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Airbnb pricing tools

Short-term rental dynamic pricing tools comparison table:

Note: This table is based on an independent review conducted by Rental Scale-Up and verified by the vendors included in the table. Some of these links may bring us an affiliate commission at no cost to you.

Additional notes about features

  • Update frequency: Daily by default, but up to three times for an additional fee
  • Default pricing strategies: Possible to customise or modify some settings as needed
  • Listing analytics: Also available for Airbnb on request
  • Competitors List: Can be modified manually if needed
  • Adjustments per weekend: Tool pricing algorithm already takes weekend pricing into account but is not possible to adjust manually
  • Adjustments per season: Tool pricing algorithm already takes seasonal pricing into account but is not possible to adjust manually
  • Overall Health Score: “Booking Performance Score” compares your property’s future bookings to comparable properties in real time, shows metrics future occupancy, booked rate and lead time as well as an overall score.
  • Competitors List: ‘Smart’ automatic suggestions are editable with filters to find a true comp set (size, location, amenities)
  • Update frequency: Depends on subscription type
ART (by Rented)
  • Discounts: These are time based discounts and premiums that can be a flat rate or transition over time. Time Based Discounts and Premiums can be applied to one listing or a group of listings with one change.
  • Minimum nights stay: Additionally users can define weekends, manage gap rules and adjust min stays based on days to booking or split weekends.
  • Management of date availability: Managed through users’ PMS

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