Rentals United Publishes Guide to Luxury Channels For Property Managers

Uvika Wahi

The Ultimate Luxury Short-Term Rentals Channel Collection by Rentals United

PRESS RELEASE: The luxury travel boom has created a wealth of opportunities for property managers, and it’s more important than ever to know the specialist sites where high-end travellers book dream vacation homes. The Rentals United team has created a downloadable guide to luxury channels that will help property managers navigate the luxury market and maximise their bookings.  

Luxury travellers use specialist channels to save time and guarantee quality. Luxury channels offer a curated selection of the best properties and often provide concierge services to advise about destinations and arrange all aspects of a trip.

Affluent travellers want to book through travel experts who understand their needs and can help arrange everything from babysitters to private chefs and yacht charters.

So, if you’re a luxury property manager, you must get your properties listed on the luxury channels guests use.

Rentals United has become a key player in the luxury space, growing its partner list to include the world’s top luxury booking sites.

Customers who use Rentals United’s channel manager and vacation rental tools have plenty of options when it comes to listing luxury properties on the right sites. More and more luxury property managers will be drawn to the channel manager because of the opportunity to list on various specialist sites. 

Although luxury channels have strict criteria for accepting properties, Rentals United customers will benefit from assistance and fast-tracked applications for some sites. 

With Rentals United’s luxury channels guide, property managers can learn about all the key luxury channels in the world today, including where they operate, the type of travel and traveller they cater to, property types, and the criteria for getting listed.

Sophie Adam, Rentals United’s Head of Marketing, said:

It’s so important for luxury property managers to get listed on the right channels. Numerous luxury channels have emerged in recent years, each presenting their unique set of standards, so it can be hard for property managers to keep up. 

Property managers can use this guide to explore the essential luxury channels in the world today. Then they’ll be able to make an informed decision about which channels align with their brand, and understand the requirements to list their properties.”

Rentals United continues to grow its partner list and has recently welcomed Villaway – a luxury booking site offering hand-selected villas and personalised concierge services from destination experts.

Property managers using Rentals United now have access to this channel – along with our 50+ other channel connections, 14 of which are top luxury.

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