Not Sure What Airbnb Cancellation Policy Works For You?

Picking the right cancellation policy for your Airbnb listing can be stressful. You want to make sure that you are in control and understand the pros and cons of the policy you pick.
Did you know that Airbnb actually had 11 policies for you to choose from? At Rental Scale-Up, we help you make the right decision for your short-term rental business.
Download your Free Airbnb Cancellation Guide Guide + your Cheat Sheet to make the right choice for your listing. We help you be aware and understand all those pesky fine prints.

How Can Our Guide Help You?

The Download

Increasing the profitability of your rental business at the “Offer moment”

Growing profitability for your rental business starts with increasing occupancy while selling nights for the highest price possible.
One critical point in selling more nights is achieving a better conversion rate at the point the guest decides whether to book your property or not – let’s call it the “offer moment.”
Our Free Guide shows you how to increase your conversion rate at this critical point and maximize the nightly rate you receive for each booking. And you might be surprised to learn that many of your competitors don’t know about this!

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