Round-Up: Transparent Rebrands to Lighthouse, Leadership Changes at Lodgify, Key Data and ASSC Partnership

Uvika Wahi

Round-Up: Transparent Rebrands to Lighthouse, Leadership Changes at Lodgify, Key Data and ASSC Partnership

Vacation Rental Data Provider Transparent is now Lighthouse

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Travel and hospitality market intelligence company OTA Insight has rebranded to Lighthouse.
  • The move integrates all its products, including vacation rental business intelligence brand Transparent, into a unified platform.
  • OTA Insight acquired Transparent (formerly Transparent Intelligence) last year to provide comprehensive integrated data intelligence to both hoteliers and short-term rental operators.
  • The new name, Lighthouse, represents the company’s mission to illuminate insights, bring clarity, and enable confident decision-making.
  • The company, while having a new name and enhanced capabilities, maintains its core values of listening to customers, innovating based on latest technologies, and delivering top-notch customer service.
  • The enhanced platform introduces new business intelligence capabilities and short-term rental insights, improving the user experience for decision-makers.
  • Along with the rebranding, Lighthouse has launched a new official company website,

About Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight):

  • Lighthouse is a market intelligence and dynamic pricing platform that brings real-time data from multiple sources into a single platform, processed using advanced AI and machine learning techniques.
  • Lighthouse’s products include Rate Insight, Market Insight, Benchmark Insight, Parity Insight, Business Intelligence solutions, Pricing Assistant, Distribution Insight, Destination Insight, and Hotel Data Solutions.
  • The company serves hoteliers across 185 countries, built on data sets covering over 725,000 hotels and 19 million short-term rental properties globally.

Uvika’s View:

  • The hospitality industry is fast-paced, meaning brands often undergo several iterations as they adapt to market changes and strive to effectively meet the needs of their customers. Transparent is no exception to this trend and has been undergoing what can effectively be termed a brand identity crisis.
  • Initially introduced to short-term rental professionals as ‘Transparent Intelligence’, the company later changed the name to simply ‘Transparent’. This shift was an initial step in refining its brand identity and honing its focus on providing comprehensive and accessible data insights for the short-term rental sector.
  • However, the acquisition by OTA Insight added a new layer of complexity to Transparent’s branding, post which Transparent retained its brand identity under the OTA Insight umbrella, resulting in a dual-brand scenario that could potentially dilute the impact of both brands.
  • The decision to consolidate all brands under the new identity of ‘Lighthouse’ represents an opportunity for the company to resolve this identity crisis and build a more cohesive and impactful brand. 
  • With this unified branding, Lighthouse can more effectively communicate its mission and value proposition to its target audience. 
  • It also allows the company to streamline its marketing efforts and build a stronger connection with its customers.
  • Moreover, the rebranding aligns well with one of the core goals of Lighthouse (formerly OTA Insight) – to create a real convergence between data intelligence spanning across both hotel and short-term rental sectors. The company had already been successfully doing this from a product standpoint. Now it gets the chance to reflect this convergence through its brand identity as well.

Vacation Rental Platform Lodgify Announces Key Leadership Appointments to Boost A.I. Driven Efficiency

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Lodgify, a leading vacation rental platform, announces two key leadership changes to enhance its service offerings and internal team productivity.
  • Co-founder Marco De Gregorio has been appointed as the first-ever Chief AI Officer, previously serving as CTO since 2012.
  • De Gregorio played a crucial role in developing Lodgify’s core products and building a team of over 100 Software Developers.
  • As Chief AI Officer, he will lead the integration of AI into various business aspects, aiming to improve Lodgify’s software and team productivity.
  • De Gregorio’s goal is to leverage AI capabilities to provide an enhanced experience for Lodgify’s global community of hosts.
  • Lodgify has already launched its first AI-powered product, AI Assistant, a messaging tool for efficient guest communication, and is working on more AI features.
  • Marco Cupidi, former Engineering Director of Adevinta, steps in as the new CTO, succeeding De Gregorio and his mission as CTO is to enhance product reliability, speed up product development, and resolve customer challenges more efficiently.

