How Stacey St. John uses reviews to lead her listing portfolio expansion

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Here’s one of my takeaways from the 2023 VRMA International Conference. Stacey St. John may say that she’s relatively new to vacation rental management, she still has devised a comprehensive strategy to enhance and expand her condo listings within the choicest resorts of Myrtle Beach. Her method is both meticulous and innovative. Here’s a deeper look into her approach:

  1. In-depth Review Analysis: Stacey doesn’t just skim through the reviews of her existing condo listings; she studies them. By dissecting each piece of feedback, she gets a granular understanding of what her guests appreciate most, from the tranquility of an ocean view to the convenience of an in-condo washer and dryer.
  2. Zeroing in on Elite Resorts: Armed with the knowledge from guest reviews, Stacey identifies which condo resorts are repeatedly celebrated for their superior guest experience. These resorts, which consistently earn top marks for amenities, ambiance, and location, become her focal points for expansion.
  3. Deciphering Guest Preferences: Beyond just identifying common themes, Stacey delves into the nuances. Is it the sunset view from a specific balcony that guests love, or the ease of access to local seafood restaurants? By understanding these finer details, she can target condos that offer these specific attractions.
  4. Forge Strong Realtor Relationships: One of Stacey’s standout strategies is her collaboration with Myrtle Beach’s local realtors. She understands that these professionals have their fingers on the pulse of the local market. By fostering strong relationships with them, she gains early access to information about prime condos that might soon be available for her to manage, ensuring she’s always a step ahead.
  5. Iterative Feedback Mechanism: Stacey’s strategy doesn’t end once a new condo is added to her portfolio. She continuously encourages guests to leave feedback, ensuring she’s in a perpetual loop of improvement. This iterative process allows her to tweak offerings, ensuring her condos remain the top picks for travelers.

By intricately weaving guest insights with on-ground realtor expertise, Stacey St. John has charted a path that not only ensures growth but also guarantees that her condo offerings in Myrtle Beach are second to none.

About her

Stacey St. John stands out as a dynamic entrepreneur and influencer in the short-term rental (STR) arena. She founded STR Global Enterprises, LLC, a company tailored to cater to the STR market’s needs. While specifics of the company’s offerings remain undisclosed, its focus on the STR sector is clear.

Stacey’s contributions extend beyond her enterprise. She created the Female Short-Term Rental Investors Facebook group, a thriving platform for women in the STR industry to exchange insights and tackle challenges collectively. Additionally, she initiated The Short-Term Rental Society, broadening her community outreach to encompass a wider range of STR enthusiasts.

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