2021 travel trends


Vrbo HomeAway family vacation rental US trends for 2021

Thibault Masson

What can vacation rental owners and managers take away from Vrbo’s 2021 travel trend report? A first insight is that, ...

Travel Trends 2021 post-Covid

Travel Trends 2021 post-Covid 19: What Booking.com’s predictions mean for short-term rentals

Thibault Masson

We’ve looked at the nine 2021 travel trends predicted by online travel agency Booking.com. For each of them, we’ve analyzed ...

Airbnb trends

Airbnb 2021 travel trends point to renewed demand for vacation rentals

Thibault Masson

At Airbnb, summer 2020 travel trends were about staycations (i.e. traveling within driving distance), flexible cancellations, and long-term stays. In ...

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