Round-Up: HolidayHero Launches Web App, ALTIDO Becomes Joivy, Rentals United Channelizer

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Round-Up: HolidayHero Web App, ALTIDO Becomes Joivy, Rentals United Channelizer

Guest Experience Platform HolidayHero Launches Web Version of App

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • HolidayHero has launched a web-based Guest App, as an extension of its guest experience platform for short-term rental managers.
  • The app acts as a virtual concierge, streamlining guest management and improving overall host-guest interactions.
  • The web-based nature of the app eliminates the need for downloads, offering convenience to users on any device.
  • Hosts and managers can personalize the Guest App within minutes, providing a unique, brand-aligned virtual concierge experience directly from the web.
  • Other key features include personalized recommendations for guests, group engagement, and web-based concierge service.
  • Seamless integration between PMS and Guest Experience Software provides a comprehensive understanding of operational and guest-related aspects.

About HolidayHero:

  • HolidayHero is a revolutionary guest experience tool designed explicitly for short-term rentals and hotels to streamline guest operations, create monetization opportunities, enhance guest happiness, and foster loyalty.
  • It empowers property managers and hosts to take full control of the guest journey, digitizing and automating all guest interactions beyond booking, offering guests a comprehensive guide and digital concierge during their stay. 

Uvika’s View:

  • In hospitality, guest experience is the cornerstone of success. The opinions and experiences of guests can make or break a business in this industry and today guests expect experiences that rival those offered by hotels – personalized, convenient, and seamless.
  • Tools like HolidayHero’s Guest App play a crucial role in bridging the technology gap for short-term rental operators. Even those without an extensive tech stack can now deliver a seamless and customized digital experience to guests, meeting the elevated standards set by hotels.
  • The Guest App consolidates essential information for guests, facilitating easy check-in/out, rebooking, access to travel tips, and more, all in one convenient digital space, enhancing guest satisfaction and also aligning with modern travelers’ preferences for a hassle-free stay.
  • Moreover, monetizing aspects of stays that guests have shown a willingness to pay for, such as early check-ins and late check-outs, adds another revenue stream for hosts. 
  • However, there’s a flip side to consider. Managing another tool, regardless of how integrated it might be within their existing Property Management System (PMS), adds another layer of complexity for hosts and managers. This extends to HolidayHero’s web app as well.
  • The ultimate goal needs to be a truly integrated experience. Large companies like Airbnb have recognized this, as evidenced by its recent launch of a feature that allows hosts to integrate their smart locks. This means guests can find all relevant information within their Airbnb booking, creating a seamless, integrated experience.

ALTIDO, DoveVivo, and Chez Nestor Come Together as Joivy

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Joivy, a new comprehensive residential platform, has been launched to unite European brands DoveVivo, ALTIDO, and Chez Nestor under one identity.
  • For guests, the platform has been created to provide guests with a complete range of living spaces and manages residential experiences for any duration, including co-living, micro-living, student housing, short term stay, multifamily, and co-working.
  • For Residents, it offers various housing solutions and additional services like coworking and events.
  • For owners, Joivy provides you with an all-inclusive platform for managing your properties. It offers a variety of advisory and management services for existing and prospective property owners. Plus, it boasts a portfolio of 4,000 units located in 50 destinations across six countries.
  • The platform also offers end-to-end asset management, as well as a Design & Build service that focuses on sustainability and environmental impact, helping to reduce operating costs and increase long-term value.
  • Comprehensive real estate investment guidance is also one of the platform’s key offerings, designed to empower property owners and managers with strategic insights to make informed decisions about their investments.
  • Its new logo signifies the modernity of an international brand with a clean, contemporary design symbolizing community and progress.

About Joivy:

  • Joivy is a new brand that consolidates several major European residential companies into one unified platform to offer a diverse range of living options across all durations.
  • It boasts a portfolio of 4,000 units located in 50 destinations across six countries.

Uvika’s View: 

  • This group of companies, now known as Joivy, has been making concerted efforts to cater to a diverse range of guests over the past few months. 
  • One notable example is their short-term rental brand, ALTIDO acquiring historic properties to offer unique stay experiences for travelers seeking more than just accommodation. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill rentals; they’re pieces of history that guests can live in, adding a whole new dimension to their travel experience.
  • The creation of a unified brand identity speaks volumes about the scale they aspire to achieve. This consolidation isn’t just a rebranding exercise; it’s a strategic move designed to streamline their services and create a cohesive guest experience across all their offerings.
  • From a guest perspective, this provides a sense of reliability and trust. Knowing that whether you’re booking a quick city break or looking for a long-term rental, you’re dealing with a single, vetted brand can simplify the process and provide peace of mind.
  • For Joivy, this consolidation allows them to pool their resources, particularly in technology and service training. By centralizing these aspects, they can continually raise the bar for hospitality standards, ensuring a consistent, high-quality experience for all guests.
  • Let’s not forget, the formation of Joivy is also a strategic move by the three companies to transcend their PBSA identity and become one unified all-in-one residential platform.

Rentals United Reintroduces its Free Channelizer Tool

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • The selection of the right channels can boost bookings and revenue, but with an overwhelming variety of listing sites, it can be a challenge to select the most suitable ones.
  • Rentals United, a popular vacation rental channel manager, has launched a free tool called The Channelizer.
  • This tool helps property managers create an optimal mix of listing channels, attracting ideal customers and increasing revenue for their properties by answering a few basic questions.
  • To use The Channelizer, property managers need to provide information about their property characteristics, location, and typical guests.
  • After submitting the responses, a fully personalized list of channel recommendations is provided, including popular mainstream platforms and specialist sites.

About Rentals United:

  • Rentals United is a comprehensive platform designed for automatic inventory distribution across multiple listing sites.
  • The channel management platform is trusted by property managers worldwide, as it connects to over 60 listing sites and integrates with more than 100 technology providers.

Uvika’s View:

  • For new operators ready to move beyond mainstream channels,particularly those exploring beyond popular platforms like Airbnb and, the Channelizer provides a convenient means to discover platforms that can enhance property visibility and attract the right guests.
  • Recognizing the significance of niche listing websites, The Channelizer aids operators in pinpointing channels that align with their property’s unique appeal.
  • While the tool holds promise, my test with a property in Portugal revealed some limitations, such as recommending Hopper, which we know is currently only available in certain U.S. markets and not Portugal.
  • It’s essential to note that the Channelizer was initially introduced in 2019 as a quiz. However, in its new iteration it has now evolved into a full-fledged free tool.

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