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Why and how to create a home gym at your vacation rental property

Why and how to add a home gym at your vacation rental property



For local inhabitants and businesses, the disaster is also economic. Florida is a big travel market. With great beaches and world-famous attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the state attracts many families who book a vacation rental for their stay. Cities like Orlando and Kissimmee usually rank high in market size for vacation rental revenues.

Many vacation rental and Airbnb owners are looking for ways to stand apart from the competition. One way is by adding a home gym, which can be a great amenity for guests who want to stay in shape while on vacation. Reach health-conscious guests who want amenities that include exercise and good nutrition – Fitness is increasingly becoming an important part of modern life, even for those that take a vacation. 

In the article, we’ll see the benefits of having a home gym at your vacation rental property. If you lack space to create a dedicated home gym, you can turn to a very attractive solution: a smart interactive fitness mirror. This is an expensive, high-end option that will delight your guests. If you do not have the budget, we also list a series of standard and affordable fitness equipment that you can leave for your guests to use. 

You can also be creative and find a way to highlight your home gym in your vacation rental listing, by taking beautiful photos or describing it with an eye-catching title.

What are some benefits of creating a home gym at your vacation rental property?

Guests staying in the home will benefit from having access to fitness equipment without having to go to a public gym or fitness center. This can help guests stay in shape and maintain their fitness routines while on vacation. Having home gym equipment will also help burn off some of the calories from all the delicious food they’re eating during their stay. Finally, it provides guests with a private place to work out without having to go to a public gym or fitness center.

Stand apart with amenities that are in high demand

“Airbnb with a gym” is a frequently searched term on Google. It shows that people are beginning to realize the benefits of having a fitness corner at your vacation rental property.

Offering your guests fitness equipment can be a good way to set yourself apart from other listings in the area. This can be an extra way to drive up your rental revenue.  

Peloton bikes are one example of new tech that can create value for vacation rental property owners by providing guests the opportunity to get in a good workout while on vacation. These bikes are stationary bikes that are connected live to live-stream classes, so guests get the benefits of working out with a live instructor right in your home. Smart mirrors are another great investment for vacation rental property owners because they allow guests to enjoy their workouts privately while still being able to see their reflections.

COVID-19 has increased the demand for home gyms

COVID-19 has created a preference for home gyms because of the fear of contracting the virus in a public setting. Home gyms provide guests with a private, safe place to work out, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. A private gym at a vacation rental home brings peace of mind to guests. Since they don’t have to worry about spreading any germs, they can enjoy their time with friends and family knowing that they’re not taking any chances of getting sick while on vacation.

When it comes to changing rooms and shared shower spaces, the fear of contracting the virus is even more pronounced. That’s why allowing guests to exercise, take a shower, and then change into clean clothes at their vacation rental home is becoming an attractive option.

Creating a home gym at your property can help draw in people who aren’t looking for luxury amenities but still want to enjoy their stay and feel comfortable knowing that they won’t get sick. They also want the option to work out while on vacation, and a home gym can provide them with that opportunity.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider adding one to your property.

#1 It encourages guests to get in shape while on vacation

First, having a home gym in your rental property encourages guests to stay in shape while they’re away. Guests may have trouble sticking with their usual exercise routines when they are on vacation, so it’s best to have a designated workout space. If the gym is in the rental property, guests will have no excuse but to maintain their fitness levels while they’re away.

#2 It can provide a private place for guests to work out

A second reason having a home gym in your vacation rental property could be beneficial, is that it can provide an area for guests to work out without disturbing you or your other guests. Every guest wants privacy when they work out and having a separate room solely for working out gives them the private space they need.

#3 It provides a place for guests to burn off some of the calories they consume

The third reason having a home gym can be beneficial, is that it can provide a private space for guests to use as an auxiliary weight room or cardio area. We all know how delicious vacation foods are and having a separate room where guests can eat without disturbing others can prevent them from eating too much. One way to make sure they burn some of the calories is by having an area where they can exercise or engage in weight training while on vacation.

#4 It provides more value for guests

The fourth reason having a home gym could be beneficial, is that it adds more value to your property. More specifically, it provides guests with more value. For the same price that they are already paying to stay in your rental property, they will be able to work out in privacy and burn off some of the calories they consume without having to go to a public gym or fitness center.

