Airbnb Hosts Can Finally See Their Listing Categories: Here’s How to Check and Correct Them

Thibault Masson

How do I change my category on Airbnb

With Airbnb’s new update, hosts can now easily view their listing categories, ensuring their properties are properly categorized for better visibility and bookings.

After much frustration, Airbnb hosts can finally see which categories their listings belong to, thanks to the platform’s mid-March 2023 update. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to check your listing categories and what to do if they are incorrect.

Checking Listing Categories

To check your listing categories, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Airbnb hosting dashboard.
  • Go to your listing in the “Listing Details” tab.
  • Scroll to the “Property and rooms” section.
  • Look for the “Categories” line item, which displays the categories your listing is listed in.
  • Click on “View” for more details about each category.
How do I change my category on Airbnb?

Hosts must check their listing categories, as Airbnb occasionally makes mistakes. For instance, a luxury Bali villa was categorized as “Tropical, Amazing pools, Beach, Beachfront, Farms, Amazing views.” While most categories were accurate, the property was not a farm. In such cases, hosts should contact Airbnb to rectify the error.

How do I change my category on Airbnb?

How do I change my category on Airbnb?

Contact Airbnb’s host helpline if you find an incorrect category for your listing. They will forward your request to a specialized team for review, which may take up to a week. You will receive a message once the review is completed.

Please note that submitting a listing does not guarantee inclusion in any category, and various factors determine eligibility. Categories and eligibility criteria may change at any time without notice.

The Technology Behind Airbnb Listing Categorization

airbnb categorization

Categorizing over 6.5 million listings manually would be daunting, so Airbnb leverages advanced technology, specifically machine learning, to automate the process. Machine learning, a subset of AI, involves creating models that recognize patterns and make decisions or predictions based on data. In Airbnb’s case, it uses machine learning algorithms to analyze listing details and guest reviews, enabling accurate categorization of millions of properties.

The use of machine learning technology allows Airbnb to efficiently categorize listings based on various factors such as property type, features, and activities. While the technology is smart and can quickly process vast amounts of data, it is not infallible. Occasionally, mistakes can occur, incorrectly categorizing or omitting some listings from relevant categories. This is why hosts need to check their listing categories and report any discrepancies to Airbnb.

Moreover, to further enhance the categorization accuracy, Airbnb employs human curators who work alongside the algorithms. This human-machine collaboration ensures a higher level of precision in listing categorization and provides travelers a better overall browsing experience.

Despite the advanced technology and human intervention, hosts must remain vigilant and ensure their listings are correctly categorized. By doing so, they contribute to a more accurate and user-friendly platform for hosts and travelers.

The Expanded Goal of Airbnb Categories: Inspiring Travelers

Airbnb Categories is a strategic tool that helps users find unique accommodations and positions Airbnb at the top of the travel funnel. By featuring these categories prominently on their homepage and in advertising campaigns, Airbnb aims to inspire users to frequently explore and dream about new destinations. The focus on inspiration, rather than just transactions, is part of Airbnb’s strategy to evolve beyond a simple vacation rental booking platform.

Airbnb seeks to be recognized as a go-to destination early in the travel planning process when users are still considering various options. By doing so, they aim to increase the number of users visiting their platform (both the app and website) and plant the idea that Airbnb is the ideal place to book once users progress further in their decision-making process. This approach helps build brand loyalty and increases user engagement with the platform, ultimately benefiting hosts by driving more bookings.

In summary, Airbnb Categories serves as a powerful example of the company’s desire to be top-of-mind for travelers throughout their entire journey – from initial inspiration to booking. This focus on inspiration and exploration is a key component of Airbnb’s overall growth strategy, as it reinforces their brand identity and fosters a stronger connection with users.

Airbnb Categories: Check your listings now

In conclusion, it is crucial for Airbnb hosts to take advantage of this new feature by checking their listing categories and ensuring their properties are correctly categorized. This will not only help increase visibility and bookings but also provide travelers with a more accurate and inspiring browsing experience. So, don’t wait any longer – log in to your hosting dashboard, review your listing categories, and make any necessary changes to showcase your property in the best light possible. By doing so, you’ll contribute to a more engaging and user-friendly Airbnb experience for both hosts and travelers alike.

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