Listen up, property managers: we’ve launched the Scale Rentals podcast

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With so many insights to cover at the Scale Rentals Show, we’re counting down to Barcelona early by interviewing upcoming event attendees in the brand new Scale Rentals podcast. Today, we share a little bit more about the event, podcast and share key takeaways from the very first episode.

What is The Scale Rentals Show?

This new, premium networking event is for professional short-term rental business companies managing at least 50 properties. While Scale Rentals is a new event, industry-known names are bringing it to you for the first time. Its founders, Damian Sheridan and Gianpaolo Vairo have put on some of the most successful events in the short-term rental industry in Europe, including The Book Direct Show and The Short Stay Week. If you want to learn more about their latest event, we’ve covered all the reasons why you should attend Scale Rentals 2022 but you can also expect to hear lots about it in the podcast.

Listen to the podcast in full here:

What is the Scale Rentals Podcast? 

Created in partnership with the Rental Scale-Up as its official media partner, the podcast will asks attendees two key questions: what scaling means to them and how they’ve done it successfully.

Who is on the first episode of Scale Rentals Podcast?

In the first episode, we speak to two UK based property managers who are both joining us in Barcelona this May: 

Ryan Luke, CEO of Luke Capital Group 

Steve Taggert, Founder and Managing Director of My Getaways

1. What does scaling a vacation rental management company mean to you?

Here are Steve’s key takeaways:

  • The easy answer is growing inventory but it doesn’t stop there. 
  • It’s also simultaneously growing your infrastructure long term. 
  • As well as scaling units, you need to find the right teams to look after those units, stop the complaints and manage the booking process.

Now, over to Ryan:

  • With Ryan’s eyes set on 1,000 by his 40th birthday, scaling to him was originally all about units. 
  • To achieve this, Ryan recognizes the importance of scaling internal structures in terms of staff, training etc. 
  • If you invest in your technology, it gives you the ability to scale.

How did you do it?

  • One of My Getaways’ biggest successes was the Rent by Owner PPC campaign. 
  • Not only did this allow them to reach the right property managers, but also allowed them to tap into people’s super host mentality. 
  • Despite Airbnb’s ownership of the official Super Host title, being a super host in practise means different things to different people.
  • While My Getaways will never be a one platform super host, that doesn’t stop them from telling potential owners that they are. 
  • Investing in a good CRM system helped prioritize focusing on leads. 
  • LinkedIn allowed My Getaways to start a conversation with letting agents who they wouldn’t ordinarily speak to due to existing misconceptions. 
  • An ongoing LinkedIn marketing campaign instead allowed My Getaways to show those same agents what stable tenants they were.
  • Since then, it has opened the door to more rent-to-rent and management contracts. 
  • The My Getaways referral scheme has also helped incentivise working with them. It’s an expense, but My Getaways takes the margins so it’s worth it.

  • Ryan built his business on Facebook organically. Primarily, he did this posting in Facebook groups, spotting people’s pain points and building ads that spoke to them. 
  • Doing a great job for landlords and owners has allowed Ryan to build strong referrals. 
  • Ryan recommends refining your Avatar via LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Rather than messaging everyone, it’s advisable to hone in on the most relevant people. 
  • Building trusting business relationships with guests, landlords, owners and estate agents.

Thank you to our speakers. If you want to listen to the whole episode, you download it on Spotify and if you’re joining us in Barcelona, we’ll see you there.

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