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INSTAGRAM FOR SHORT-TERM RENTALS businesses by rental scale-up

Let us work with you to turn your Instagram account into a source of booking leads.

Get bespoke Instagram consultation, training, and guided implementation tailored to your vacation rental company!

Bespoke Instagram Consulting for Vacation Rental Businesses
Instagram Marketing funnel for vacation rental businesses


We use our firsthand experience with generating leads from Instagram to help your vacation rental business develop a new source of bookings.

Let us bring you the expertise of Rental Scale-Up, and the experience gained from running Saintbarth.com, our destination website, to boost your vacation rental business. 

In 2021, we used Instagram to generate over 1,000 leads in the highly competitive luxury vacation rental market of St Barths for our property management brand Saintbarth.com, in spite of ongoing travel restrictions.

In this program and hands-on training for your team, created specifically for vacation rental businesses, you’ll learn how to use the same proven framework we used to get high-quality leads from Instagram.

Together we will implement this framework during weekly live consulting sessions and office hours. 

Our goal with this course is simple – give short-term rental businesses such as yours the tools they need in order to succeed online without having them spend hours trying out different strategies until they find something that works. Let us do the hard work for you while saving valuable time and money along the way!

What can you expect?


PHASE ONE: One-off deep audit of your current Instagram presence and strategy

The key USP of our Instagram Framework Course? It is customized to your unique business. It is easy enough to share best practices but how do they specifically apply to YOUR business? In order to understand that, you first fill in a standard intake form sharing details crucial to adapting this course for you and your team. Once the intake form is received, we get together with you and your team via Zoom for a diagnostic meeting. In this meeting, we investigate and find out as much as there is to know about you currently manage Instagram for your business, your successes, and problem areas.


PHASE TWO: 5-week program (2-3 hours per week for training and implementation)

The core of the course are its modules and live weekly workshops. Each week is dedicated to a different aspect of Instagram for business strategy, prefaced with a dedicated module covering fundamentals and best practices. The modules are augmented by example-based live weekly workshops spanning two hours and focused on implementation as it relates to your businesses based on the findings from phase one diagnostics.


PHASE THREE: A closing report with list of next actions and takeaways

The final phase of the course maps out the future, based on the initial diagnostic, discoveries and analyses gathered during weekly workshops, and consistent team feedback. You receive a highly customised list of actions to implement in order to continue and amplify the progress made during the course.

course outline

Understand and apply the principles of developing a winning Instagram marketing stategy


    Setting up
    What makes a profile tick
    Choosing the right name
    Crafting a bio that works


    Assessing and learning from your competition
    Building a visual identity
    Sourcing content painlessly and at low or no cost
    Planning & scheduling your Instagram content quickly and efficiently

    Hashtags: Identification, performance analysis
    Social Mentions: Tracking, response, analysis, strategy, community building

    Lead magnets that work
    Setting up a marketing funnel
    Creating lead magnets with ease
    Marketing lead magnets to attract leads

    Understanding insights
    Tracking and monitoring funnels