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Get Qualified Leads, Build More Authority, Grow Your Network with Our Monthly Online Conferences

We at Rental Scale-Up help short-term rental industry vendors like you get qualified leads, grow the visibility of your business among short-term rental industry professionals, and establish yourself as a subject matter expert. Not another webinar, but a coordinated lead generation campaign.

Partner With Us

Average number of leads received by each participating vendor:


What’s in it for you?

Speaker spot at the live online conference of your choice

  • With our framework and facilitation, you co-create the content of an authoritative workshop to best appeal to the defined audience.
  • Our team ensures that the content is of high quality and value (i.e. neither boring, nor salesy).

Visibility for you and your brand on our website, newsletter, and social media

  • We promote the conference and partners to our 4,600-strong email list of short-term rental pros, our website, social media networks, and on Scalers Network – our private network for short-term rental pros.
  • All participating also commit to dedicated conference promotion, helping amplify the reach of the event and your brand.

A list of qualified leads​

  • You get to decide the target audience e.g. North American short-term rental property managers managing 50-500 properties.
  • We collect key data for attendees to ensure they match your target audience.

Past Client Vendors

Pick Your Theme Now

Only three spots available for each month.


Networking and Outreach: How to network efficiently, which conferences to attend.


Investment month - attracting investors, selling the co, M&A IPOs, new markets, company valuation


STR careers: Staffing, Outsourcing, Career Moves.


Growing your revenues e.g. Revenue management for PMs, upselling for vendors.


Big three OTAs (Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking): Friend, Partner, or Foe?


Niche listing sites.


Branding and Digital marketing for vacation rentals // social media for business


2023 Planning: Which events & trends to be ready for?
NOTE: These are the overarching themes for each month. During the content brainstorm, we will further refine the angle of the conference to better suit your brand and target audience and agree on the title of the conference.

How it comes together


Price: $1,000 per partner

Event Format

  • LIVE
  • Online
  • 1-hr long
  • Session recorded to share with registrants after the live event
  • Attendees get access to special discounts and offers from participating vendors
  • Last 15 minutes set aside for audience Q&A
  • Event content is not just slides but springs from the content brainstorm to provide maximum value to attendees and reinforce your authority on the subject

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