Peering Behind the Curtain: Travel Titans and the Transformation of Short-Term Rentals at VRWS X

Uvika Wahi

Vacation Rental World Summit 2023 Conference in Barcelona

The Vacation Rental World Summit, scheduled for November 3rd and 4th, 2023 at the Museu Maritim in Barcelona, is poised to be a game-changer for short-term rental hosts and managers. As the conference marks its tenth anniversary with VRWS X, it brings together industry giants and thought leaders to provide invaluable insights. Let’s delve into why attending this milestone edition is a must for anyone in the short-term rental industry.

Presence of Big Booking Platforms 

  • Unmatched Online Travel Agent (OTA) Representation: Unlike many industry events in Europe, VRWS X boasts representation from the “big three” OTAs—Airbnb,, and Vrbo – as well as Google Travel. These platforms continue to be significant driving forces in the industry, and their collective presence at the conference is a relative rarity.
  • Insider Knowledge: The summit provides a unique platform to learn directly from these giants of the industry. Attendees can stay abreast of best practices and changes they need to adapt to, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Strategic Location

The choice of Barcelona as the summit’s location is no coincidence. This vibrant city has evolved into a central hub for the global short-term rental industry. It’s home to numerous short-term rental businesses, startups, and conglomerates, making it the ideal backdrop for networking and immersing yourself in the industry’s heartbeat.

Key Sessions at Vacation Rental World Summit 2023

The VRWS X program is packed with two full days of workshops, presentations, roundtables, and networking opportunities. It’s designed to be balanced and inclusive, featuring property managers as speakers to ensure their stories form part of the narrative.

Data and Trends Highlights at Vacation Rental World Summit X

Two standout sessions revolve around data and trends in the vacation rental industry, offering comprehensive insights into the past and future of the industry:

A Look Back at Success Stories and Key Trends

Session: Elevate Your Vacation Rental Business: Exclusive Insights, Tactics, and the 2024 Outlook with AirDNA
Speaker: Jamie Lane, Chief Economist and SVP of Research at AirDNA

This session sets the stage by exploring the key factors that led to Europe’s blockbuster summer. Jamie Lane will share insights into the driving force behind soaring demand, from guest influx to top-performing property criteria. Attendees will gain inspiration from the triumphs of top property managers, with a comprehensive analysis of AirDNA’s data revealing the “why” behind their success. This retrospective view will help attendees understand how they can adapt their strategies to meet changing traveler preferences and regulations and leverage data effectively.

A Forward-Looking View of Market Trends

Session: The Power is in the Data
Speaker: Sally Henry – VP of Business Development at Key Data Dashboard

The second day’s session shifts the focus to the future, with Sally Henry revealing the current data trends in the short-term rental industry and providing a glimpse into how the market is shaping up for 2024. She will guide attendees through key performance indicators that can inform their strategies for the season ahead. This forward-looking session reinforces the idea that power truly lies in understanding and using data effectively.

These sessions represent a valuable opportunity for attendees to learn from the past and prepare for the future, armed with data-driven insights and strategies. By understanding where we’ve been and where we’re going, we can navigate the vacation rental landscape with confidence.

Airbnb: A Peek Behind the Scenes

The Fireside Chat format allows for a relatively candid and in-depth conversation and so one of the standout sessions at the Vacation Rental World Summit X is a fireside chat with Simon Lehmann, Co-Founder and CEO at AJL Atelier, and Richard Au, Head of Global Business Development at Airbnb. This session promises to provide a rare opportunity for attendees to gain insider knowledge about Airbnb, one of the largest and most influential players in the short-term rental industry. 

Richard Au is at the forefront of Airbnb’s strategic initiatives. In conversation with Simon Lehmann, a leading expert in the vacation rental industry, he will discuss how Airbnb is customizing its offerings to create unique and memorable experiences for travelers worldwide, as well as share Airbnb’s approach to managing global uncertainties, from changing regulations to unforeseen events, and how the company is ensuring the safety and satisfaction of both hosts and guests.

This session will offer a unique perspective on how a major industry player adapts and evolves in response to changing market dynamics and consumer preferences.

