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airbnb 2012 strategy (1)

2022 Airbnb strategy

Brian Chesky has shared Airbnb’s 2022 strategy. Here are three pillars on which Airbnb’s new product features, marketing initiatives, new services, and trial programs will be aligned: Live anywhere on

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@propertygains Sometimes the Airbnb guests don”t lie! #airbnb #glassbreaking #realestate #wedidntdo #vancouver ♬ Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival @propertygains If you don't wanna be in a government hotel you

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scalers network by rental scale-up (1)

Transform your short-term rental business with the Scalers Network

Our Rental Scale-Up team is very proud to bring you the Scalers Network, which help you transform your short-term rental business. In this article, discover how you can join our Network to get results with the help of like-minded peers. We believe in strength in diversity and welcome members from all corners of the industry, such as property managers, owners, industry vendors, a listing site operators, investors, and consultants.

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