#5 It provides you with more income potential

Finally, adding a home gym to your property can also provide you with extra income potential. For example, you could charge guests a small fee for access to the home gym area. The price you choose to charge is up to you but it will surely give them the opportunity to burn some of those vacation calories without having to pay for public services like they would at a fitness center or gym.

So there are five reasons why having one is beneficial for vacation rental owners and their guests. Now that you know the benefits of having one, it’s time to decide how to go about getting one added.

What are the steps to creating a home gym or gym corner at your vacation rental property?

Ask guests if they would ever use a home gym or know anyone that would be interested in one. If yes, determine any specific needs that they have for what kind of workout facilities are desired. Decide on whether you want to create an entire room dedicated to a home gym or just a corner of a room.

Got no space at your rental but have money? Look up smart fitness mirrors.

Smart interactive fitness mirrors are mirrors that have been outfitted with sensors and software that allow the user to interact with the mirror. This interaction can include anything from tracking fitness progress to streaming entertainment. Smart mirrors are great for small spaces because they take up very little floor space and can provide a lot of functionality. They are also great for vacation rental properties because they can help attract guests who are looking for a fitness-focused getaway. 

When you use a smart interactive fitness mirror for the first time, you may be surprised at how much information it provides. You can use the smart interactive fitness mirror to track your heart rate, weight, and other health metrics. You can also use the smart interactive fitness mirror to track your workout progress.

The smart mirror has a camera that can track your movement. You can use the smart mirror to see how you look from different angles. The smart mirror is also a great way to keep track of your diet and nutrition.

Smart mirror brands include Vaha, Mirror, Forme, NordicTrack Vault, Tempo Studio, and Speediance. For instance, Mirror bills itself as The Nearly Invisible Interactive Home Gym.  

Smart interactive fitness mirrors provide access to fully personalized, immersive sessions for body services, mediation, and nutrition. Smart mirrors like Vaha and Mirror also offer streaming videos on demand (VOD), allowing guests to choose from hundreds of fitness classes like yoga, cardio, strength training, and even dance workouts. Guests can then track their workout stats through the mirror’s display or with an app on their smartphone. Guests can then track their workout stats through the mirror’s display or with an app on their smartphone.

The NordicTrack Vault Complete edition comes not only with a smart mirror, but also with premium dumbbells, kettlebells, yoga, pilates, and strength training accessories. Its software is not advanced as those of its competitors, but the all-in-one solution is handy for at a short-term rental lacking a dedicated home gym room.

Some of these mirrors also include sound systems for music or guided meditations to enhance guests’ experience.

Smart mirrors are one example of tech that could make it even more effective for guests to get in a good workout while on vacation. Other products like Peloton bikes or VR headsets make it easier for guests to get their workouts in at your vacation rental property.

A smart mirror can help guests stay in shape while they’re away from their regular fitness routine. It’s an electronic device connected to the internet, able to show digital images on a surface. In most cases, this is a mirror or glass panel – but it can be any reflective surface. Smart mirrors look great and can be a selling point for your vacation rental property. If you want to impress guests, consider installing one in the guest bathroom or bedroom. 

Guests can program the interactive mirror with their personal workout regimen or access a wide range of pre-loaded workouts that are available for purchase through Vaha, Mirror, and their competitors. Guests can also watch instructional videos to learn new exercises or receive nutritional advice, saving them time and money from visiting a gym or nutritionist.

With some of the smart mirrors, guests can also use it to track their weight, body mass index (BMI), lean muscle, water levels, and other metrics for motivation. 

How to set up an interactive fitness mirror at your vacation rental property?

Before you purchase your smart mirror, do some research on the best mirrors for workout routines. Take into consideration the size of the room it will be in and where guests might place their hands when they use it. 

When wiring your mirror, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions. You want to consider where you will put the mirror and what kind of outlet or power source is nearby.

Equipment for dedicated rooms for home gyms

airbnb with gym

If creating an entire room, you will most likely need to give up some storage space in another part of the home if your property doesn’t have a large enough basement/storage area. Determine what workout equipment would be most useful for guests and how much it would cost to purchase that equipment. 

A few of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment to include in a home gym are a stationary bike, a kettlebell, and an elliptical machine.

Why get a stationary bike?

