vacation rental labor shortage

U.S. Vacation Rentals vs. Labor Shortages: Extenteam’s Luke Bujarski reports

Thibault Masson

After losing a dramatic number of jobs in 2021, the vacation rental industry is now scrambling to find workers. Extenteam, ...

rex brown holiday rental mastery

Paying homage to Holiday Rental Master Rex Brown

Thibault Masson

Rex Brown is the creator of the Holiday Rental Mastery website and writer of the Vacation Rental Mastery book. Although ...

ajl atelier courses (1)

Vacation rental consultancy AJL Atelier partners with to launch online courses from top industry leaders & operators

Thibault Masson

In partnership with Hotel.School, AJL Atelier has created a series of exclusive courses dedicated to short-term rentals pros. They cover ...

rental scale up news - vacation rental trends

Why RentalPreneurs becomes Rental Scale-Up

Thibault Masson

In 2014, I created a blog called, combining the words Rentals and Entrepreneurs. In 2020, it has changed names ...

heather bayer mike bayer vacation rental formula

The Vacation Rental Formula: Heather Bayer’s New Learning Platform Delivers Real-Life Action Plans

Thibault Masson

Heather and Mike Bayer are respected experts within the vacation rental industry. In early 2016, they released The Vacation Rental Formula, ...

alan egan rent more weeks

Alan Egan on how got started

Thibault Masson

If you’ve been a vacation rental owner for a while, you’ve probably come across, an online publication whose goal is ...

vacation rental success podcast thibault masson instagram

Interview on Vacation Rental Success Podcast: How to be a location influencer on Instagram

Thibault Masson

When it comes to vacation rental podcasts, Heather Bayer’s Vacation Rental Success is the definitive authority. Week after week, she ...

Rental rates

When can you raise the rates at your vacation rental? The St Barths Case.

Thibault Masson

How do you know when it is OK for you to raise the prices for a week at your vacation ...

My French Airbnb book "Airbnb : Doublez vos Réservations" has been released

Thibault Masson

If you are a French-speaking Airbnb host, you may be interested to know that you can get my real-life tips ...

Vacation Rental Marketing for Luxury Property Owner

Thibault Masson

(This blog post is a follow-up to Insider’s Tips for Luxury Vacation Rental Owners) Putting your vacation rental in the ...

Insider’s tips for luxury vacation rental owners

Thibault Masson

Taylor White is a fantastic podcast interviewer, host of the Overseas Property Insider Podcast. If you are interested in international ...

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