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How to bulletproof your 2022 property management strategy

How to bulletproof your 2022 vacation rental strategy



For local inhabitants and businesses, the disaster is also economic. Florida is a big travel market. With great beaches and world-famous attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the state attracts many families who book a vacation rental for their stay. Cities like Orlando and Kissimmee usually rank high in market size for vacation rental revenues.

Being a property manager in Europe has been no easy feat in these past two years. Recent data confirms that demand patterns are now more seasonal in Europe, with mediocre winter months and late autumn contrasting with an extravagant summer peak season lasting until October. As a result, European property managers have had to learn to adapt mighty quickly. This adaptability is made possible by keeping an ear to the ground regarding changing travel trends, local regulations, travel restrictions caused by new virus variants, and reacting swiftly.

At Rental Scale-Up, we recognise the need to keep our peers armed with the knowledge they need to succeed. Since the arrival of a new year is an excellent time for goal-setting and recalibrating business strategy, we have put together a free live event to help this along. The first installment of our monthly live conferences will tackle different aspects of the vacation rental management business.

On January 24, 2022, we will be hosting a free online conference on How to Bulletproof Your 2022 Plans for European short-term rental managers. Recognised industry experts will join us to share their unique insights, contextualise them with 2022 travel trends predictions for property managers in the EU, and share practical advice on how property managers can best prepare themselves to make the most of 2022. Below is a quick preview of what attendees can expect:

Andrew Martyn, CEO, Your.Rentals

Get rare insight into data from thousands of European property managers with Your.Rentals CEO Andrew Martyn

Thousands of property managers across hundreds of locations in Europe currently use the Your.Rentals channel manager, which gives Your.Rentals unique insight into how property managers have fared across Europe in the past two years, and what set apart successful ones from those who struggled. For this live conference, Andrew will share insights based on this exclusive real-world data to illustrate how property managers such as yourself are working to tackle the chaos brought on by new Covid variants and the resulting travel restrictions.

PropertyCare.Com CEO Henry Bennett

Respond to guests’ number one priority, safety and cleaning, with PropertyCare.com Co-Founder Henry Bennett

Cleaning and safety protocols continue to remain front and center in guests’ minds. Top-tier guest communication and cleaning assurance are not vacation rental add-ons but default features guests have come to expect, especially since the pandemic began. At the conference, Henry will dive into exactly how critical these aspects are for short-term rental guests when making the decision to book, and changes European property managers can make to be able to respond quickly to these guest expectations and drive bookings and re-bookings.

Rented Director of Business Development Talia Lockard

Discover 2022 EU booking patterns and understand key metrics with Rented Director of Business Development Talia Lockard

Rented’s dynamic analytics system places it in the extraordinary position of being able to see micro-market level performance for the European short-term rental market. Using this data, Talia will go into predictions for how consumers might behave in the major European vacation rental markets, including 2022 booking patterns (e.g. length of stays, booking windows), to give property managers a view of the bigger picture. She will also share simple strategies for understanding which key metrics property managers should be tracking for an accurate view of their revenue and growth, and what each metric entails.

Rental Scale-Up Head of Content and Community Uvika Wahi

Connect 2022 travel trends with your marketing strategy with Rental Scale-Up’s Content and Community Head Uvika Wahi

Once you know what to anticipate in 2022 when it comes to travel trends, it will be critical for you to understand how to react to these trends. Uvika Wahi will specifically tackle the marketing aspect of how European property managers can respond to 2022 trends. She will share marketing best practices, as well as real-world examples from property managers in Europe who pivoted their marketing strategy successfully in direct response to what the guests were looking for, experience tremendous growth in the process.

The conference is completely free to attend and a session recording will be available to those who are unable to attend live but have registered for the event. Registrants will also get access to a complimentary PDF report containing 2022 EU travel trends data and key insights from the event.

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