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Key Insights from Scale France 2023 for Short-Term Rental Professionals

scale france conference vacation rentals



For local inhabitants and businesses, the disaster is also economic. Florida is a big travel market. With great beaches and world-famous attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the state attracts many families who book a vacation rental for their stay. Cities like Orlando and Kissimmee usually rank high in market size for vacation rental revenues.

Attending Scale Paris 2023 as a PriceLabs and Rental Scale-Up representative offered me a comprehensive view of the short-term rental industry’s current state and future prospects. The event, characterized by its relaxed yet attentive atmosphere, was not only well-attended by over 200 property managers but was also a testament to the meticulous organization and relevance of the topics discussed.

PriceLabs’ Impactful Presence

Our booth at PriceLabs was a hub of activity, attracting a steady stream of attendees. The workshops I led were engaging and sparked valuable discussions, reflecting the community’s eagerness to learn and adapt. My presentation, focusing on the data-driven insights into the French short-term rental market, resonated with the audience, highlighting PriceLabs’ commitment to providing actionable intelligence to the industry.

scale france conference vacation rentals

The French Market: A Global Leader

The data from PriceLabs placed France firmly as the world’s second-largest market for short-term rentals. The astounding number of listings on Airbnb, peaking at 920,000 by October 2023, is a clear indicator of the market’s size and potential, especially with the upcoming Paris Olympic Games expected to catalyze further growth.

Regional Dynamics

The disparity between different French regions in terms of listings and revenue was particularly intriguing. While Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur leads in both aspects, the high occupancy and ADR in the Ile-de-France region underscore the diverse nature of the market. This diversity is further emphasized by the dual peak seasons – summer for coastal and rural tourism, and December for ski and urban holidays, ensuring year-round attractiveness of France as a destination.

Airbnb’s Evolving Landscape

The shift from the “Superhost” to the “Guest Favorite” badge on Airbnb signifies a broader industry trend towards prioritizing guest experience and quality. This trend is particularly evident in the correlation between the portfolio size and guest ratings, suggesting that managing larger portfolios might come with challenges in maintaining high guest satisfaction.

Olympics: A Catalyst and a Challenge

The Summer Olympics present a unique opportunity for short-term rentals in France, with occupancy rates and prices already showing significant increases. However, the event also brings challenges, as seen in cities like Lille, where overly aggressive pricing might lead to decreased competitiveness.

scale france conference vacation rentals

Regulatory Headwinds

One of the pressing concerns voiced at the conference was the increasing regulatory scrutiny in the French market. The property managers’ apprehension about the upcoming regulations, potentially threatening the viability of many short-term rental businesses, highlights the need for proactive engagement with policymakers and effective advocacy by industry associations.

The Importance of Renovation and Sustainability

The emphasis on renovating older vacation rentals underlines the evolving guest expectations and the necessity for property upgrades. The push for energy efficiency, driven by environmental regulations, is not just a legal compliance issue but also a market differentiator, as renovated properties are showing significantly higher guest satisfaction and booking rates.

Operational Excellence in Cleaning and Maintenance

The discussions around cleaning and maintenance shed light on the operational complexities of short-term rentals. Innovative practices, like annual training sessions with luxury hotel staff and adaptive workforce management strategies, underscore the industry’s focus on enhancing service quality and operational efficiency.

scale france conference vacation rentals

Insights from the OTA Panel

A highlight of the event was the panel discussion with representatives from leading Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), moderated by Sébastien Grosjean from Smily. Each panelist brought unique perspectives and valuable tips for optimizing listings and operations on their respective platforms.

Thomas Adjiman (Airbnb France):

Stressed the importance of quality in terms of guest comments and volume of revenues.Dynamic pricing strategies.Emphasized the conversion time between landing on a listing and booking.High-quality photos boosting conversion by 20%.The use of AI for virtual tours.Key factors for high customer review scores include general quality (e.g., cleanliness), communication, accuracy of listings, and personal touches.Airbnb’s commitment to sustainability, including a partnership with Effy for energy transition.

Vincent Vacca (VRBO):

Highlighted the importance of acceptance rates and keeping availability up-to-date.Striving for the lowest possible cancellation rates.The overall commercial offer, including cancellation policies and payment conditions.The impact of photos on bookings.Using Marketmaker for comparing similar properties and occupancy forecasting.The need for transparency and empathy in managing negative reviews.Development of environmental equipment filters.

Leonnelle le Guillou (Booking.com):

Three key elements to improve listings: Pricing, Availability, and Customer Reviews.Focus on reducing the ‘hotel-like’ feel on Booking.com.Tailored pricing plans (last-minute, short stays, non-refundable).Handling negative reviews with personalized responses in the customer’s language.Sustainable travel program since 2021 with various levels of badges.LBTQ+ badges for accommodations under the Travel Proud program.

Sonia Chennoufi (Hometogo):

The importance of open calendars, competitive and flexible pricing, and reviews/scores.Realistic and varied photos of properties.Exceeding expectations: cleanliness, kitchen equipment, location importance.Being proactive: asking for reviews 24 hours before departure.Sustainable development: research on travelers’ willingness to pay more for sustainable stays and adding filters for sustainable properties.Tips for boosting bookings: considering seasonality, filters (e.g., pet-friendly), and flexibility in check-in/out.

General Takeaways:

The critical role of photos in listings.Empathetic and transparent management of negative reviews.Emphasis on sustainable and responsible travel.Strategies for improving visibility and bookings on OTA platforms.

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