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OCTOBER 10-11 - Vacation Rental World Summit 2020

Rental Scale-Up is the official media sponsor VRWS 2020. This online conference brings you the views of the most forward-thinking players of your industry and complements them with the latest industry and global data to predict reliable future scenarios and prepare the right tools and strategies to face them successfully.

MAY 27 2020 - How villa and holiday Rental managers in Southeast Asia and Oceania have adapted to COVID-19

15 property managers and holiday rental experts are getting together to provide master classes on the region's industry. Get your free ticket and discover fresh market data, booking trends in villa, resort and in urban markets, as well as how these companies have adapted their marketing, costs, operations, and services to get their rental business back on track.

REPLAY ANYTIME - The Road to Recovery

Get your vacation rental business on the road to the recovery from COVID-19. Discover how 16 vacation rental managers and experts have changed their operations and marketing, how they have adapted to the new booking patterns and why they believe that cutting costs and adapting service levels are key to thriving again in 2020.

trust and safety conference

JULY 1, 2 & 3 2020 - Trust, Safety and Cleanliness

Boost your number of revenues, adapt your operations, and streamline your costs, thanks to the master classes delivered by safety, security, and cleanliness experts. See how you can leverage trust to better market your listings, how you can safeguard your properties with the right devices and how you can use the new COVID-19 grade cleanliness guidelines to provide a better experience to your guests.

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Business Strategy

We define your commercial  strategy with you: occupancy, revenues, return on investment? We look at your costs, at your direct and repeat bookings, and at opportunities such as getting longer-stays bookings.

Rise To The Top

Marketing on OTAs

We look with you at how you are using Airbnb, Booking.com, Google, and Vrbo. Are you using all the bells and whistles of the platforms to showcase your properties and your brand? 

try, try again

Best Practices

We focus on actionable advice based on what the best property managers are doing. We help you adapt these tactics and measure they results. Then, we revisit them to improve them again.

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