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More Bookings and More Freedom for Rental Entrepreneurs
Issue 2

How can you improve your rental marketing this week? 
I am always amazed by all the great content that you can find online to improve your vacation rental marketing. 2 years ago, there was not much to read. Now, it’s a big avalanche of advice that you can get.
I enjoyed “stealing” for you PDFs from a recent HomeAway conference (see below).
On my side, I’ve started implementing Infusionsoft to spend less time running after guests trip details, to upsell services likes romantic boat cruises and private chef dinners and ask for a referral (I am a bit shy, so I am happy to get an automated tool to ask for it for me). I will let you know how this goes.
To Do: Read below the best contents of the week, select the 1 tip you like most and take action. Today.
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My French book on Airbnb hosting is #1 on in the Entrepeneur category

OK, this is blatant auto-promotion here, but in case you can read French books, just know that you can get my advice on Airbnb hosting. I’ve just become an Airbnb Super Host and I am very happy to share my learnings and my mistakes. Click here to get a free chapter of this French Airbnb book.

Steal these 5 Vacation Rental Marketing PDFs created by HomeAway

OK, I am not really telling you to steal something. But if you click on this link to the HomeAway Community of vacation rental owners, you can download for free 5 interesting PDFs from their Atlanta conference. Cool date in the Kickoff Presentation, while the Building Trust with Travelers document is interesting.
Get the 5 PDFs here.

Niche Vacation Rental Sites: Pot-Smokers

As I own a luxury vacation rental for 2 and as I am gay, I have quite naturally started using niche sites aimed at gay travelers, such as MisterBnB. Well, in a Guardian article, I’ve found out that pot-smokers also had their niche niche: “Bud and Breakfast”. What niche could you market your rental to?
Read the full article here.

Airbnb Disaster Stories: How to protect your home

After another well-publicized incident where guests trashed an apartment rented on Airbnb, I found 2 very interesting article by Get Paid for your Pad and by Kigo on the topic. From filtering out potential guests, not giving away your address until after the booking has been made, be careful with instant bookings, using Airbnb’s specific tools, these are 2 useful reads.

7 takeaways from the NAR Vacation Home and Investment Property Report

Heather Bayer has great post (not her blog, but on a real estate website) about vacation rentals as investment. Short and compelling.
Read the full article here.

Adding a Facebook Call to Action Button for Holiday Lets

A short and effective how-to video by Genbook on how to add a “Book Now” button to your Facebook Page.
Watch the video here.
All right, that’s it folks. See you next. Reply to this email now if you want to share your own tips with the tribe, I’ll be happy to pass it along.

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