A stationary bike can be a great way to get the heart rate up and burn off some calories. The stationary bike is also a low-impact cardio workout, meaning it won’t stress the knees or other joints as much as running would.

Why get a kettlebell?

Kettlebell exercises are a great way to build muscle and strength in the arms, legs, and upper body. The kettlebell can be used in different moves for strength training exercises, too.

Why get an elliptical machine?

An elliptical machine is a great way to work both the upper and lower body at one time without having to do separate workouts for each part. This saves time when exercising;

How to find affordable exercise machines for your home gym

Some affordable ways to purchase fitness equipment include: finding used items on Craigslist or eBay, asking for donations from family and friends, and buying used items from yard sales. Here’s a list of very affordable options you can use to create a home gym:

  • Resistance tubes: They are cheap (about $10), small, and lightweight. They can be used for fat loss, strength training, stretching, etc.
  • Jump Rope: Jumping rope is an inexpensive way to get cardio in. You can typically pick one up for under $15.
  • Stability ball:  Stability balls are very inexpensive, costing only about $10. These can be used for stretching and abdominal exercises.
  • Exercise ball: Exercise balls cost between $15 and $40 depending on the size you need them to be. But they have a plethora of uses from core training to fat burners.
  • Dumbbells: You can get as many as you like for as low as $1 per pound. They can be used for strength training and fat loss workouts.
  • Jumping Jack Mat: These mats are typically $3 to $5 and offer a space where you do jumping jacks or another similar exercise without worrying about your feet hitting the floor and creating noise that could disturb
  • Exercise mat: An exercise mat can be used for all sorts of exercises, stretching, or even just sitting in the living room to watch TV. Even if you already have another type of mat with your home gym equipment, an extra one will cost $5 to $10
  • Swiss ball: They cost about $20 and can be used for more than 50 different types of exercises.
  • Pull-up bar/door mount chin-up: These typically cost $20 to $40 and can be used for more than 140 different types of exercises.
  • Resistance bands: Very inexpensive (about $10), small, lightweight, and easy to use. They can be used for strength training and stretching.

How can I advertise my home gym in my vacation rental or Airbnb listing?

You can promote your fitness equipment in the “amenities” section of your listing or mention it in your “welcome guide.” 

A home gym, fitness equipment, and a location for guests to work out are typically showcased in an Airbnb listing. The best way to showcase the gym is to use pictures and descriptions of the room such as how it looks, what it contains, and any information about the fitness equipment.

And just like any other listing on an Airbnb page, the room should also include a description of all its contents and sections for photos. The description should include the equipment in the home gym, what it is used for and why people come to work out.

How to describe your vacation rental’s home gym in your Airbnb listing

The home gym description should be detailed but still provide guests with just enough information about its contents so they can decide if it has everything they need during their stay.

Within the Airbnb host dashboard, there are two places where you may want to use to attract health-conscious guests. Go to Edit Listing / Amenities to find them:

Exercise equipment details

  • Elliptical
  • Free weights
  • Stationary bike
  • Treadmill
  • Yoga mat

Gym (great for your home gym)

The description should include details about the fitness equipment, i.e. make, model and any information about its usage including how many people can work out at the same time if there are multiple pieces of equipment. The location of where all the equipment is in your home should be included as well as what it’s usually used for during a typical workout. If there are any additional services guests can get while at your home gym, they should be mentioned in the description as well.

The benefits of having a home gym at your vacation rental property

It’s important to include some information about why people come to work out and what it does for their bodies because it will help paint a picture of how a guest will benefit from a home gym.

Other information that should be included in your vacation rental property’s home gym description is how it can help them save time and money during their stay because being able to work out at the location saves them from having to find a public fitness center or gym where they live. Guests who are on vacation generally have more time to exercise and burn more calories so they can be encouraged to use the home gym as a way to stay in shape during their vacation.

Also, even if guests have been working out before coming on vacation, it never hurts to include that a home gym makes it easier for your guests to maintain a workout routine while they’re on vacation because it’s a place to do so without having to go to a public gym or fitness center.

In your Airbnb listing, make sure to tick the Gym icon in the amenities list so guests know you have a home gym at your property. If they are looking for an active vacation with working out being part of the equation, it’s important that they know what they’re getting into when booking your listing.

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