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Our public community helps you navigate the changing environment of the vacation rental & short-term rental industry. It is free and revolves around our weekly newsletter. Get our actionable insights and advice, straight into your inbox, once a week.

  • Vacation and short-term rental industry insights
    Facts, data, and trends that help you take the right decisions.
  • Updates about Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo, and other players
    Fresh tips about the online platforms so that you can compete better.
  • Invitations to our online and offline events
    Industry experts and peers share best practices with you.
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Private Network

We bring together property managers, owners, vendors, consultants, and listing site operators to create valuable business and personal relationships. With the support of vetted peers, we can deliver on our next individual project goals faster, work in private groups to share doubts and successes, and bring new voices to shape the conversation about our industry. Join our private list to get access.

Smaller Is Better: Limited To 150 Members.
A Private Community Free From Sponsored Messages And Noise, Built For Short-Term Rental Decision-Makers, Doers, And Pioneers.

Superficial Events Are Not In Short Supply. Deep Conversations And Valuable Relationships Are.

  • Develop Lasting Relationships
    We get to know you and proactively connect you with like-minded peers. We also let you create and run your own affinity groups.
  • Get Feedback And Support
    Share your next project in a private space where your peers can help you and make your accountable for your own results.
  • Enjoy Intellectual Stimulation
    Uncover local and global short-term rental trends. Share the experience of your corner of the industry to help us all get the big picture.