Navigating the Regulatory Maze

As short-term rental operators grapple with regulations and bans, a session like “Advocacy and Regulations: A Roadmap to Save and Preserve Your Short Term Rental Business” becomes an invaluable guide. At VRWS X, this session is set to be a standout with a unique three-part structure that combines strategic insights with practical, on-the-ground experiences.

This panel discussion features industry experts Eduardo Miranda, President of ALEP; Viktorija Molnar, Acting Secretary General of EHHA; Enrique Alcántara, President of Apartur; and Marco Celani, President of AIGAB.

The first part of the session focuses on building a robust short-term rental advocacy plan and offers an update on impending new European regulations.

The latter part of the session brings theory into practice with real-life case studies from Barcelona and Catalunya, and Italy. These case studies will be presented by property managers currently active in these key markets, offering attendees an invaluable opportunity to learn from those with first-hand experience navigating regulatory challenges.

Connect, Collaborate, and Grow

In addition to the thought-provoking sessions, VRWS X offers a range of unique networking opportunities designed to facilitate meaningful interactions among attendees.

Roundtables: Engaging in Peer Dialogue

A Unique VRWS Feature

The roundtable discussions have been a standout feature of the Vacation Rental World Summit in recent years and will feature again at VRWS X. In these sessions, attendees are divided into small groups of 5-6 peers, each group led by a trained facilitator. This intimate setting allows for deep dives into specific challenges you may be facing in your business, as well as the sharing of best practices. It’s an incredible opportunity to gain insights from fellow industry professionals and to build strong connections.

Speed Dating Sessions: Structured Connections

Meeting Exhibitors with Purpose

During Speed Dating sessions, attendees have the opportunity to select the companies they’d like to meet at their booths. This structured format ensures that interactions are efficient and purpose-driven, making the most of attendees’ time while engaging with companies and exhibitors.

Casual Networking

Standing Lunches, Coffee Breaks, and Fringe Events

In addition to the scheduled networking sessions, VRWS X provides various informal opportunities to connect with fellow attendees. The standing lunches and coffee breaks offer casual settings where you can strike up conversations, exchange ideas, and make new connections. The fringe events create an environment for spontaneous networking and interactions beyond the confines of the main sessions. These informal gatherings can often lead to unexpected and valuable connections.

Greening VRWS X: Sustainable Initiatives and Education

The commitment to sustainability is a core part of VRWS X, and it’s exemplified through various initiatives and partnerships:

Partnerships for Sustainability

For VRWS X, the Vacation Rental World Summit has partnered with industry sustainability advocate Bob Garner from EnviroRental, the one-stop-shop of free resources for business sustainability to reduce the event’s carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices. The organizers are collaborating with Sustonica – the first sustainability badge and recognition specifically for short-term rentals – and QALIA, the responsible tourism standard for conscious luxury rental brands.

Educational Session: The Quest for Sustainable Stays

Continuing its mission to advocate for sustainability, VRWS X presents an enlightening session planned titled, “Travellers increasingly want sustainable stays, what does that mean for short term rentals?” This session is led by Bob Garner, Founder of EnviroRental, and Vanessa De Souza Lage, Founder of Sustonica. They will be interviewing Eric Bergaglia, Senior Director – Global Head of Accommodations Segments at, James Cassidy, Senior Director – Partner Success Vacation Rentals EMEA, Expedia Group, Marc Ribail, Founder at Qalia – Ethical and Responsible Tourism, Sophie Desnoulez, Founder and CEO, LLA Selections by Location Lac Annecy, and Morvan Le Boulanger, Head of Sustainability at Olala Homes.

This session will dive into recent survey data from Booking and Expedia about traveler preferences around sustainability and discuss what big booking platform such as and Vrbo are doing to educate travelers and accommodation providers about sustainability in short-term rentals. 

The second part of the session will feature property managers sharing their experiences, statistics, challenges, and successes on their path toward sustainability.

During the speed dating sessions, attendees can also receive specific advice for their business at a round table with Vanessa, Marc, and Bob.

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