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More Bookings and More Freedom for Rental Entrepreneurs
Issue 3


How do you spend less time handling customers? If you have ideas, let me know.I’ve decided to stop being the wonderful travel concierge that I usually am for my guests, for 1 of my rentals. Why? Because this is not a luxury rental, its nightly price is low and I was just creating expectations so high that the time I invested was not on par with the money I was getting.
I’ve taken a few ideas from low-cost airlines, but in a good way: What did I offer that at least 50% of my guests did not really care for? What was taking me a lot of time to coordinate and that the guests could simply do on their own?
For this villa rental in Bali, I’ve decided to stop offering free breakfast (It is now $6 per person) as some guests sleep late and skip it anyway. I’ve also decided to stop pickup guests at the airport, but instead to give them clear directions on how to use the taxi booth at the airport to pre-pay their rides and avoid scammers.I am testing it this out. I will keep the same level of service for previous guests. Do you think that I am doing the right thing? Let me hear from you, please.
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My Experience with OneFineStay, an Airbnb for Luxury Rentals

Have you heard of OneFineStay, the “unhotel” company? They list only “fine homes”, send their cleaning team to your property, box your personal items to protect them, act as a concierge for the guests, and take a whopping 50% commission. I used them twice to rent out my chic Paris apartment. Even if you do not own a luxury property, you can steal many ideas from the way they market rentals.
Click here to read about my experience with OneFineStay.



Content Marketing: Real life examples for real rental owners

If you are like me, just hearing the words “Content Marketing” can make you roll your eyes. Yet, the great Matt Landau has written a very fine article explaining WHY you shouldcreate content as a rental owner and HOW real owners do it to get more booking. Real life examples that you adapt to your own marketing tactics.
Read Matt’s article about content marketing.


Collecting Reviews and Using Their Power to Get More Business

John Keel is a man whose job is to help local businesses get more reviews. In this podcast episode, he explains how he collects them and how he leverages them to grow the business. You will agree with me that a rental property is a local business. And that reviews are key for us. Very interesting to listen to and take actions afterwards. (From the “Email Marketing Podcast”).
Read or listen to the full episode here.


Tools to Manage A Rental From Afar

Interesting article by Elaine Watt in the Rent More Weeks online magazine, about the tools that she recommends to manage a rental from a long distance. With rentals in Bali and in the Caribbean, I can tell you that I do use 3 out of the 5 tools that she mentions.
Discover here the 5 tools that Elaine recommends.


Using Instant Booking on Airbnb: How To Do It Safely

A short, but so true, article by Airbnb maven Jasper Ribbers, about how to finetune the Airbnb Instant Bookings options. Follow his advice to avoid having guests showing up on your doorsteps in the next hour. I have set up the same conditions as Jasper, maybe you should too.
Read the full article here.


All right, that’s it folks. See you next. Reply to this email now if you want to share your own tips with the tribe, I’ll be happy to pass it along.


Rental Scale-Up

Thibault is the founder of Rental Scale-Up. He owns vacation rentals in St. Barths and Bali. He also leads innovative projects for companies within the vacation rental industry. Feel free to reach out to Thibaut Masson on Linkedin.

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