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Our Mission

Our goal is to share the right information and best practices to help the owners and managers of short-term rental businesses grow their revenues, become more profitable, and save time in their business.

We publish articles, hold online conferences, deliver reports and share content aimed at vacation rental managers in resort areas, short-term rental operators in urban markets, as well as closely-related businesses such as independent operators serviced apartments.

Our Team

thibault masson
Thibault Masson

Thibault Masson

Thibault is both a vacation rental property manager and a vacation rental technology marketer.

One on hand, he understands what it is like to own and manage properties,  to refurbish them, to recruit and train a team, to increase the number of bookings, and to welcome guests. He has also has first-hand experience with replying early morning and late at night to his guests, his cleaning team, his concierge, this car rental business partner, his channel manager account manager, his accountants, etc. He has launched and managed villas and apartments in Paris, Bali, and St. Barths.

On the other hand, Thibault has experience with working for international online travel agencies, such as ebookers and Booking.com. He has led several innovative projects to create new tools and news services for short-term rental operators, vacation rental managers, and individuals hosts.

Baron Jamesson Bali
Baron Jamesson

Baron Jamesson

Baron brings his expertise of the South-East Asia market, an important region for vacation rand villa rentals, yet seldom featured in industry news roundups. 

He’s been working in the hospitality industry for 8 years. He is now specializing in the vacation rental industry. In the past, he was property manager for a private villa in Indonesia. He also managed the online marketing for 2 villas in Bali and 2 villas in St Barths. He is now head of operations for a 16-villa property management company in Bali.

adrienne fors
Adrienne Fors

Adrienne Fors

Adrienne is a consultant and writer focused on the short-term rental, hotel, and tech industries.

She is a graduate of the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and worked for hotels and OTAs before launching her own consultancy, Strategic Stays, in 2018.

Adrienne assists property management companies across the world with connectivity, online distribution, tech implementation, and content and writes for several industry media outlets. In her free time, she likes to spend time with friends and family, travel, read, and sip a nice glass of riesling. Born and raised in Minneapolis and Salt Lake City, Adrienne is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Rex Brown
Rex Brown

Rex Brown

My name is Rex Brown. I live in Australia, on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.  I run two of my holiday rentals here on the coast, and another in inner Melbourne .  They are all quite different, but they all run at high occupancy.  They are the sandpit that I play in, running constant experiments about what works and what doesn’t.

Over the 14 years I’ve been doing this, I’ve had lot of failures, and a slow number of successes.  This blog is aimed at helping other owners be successful without having to make the same mistakes.

That is, helping owners get to Holiday Rental Mastery.

Our Story

In 2013, Rental Scale-Up’s founder Thibault Masson had just finished building a new villa in Bali and another one in Saint Barthélemy. For his first villas, he had relied on local property management companies to market his properties, get bookings, welcome guests, and handle any issue. Yet, he was now running into new issues, such as having built a property so far away on a secluded beach in Bali that no property management company wanted to send employees and guests there. 

So, he started his own property rental company, learning the ropes of listing properties on HomeAway (now Vrbo), Airbnb, Booking.com, and other platforms. Soon, he was busy building the booking websites for his villas, while picking a channel manager to synchronize the calendars of all of his properties.

He then started sharing his experience in 2013 on his RentalPreneurs.com blog, published the first French-language book about making money with Airbnb, and spoke at several industry conferences, such as VRMA and Vacation Rental World Summit, as well as on podcasts such as Vacation Rental Success.

In 2020, Thibault rebranded his website RentalPreneurs into Rental Scale-Up, in order to create an online platform welcoming several short-term rental industry experts ready to share their proven, hands-on experience. The goal is to help property managers grow their business, by bringing them actionable tips that they can use in their daily life.

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