Inclusivity in travel: Fabstayz, a dedicated platform for LGBTQ+ guests

Uvika Wahi

making travel inclusive with fabstayz, an lgbtqia travel platform

The topic of inclusivity has relevance outside of just pride month. As the business of vacation rental evolves, conversations and actions must continue in a way that promotes a sense of belonging for all. We discussed the subject briefly in our private Facebook group and came across a host of opinions on making a vacation rental LGBTQIA+ friendly. Further in that vein, we had the opportunity to interview Robert Geller, the founder of the LGBTQIA+ travel platform Fabstayz.

“Safety looks different to different people”

Fabstayz was born almost three years ago with a need to create a space that guarantees safety and a warm welcome for travelers who may be at risk of experiencing prejudice because of their identity. Robert was recently profiled by the Wall Street Journal, and as points out in his video interview with us, he was profiled alongside businesses focused on woman travelers, Black travelers, and more, emphasizing the immediate need for spaces such as Fabstayz that aim to safeguard particularly vulnerable groups looking to be free of the anxiety of running into an unwelcoming host.

The need to create welcoming spaces is especially resonant since “safety looks different to different people“, Robert explains. Along with an increasing demand to serve exploding niches, this has given way to a number of Airbnb alternatives, such as for digital nomads.

A better experience for both travelers and host

If you are a member of the LGBT+ community and you are on an accommodations platform site, you are looking for little hints like, is this a welcoming place?” explains Robert. This is why a platform such as Fabstayz can help make the process a lot more comfortable for travelers – from viewing the listing to booking accommodation. Hosts do need to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to list on Fabstayz, but they do need to be allies.

In this interview, Robert details the relatively humble origin of Fabstayz, its success thereon, how easy it makes to list with them, its connection with Houfy, and the various components that make it tick. You can also watch it in video form here:

Powered by a robust platform and technology that makes listing a breeze

making hosting more inclusive with fabstayz

Houfy, another early-stage startup, powers the Fabstayz platform to facilitate dynamic search and seamless listing navigation. To sign up, hosts must pay a small subscription fee as Fabstayz is partially funded through host subscriptions. Once a host signs up and provides their listing URL, Houfy and the Fabstayz team ensure that their listing data, including photos and descriptions, are imported within a matter of hours without a hassle.

Yet another distribution channel to manage? No.

It is worth noting that hosts do not need to leave Airbnb or Vrbo to list with Fabstayz, nor do they need to do the heavy-lifting involved in creating a brand new listing. Fabstayz simply aids hosts in the process of reaching out to an LGBTQIA+ audience. Once the listing is created, it is then promoted within the sprawling Fabstayz network. When a booking occurs, the guest is redirected to Airbnb or Vrbo to complete it.

Can I list my vacation rental property on Fabstayz?

listing your vacation rental with fabstayz

To create the space envisioned by Robert, vetting hosts becomes critical. This is why all Fabstayz hosts must fulfill a set of requirements before coming on board:

  • FabStayz diversity & inclusion statement fostering welcoming inclusive spaces
  • Minimum 7 months hosting experience on a major platform such as Airbnb or Vrbo
  • Great to excellent reviews
  • Financial commitment supporting the FabStayz platform.

In addition to this, hosts must also acknowledge and agree to the FabStayz Diversity & Inclusivity Pledge.

The FabHost Pledge: “I welcome and encourage LGBT+Ally guests and individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity to be themselves with no anxiety or fear of judgment as I foster a hosting environment of respect and inclusivity.”

While there have been measures taken by larger OTAs to promote inclusivity in travel, such as Booking’s Travel Proud Program, platforms like Fabstayz make it infinitely more convenient for guests to find holiday rentals that are sure to make travel a breeze.

Visit Fabstayz to learn more about the simple but effective onboarding process and to open your short-term rental business to the LGBTQ+ community.

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