the Short-Term Rental Market”.
  • Official media partner for the upcoming Vacation Rental World Summit 2021
  • Interviewed on podcasts such as Simon Lehmann’s Red Shoes Talk, Short Term Rental Titans, Get Paid for your Pad, Flying Cat Marketing, Short Stay Podcast.
  • Panel member for the launch of the French edition of the Short Stay Week.

Our Marketing Offers

Visibility Ads

Exclusive Newsletter


Authority Studio:
Reports as Lead Generators

Authority Native

Monthly Conference:
Authority +
Leads + Networking

Visibility Ads

Leverage our brand and audience to make the vacation rental industry aware of your
Show your offer in a relevant, short-term rental-focused context.

  • Awareness: Your brand is associated with the right
    content and peer companies.
  • Recall: Qualified users see your brand and have a better chance to remember it in context

The share of voice for each ad is
33%, i.e. your ad is rotating along
with 2 others in each placement.
At any given time, you are visible
to ⅓ of our audience.

Exclusive Partner of
our Weekly Newsletter

Is your company looking for a way to build its brand and reach potential customers?
Then, consider becoming the exclusive partner of the weekly RSU Newsletter

Our newsletter is published weekly to over 3,400 industry members. Become the sole partner to our newsletter to get leads and associate your brand with one of the most respected voices in the industry. Week after week, you will reinforce your brand and get closer to your sales goals.

Newsletter Fact Sheet
  • 3,400+ active members
  • 40% North America, 40% Europe, 20% Rest of the world
  • 30% multi-property owners, 40% property managers, 20% industry consultants and vendors, 10% single property owners

Exclusive Sponsors

Exclusive Newsletter Sponsor
(“Brought you by” message in every edition. With your tagline, brand name, and link of your choice).
Reserved for 1 brand only. No other sponsor or ad in the newsletter, except to promote Rental Scale-Up’s own events and products.

Quarterly Billing

(1 Quarter)

(3-month commitment)

Annual Billing

(4 Quarters)

(12-month commitment)

Placement: Right below the weekly editorial (the most-read part of the newsletter, in the first third of the email).


Increase the profile of your company and leaders.
A thought-leadership article is an opportunity for you to raise your profile within the short-term rental industry to demonstrate your expertise and credibility, to share your insights with an engaged voice, and to provide them with real value.

A well-written and genuinely insightful piece of content has the potential to procure traffic and social media shares alongside huge contributions to brand visibility.

For your article to be effective, you want it to be surrounded by other quality content. This is why we have strict and details guidelines. A
thought-leadership article is not:
▪ An SEO-driven backlinking exercise,
▪ An advertorial (or a way to disparage competitors),
▪ A piece of content already published somewhere else.

This is an investment: You article will remain on our website.
We will promote it on social media and in our newsletter for additional exposure.

Authority Studio:
Reports as Lead Generators

Rental Scale-Up actively helps you capture more leads and establish more authority.

  • Our team co-writes with you a valuable report for your target audience (e.g. an introduction to revenue management, a cheat sheet about Airbnb),
  • We promote your report through leaderboard banners on our website, in our newsletter and on social media, generating visibility and authority for your brand,
  • We create and host a dedicated landing page where readers can ask to download the report and opt-in to receive information from your brand,
  • Readers download your report,
  • Rental Scale-Up sends you the list of opt-ins on a regular cadence.

Campaign duration: 3 months of promotion.

Authority Studio

Creation and promotion fee (Report + Banners + Promotion + Landing Page)

Quarterly Billing

(1 Quarter)



Need to drive traffic to your website, for instance to a free report where you can capture
leads for your business?
With our Authority Native offer, grab the attention of the RSU audience in a context that
makes the most sense for your company.

What: A text ad within RSU article will promote a piece of content available on your website
(e.g. a blog post, a report). You build your brand and attract qualified leads.

Why Does it Work?

  • Premium: Only 3 companies have access to this offer, at any given time.
  • Targeted: We promote your content in articles that make contextual sense, so that they bring value to our readers and you get qualified leads.
  • For instance: Your report on how to increase ADR is displayed in all of our articles about revenue management, pricing, market data.

Format: Heading text + Photo + Call to action

Authority Native

Maximum 3 such sponsored content pieces on the site at the same time.



Monthly Conference:
Authority + Leads + Networking

  • This is not yet another webinar. This is a coordinated lead-generation campaign.
  • You get more authority and more qualified leads by working with us and 2 complementary sponsors on a shared project.
  • Thanks to Rental Scale-Up’s framework and facilitation, you co-create the content of an authoritative workshop, agree on and execute shared lead generation activities, and reinforce your industry network by working with peers on a small, defined and impactful project.
  • Rental Scale-Up’s team ensures that the content is of high quality and value (i.e. neither boring, nor salesy), checks that each party delivers on its promises (e.g. lead generation campaign), creates the visuals, and hosts the event.
  • Topics are decided 2 months in advance to allow time for content quality and efficient promotion.
  • Tentative list of topics: Security, Pricing Automation, Channel managers, PMSs, Airbnb, Booking, VRBO, Homeowner Acquisition, Marketing, Europe, Luxury, Asia-Pacific.

Richard Vaughton


Alex Nigg


Antonio Bortolotti

Vacation Rental World Summit

Pierre Becerril


Simon Lehman

AJL Consulting
  • Free masterclass for registered audience, hosted by Rental Scale-Up
  • Content: Live panel with Q&A, live short demos with Q&A, exclusive discounts, industry report + access to replay

Monthly Conference

Rental Scale-Up takes care of the logistics (pages, design) and coordination (group workspace, planning)

Per Master Class

$1,000 per vendor per conference

Get started on the path to more leads and more authority.

Actionable insights

Take the Right Decisions for Your Rental Business thanks to our Weekly Industry Brief.

Exclusive newsletter for rental entrepreneurs.