About Lodgify:

  • At its core, Lodgify is a simplified, all-in-one vacation rental solution that enables short-term rental hosts and managers to create their own website, accept direct bookings and payments, and manage all data efficiently. 
  • It syncs reservations, guest communications, and property details across major OTA channels like Airbnb, Vrbo,, and Expedia. 
  • In addition to these features, Lodgify also champions multichannel selling and revenue diversification. It provides seamless API integrations with popular travel booking platforms, again, all managed from a single dashboard. 
  • Born in Barcelona, Spain, in 2012, Lodgify has now grown into a global team of 300 remote workers. But the mission remains the same: to simplify the process of running a vacation rental business.

Uvika’s View: 

  • It’s clear that the future of the short-term rental sector will be increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This strategic move by Lodgify is much more than a mere corporate reshuffle; it is yet another indicator of an important trend in the industry.
  • Lodgify is not alone in recognizing the potential of AI in enhancing the efficiency and scalability of their services. From giants like, Airbnb, and HomeToGo to emerging players like reAlpha, companies are increasingly turning to AI to optimize their operations and outperform their competitors. 
  • They are leveraging AI to automate mundane tasks, streamline communication, and provide personalized experiences to their guests.
  • This strategy reflects the needs and evolution of the industry at large in which efficiency and scalability are not just desirable – they are essential for survival. 
  • Moreover, this appointment positions Lodgify not just as a facilitator of vacation rental management but as an innovator. By prioritizing AI, Lodgify is setting itself apart from its competitors and positioning itself as a thought leader in the industry.

Key Data Announces Partnership with the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Key Data, a short-term rental data provider, has become the exclusive data partner of the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC).
  • The partnership enables ASSC to access Key Data’s Scottish market insights dashboard, providing real-time industry performance trends.
  • ASSC members can utilize Key Data’s business intelligence and benchmarking tools at a preferred rate, offering crucial datasets for adjusting short-term rental business strategies.
  • Property managers can link their booking data with the Key Data Dashboard through their property management software, simplifying performance assessment and benchmark comparisons.
  • The partnership is aimed at empowering members to navigate market challenges, inform overall business strategies, and influence better regulation by providing accurate data to the Scottish Government and local authorities.
  • The partnership comes at a time when the Scottish short-term rental industry faces significant changes, including new licensing requirements and potential short term let ‘control areas’, increasing the need for property managers to make informed decisions.

About Key Data:

  • Key Data collects and anonymizes local short-term rental market data and daily data from online travel agents, ensuring comprehensive market insights for short-term rental operators.
  • Its tools include over 45 key performance indicators such as average daily rate, revenue per available rental, occupancy, booking window, and feeder market data.
  • Boostly provides direct booking website design, online training, content creation, and marketing services to property owners and managers worldwide.
  • The company aims to deliver the best training, tactics, and tools in the industry to help property managers reduce reliance on OTAs.

About ASSC:

  • The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) is the only trade body representing the traditional self-catering sector in Scotland, initially founded by a small group of self-catering operators in 1978.
  • Since its inception, the ASSC has grown from twenty members to over 1600, uniting thousands of self-catering properties throughout Scotland.

Uvika’s View:

  • It is strikingly apparent that this collaboration is part of a broader strategic move by Key Data, as this marks the third in a series of similar partnerships within just a few months, the preceding ones being with STAMA in Greece and ASTRA in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The frequency of such partnerships suggests a deliberate and concerted effort by Key Data to fortify relationships with Short Term Rental Associations globally.
  • This underscores a commitment to supporting these associations with robust data, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping industry legislation and regulations.
  • Sally Henry’s perspective on the importance of Short Term Rental Associations in advocating for better legislation aligns with Key Data’s vision. 
  • By providing detailed and granular data insights, the partnerships aim to empower associations and property managers alike, creating a symbiotic relationship where each party benefits: Associations gain access to invaluable data for informed advocacy, while Key Data strengthens its position as a data provider, enhancing the value it delivers to the industry.
  • The ASSC’s involvement in addressing challenges within Scotland’s tourism sector, especially regarding the stringent Licensing Scheme for ‘short-term lets,’ adds depth to the partnership’s significance. The need for accurate and reliable data becomes paramount as the ASSC spearheads advocacy efforts.

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