VRM 600g
Vacation Rental Mastery is a book for the age of the sharing economy.
It is for vacation rental owners who want to stay small and achieve outstanding results.
It shows owners how to give guests exceptional experiences and bring happiness to them in one of the most rewarding lifestyles that business owners can enjoy.
It shows definitively how psychology can be used to get more bookings.
Using real life examples and stories, this practical handbook shows vacation rental owners how to take the least effort path to high occupancy, i.e. Vacation Rental Mastery.
Contains 27 diagrams/ tables.
“When starting a new job or exploring a new hobby, someone who is willing to share their wisdom can be a game-changer. If every newcomer to the vacation rentals had the chance to sit down with Rex Brown, the industry would be a better place.
But for those not lucky enough to do that, Rex’s book is the next best thing. It distills 20+ years of wisdom down into a few hours of delightful reading. And in the complex and disruptive world of vacation rentals, that is no easy feat!”
– Matt Landau       Founder of vrmb.com,  Inner Circle innovation community, Unlocked podcast, Sense of place TV show.
“In these very competitive times for vacation rental businesses, this motivational manual bursts with ideas and practical plans for increasing reservations and ensuring happy guests become repeat customers.
Rex shares his wealth of experience to bring you a complete blueprint for a truly successful vacation rental business.”
– Heather Bayer     Founder of cottageblogger.com, Vacation Rental Success podcast, Vacation Rental Success Summit, VR Formula
Rex Brown has run his own vacation rentals in Australia for over 20 years. His prior career in corporate brings a systematic approach to the rental market, and his study of the psychology of behavior brings a new insight into guest bookings.
His properties have run constantly at high occupancy in challenging markets.
He issues the holiday rental mastery newsletter weekly to vacation rental owners worldwide.

KINDLE VERSION HERE – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KWG3YP9
VRM 600g