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VRMA Europe 2019 – VRMA Prague

VRMA Prague - VRMA Europe 2019

For the first time, VRMA Europe is heading to Central Europe: It will be held on 17-19 March 2019 at the Grandior Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic. I will be going there and I hope to see you too.

VRMA Europe 2019: A great way to get actionable tips for your business

The annual European version of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) conference offers unmatched business and educational tools to help you deliver superior guest and homeowner experiences. I am a bit biased to say so, as, for the 3rd year in a row, I am a part of the VRMA Europe’s Education Committee which picks the sessions and the speakers.

You’ll discover:

  • Dozens of new educational sessions specifically for holiday rental professionals
  • Opportunities to meet peers and exchange ideas and best practices
  • Insights from supplier/vendors who provide industry-specific products and services to help your business grow

The full educational program is available here: VRMA Europe – Prague sessions.

VRMA Prague: A great way to network

As you can imagine, joining hundreds of other vacation rental and short-term rental managers is a great way to grow your network. There is as much action at the official and unofficial parties at night than at the presentations during the day.

You can meet there people like you, who understand what it is like to run a property management company, to have to improve operations, hire staff, recruit homeowners, manage calendars across Airbnb, Booking and HomeAway, rebuild their own website, etc.

It is also a great occasion to compare notes and get tips on how others are solving the same problems as you have. So, shall I see you at VRMA Europe in Prague this year? ūüôā

Why VRMA in Prague? Because it is not just for vacation rentals anymore!

VRMA has usually been held in Western Europe – in Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, for instance.

Picking Prague to hold the VRMA conference was a brilliant idea. First, fellow VRMA Education Board committee member Eric Bordier from Rentego, a local property management company, has been instrumental in making the event happen in the Czech Republic. At a time when the VRMA was not sure where to go, Eric took on him to make sure that there would indeed be a 2019 edition of the VRMA Europe conference and that it would take on his home turf in Prague.

Second, Prague is a great choice to highlight a sea change: The conference is not just for managers of vacation rentals located by the sea or in the mountains. Urban short-term rentals (e.g. Stay Alfred, Sonder and Domio) are a force to reckon with and are driving on a lot of the bookings on pplatforms like Airbnb and Booking.com.

If you are going to attend VRMA Prague, let’s meet up. Contact me right now to have a chat together, I am curious to hear about you.



Rental Scale-Up

Thibault is the founder of Rental Scale-Up. He owns vacation rentals in St. Barths and Bali. He also leads innovative projects for companies within the vacation rental industry. Feel free to reach out to Thibaut Masson on Linkedin.


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We bring together short-term rental industry members to create valuable business and personal relationships. With the support of vetted peers, you can deliver on your next individual project goals faster, work in private groups to share doubts and successes, and become a new voice that shapes the conversation about our industry.

Whether you are a property manager, an owner, an industry vendor, a listing site operator, an investor, or a consultant, you can become a member of our Rental Scale-Up family.  As property managers and industry vendors may not have the same needs, some of our activities work by affinity groups. For instance, we have one version of the mastermind group sessions reserved for property managers and owners, and another one for vendors and listing sites. This way, you get feedback from peers who understand your pains and can get you faster to getting results.

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  • Ask a Property Manager:¬†Hosts, owners and property managers benefit from the experience of a successful property manager. (1 per month)
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  • Mastermind Group for Industry Vendors & Listing Site Operators:¬†A mastermind group is a group of peers who meet to give each other advice and support. Facilitated by Rental Scale-Up. One session every 2 weeks with your group for a least 3 months.
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  • Weekly Teardown with Thibault:¬†Rental Scale-Up founder tears down one business news, every week, live.¬† Networker members share their views. No filter.

3. Facilitated Networking

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  • Business Profile:¬†Each new Scaler gets their profile featured in a dedicated article on RentalScaleUp.com. Get more visibility and authority.
  • In-Person Meetups:¬†We meet in real life, either during a large vacation rental conference or in a city of our choice (quarterly)
  • Job Offers:¬†Network members can not only see job offers but also post theirs. If desired, job offers can be extended to all Rental Scale-Up readers (free and paid).

4. Deals on industry software and products

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