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If you’re an industry vendor providing essential services such as Property Management Systems (PMS), dynamic pricing, channel management, or other tools that enhance the efficiency and growth of short-term rental businesses, this opportunity is for you. 

Join our exclusive private Slack community tailored for vendors and influencers in the short-term rental industry. Here’s what you get:

  • Exclusive Access: Join our private Slack community, a dedicated space for leaders in the short-term rental industry.
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  • Peer Networking: Connect with fellow vendors and influencers, exchange ideas, and learn from industry leaders.
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Hosts and Property Managers

If you’re a short-term rental host, property owner, or manager with ambitions to expand your business and scale to new heights, this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

Join our thriving community of hosts and property managers in the short-term rental industry:

  • Join Our Community: Get exclusive access to our private Facebook or LinkedIn groups designed specifically for hosts and property managers in the short-term rental industry.
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Is my news guaranteed to be published upon submission?

While we appreciate all submissions, publication is not guaranteed. Each submission undergoes a thorough review process to ensure that it aligns with our content guidelines and offers value to our readers.

What is the cost associated with submitting or publishing my news?

We’re committed to providing a platform for industry-specific news and insights. As such, there is no cost associated with submitting or publishing your news on our site. We believe in empowering our community by sharing diverse perspectives and updates.

How quickly can I expect my news to be published if selected?

If your submission is selected for publication, you can expect it to be published within one week. Please note that this timeline may vary slightly based on our content scheduling.

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