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My French Airbnb book "Airbnb : Doublez vos Réservations" has been released

If you are a French-speaking Airbnb host, you may be interested to know that you can get my real-life tips on how to to get more bookings, get more freedom and spend less time with Airbnb. I have released internationally my book “Airbnb : Doublez vos Réservations” on the various Amazon websites. It is already #1 in France for books about Airbnb rentals.
I am happy to report that the book has been well received and had some echo in the French press, for instance:
– «Airbnb : Doublez vos Réservations» : le 1er Guide Pratique pour bien louer son logement sur Airbnb.fr
– Un guide pratique pour “bien louer son logement” sur Airbnb
– Déjà n°1 des ventes Amazon : le 1er Guide pratique pour gagner de l’argent avec Airbnb
Get a free chapter of the book here and nowYou can purchase it on Amazon.fr, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com, Amazon. ca, Amazon.de, and Amazon.it.


Here’s a quick summary of what this book offers:
– Do you want to earn a little or a lot of money by putting your home, apartment or vacation home for rent on Airbnb?
– Do you want to know how to create your listing on airbnb.fr, in a simple and effective way that will attract the type of guests you want?
– Are you overwhelmed by the time spent managing your booking inquiries, check-in, check-out and cleaning up?
– Paying taxes, receiving a payment, facing a cancellation: How to avoid the common pitfalls encountered by Airbnb hosts?
– What is the difference between listing a vacation rental on a traditional vacation rental by owner website and listing on Airbnb?
– Why are France and Paris so popular with foreign tourists on Airbnb and how can you be part of this success even if you do not speak English well?
Like you, I was intrigued by Airbnb. I dived in, learned a lot, made mistakes and ended up being successful. I have 4 accommodations listed on Airbnb.fr, with very positive feedback.
Here are the 4 main principles that will guide you through this practical book:
– Use my tips for designing a listing that attracts more travelers to your home
– Spend less time managing requests and stays by creating simple and efficient processes
– Boost your income by strategically managing your calendar Airbnb
– Get better reviews by discovering what travelers love and what they hate
Discover the table of contents of my book “Airbnb : Doublez Vos Réservations”:
About the Author
Chapter 1: Why put your home on Airbnb is a great opportunity for you
Chapter 2: Practical tips to turn your home into a highly rated place on Airbnb
Chapter 3: How to write your Airbnb ad to make it stand out from your competitors and attract the type of travelers you want
Chapter 4: How to calculate the price of one night at your apartment, with simple and advanced methods.
Chapter 5: How to manage your bookings in less time, making more money and turning down some travelers
Chapter 6: Managing your check-in, check-out and cleaning, even when you are away
Chapter 7: How to attract positive feedback and how to respond to negative comments
Chapter 8: Law, taxes and insurance
Get a free chapter of the book here and now


Rental Scale-Up

Thibault is the founder of Rental Scale-Up. He owns vacation rentals in St. Barths and Bali. He also leads innovative projects for companies within the vacation rental industry. Feel free to reach out to Thibaut Masson on Linkedin.

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