Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Massive Short-term Rental Bookings in Europe & North America


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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Massive Short-term Rental Bookings in Europe & North America

Taylor Swift. Again. Yes. We know. 
But bear with us. We’re coming with fresh and well-researched data from sources such as Airbnb and United Airlines on the staggering impact of her tour on European travel.

  • In Europe, Airbnb searches by Americans for stays during the European leg of the tour have jumped nearly 70%, with American guests making up almost a third of European Airbnb bookings during the tour.
  • The remaining North American dates of the tour are seeing an impressive 1,300% increase in Airbnb searches. Meanwhile, European cities like Paris have already experienced a 60% rise in actual bookings during the tour compared to 2023.
  • Last year’s U.S. tour saw a staggering 250,000 guests checking into Airbnb properties and overall $77 million in economic impact was generated through Airbnb alone.
  • United Airlines, one of the major airlines in America, reported that flights to Milan and Munich for Swift’s shows in July have captured the biggest increase in demand – upwards of 45% more passengers compared to last year.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is creating waves, and not just in the music industry. Her tour is having a monumental impact on European travel.

As the tour sweeps across cities of Europe like Amsterdam, Vienna, Hamburg, Milan, and many more, Europe’s short-term rental (STR) owners and property managers are witnessing a surge in bookings and many American visitors.

Let’s dig deep into how Swift’s tour is transforming travel trends in Europe, and North America and what short-term rental owners need to know to capitalize on this surge.
Taylor Swift has been rocking the music tours, starting with her Fearless Tour in 2009. The first 52 shows took her across the United States, kicking off in Evansville, Indiana, on April 23, 2009.

We’ve seen how her tours make waves in demand, especially for short-term rentals and the travel industry in general.
Now, with her Eras Tour hitting Europe in 2024, it’s time to see what’s new and how this latest tour stacks up against her previous ones US and UK.
Let’s see fresh trends and compare the impact of this tour with what we’ve seen before!

The Swift Effect: A European Travel Surge

Airbnb data reveals a nearly 70% increase in searches for stays in Europe by Americans during Taylor’s tour dates compared to the same period last year. This significant surge shows how the “Swiftie” effect is driving travel trends. 

This year, American guests make up nearly a third of all European Airbnb bookings during her tour, with women accounting for over two-thirds of nights booked.

The Swiftie Travel Wave

The term “event-cations” has been buzzing lately. It’s a catchy way to describe the trend where people plan their vacations around big events—like Taylor Swift’s concerts. 

The term “Taylornomics” has gained popularity for illustrating Taylor Swift’s significant impact on the economy. This effect harks back to last year’s U.S. tour, where over $77 million in economic impact was generated through Airbnb alone. 

In fact, according to Airbnb, last year’s U.S. tour saw a staggering 250,000 guests checking into Airbnb properties, That’s almost a quarter of a million people flocking to different cities, looking for a place to stay, eat, and explore—all because of one artist.

This year’s European tour is continuing that trend, with major cities experiencing unprecedented interest. It seems the enthusiasm for Swift’s shows is not just about the concert experience but also about creating memorable travel experiences around it. 

Top Destinations Who Felt the Swift Impact in 2024 According to Airbnb

  1. London, UK:  London saw its search volume for Airbnb skyrocket by three times when tickets for Taylor Swift’s concerts went on sale. This dramatic increase, comparing July 2023 searches for stays on June 21-23, 2024, and August 15-20, 2024, to searches in the previous month for the same dates, highlights the significant impact of Swift’s performances on travel interest.

    What this data means is that the announcement of Taylor Swift’s concerts in London caused a massive spike in interest in accommodations. 
  2. Edinburgh, UK: When tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert in Edinburgh were released, the Scottish capital saw an astounding 500% increase in searches for accommodations. This surge, comparing July 2023 searches for stays on June 8-9, 2024, to the previous month’s searches for the same dates, underscores Edinburgh’s growing popularity as a prime destination for Swifties.

    The demand for places to stay in Edinburgh skyrocketed as soon as fans knew they could see Taylor perform there. It is important to note here that this data refers to a boost in search and not the actual number of bookings.
    People did look up options on Airbnb, but they didn’t actually book the stay.
  3. Paris, France: Swift’s Parisian shows resulted in a 60% increase in bookings by American travelers compared to last year, highlighting Paris’s enduring appeal as a top event destination. This data from Airbnb specifically refers to the actual bookings made by US guests in the Paris region for May 9-12, 2024, compared to the same period last year, May 11-14, 2023.

It’s not just Europe on the list, as Taylor Swift gears up for her another highly anticipated return to North America this fall, the excitement is palpable and fans are going crazy.

According to internal Airbnb data, from June 20, 2023, to March 31, 2024, the remaining North American tour stops experienced a jaw-dropping 1,300% surge in search activity for stays.
This explosive increase in interest means that Taylor Swift’s upcoming concerts are already outpacing the 2023 tour in terms of demand.

In simpler terms, Taylor’s concerts this year are making an even bigger splash than before! 

This surge in interest highlights the tour’s massive impact, with fans eagerly ramping up their search for accommodations. To break it down, this data from North America shows a remarkable increase in search activity, not necessarily bookings.
So while the buzz is undeniable and demand is soaring, this doesn’t directly translate to an equivalent rise in confirmed bookings just yet.

With this in mind, let’s dive into some of the other top cities on the list, according to Airbnb data.

  • Miami, FL: Searches have surged over 500% for Swift’s three highly anticipated October shows.
  • Indianapolis, IN: With nearly a 7,000% increase in searches, this city is experiencing a record-breaking surge in interest.
  • Toronto, Canada: Hosting a six-show run, Toronto has seen a 1,200% increase in searches, cementing its status as a major Swiftie hub.
  • Vancouver, Canada: The final leg of the tour in Vancouver has prompted a massive 3,000% surge in searches, reflecting the city’s high demand among fans.

Swift’s appeal is drawing fans from all corners of the US!

If you’re wondering where all the Taylor Swift fans are coming from, here’s a look at which U.S. cities have the highest percentage of people booking trips to Europe to catch her concerts. 

This list shows the top cities where fans have booked the most nights for stays from June 20, 2023, to March 31, 2024, specifically for her European tour dates. It’s based on data from Airbnb and highlights where Swifties traveled from to see her shows across the pond.

  1. Crozet, VA: A small town with big Swiftie energy.
  2. Yuba City, CA: A surprising hotspot for Taylor’s European fans.
  3. Montclair, NJ: This New Jersey gem is fueling the European travel craze.
  4. West Hollywood, CA: Known for its star-studded residents, it’s no surprise West Hollywood is buzzing with Swifties heading to Europe.

More destinations on this list are:
Massachusetts, Montclair, California, Charlottesville, Arlington, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

These cities share a few common traits that could explain why they are top sources of American travelers heading to Europe for Taylor Swift’s tour. 

  • Affluent and Educated Demographics: Many of these cities, such as West Hollywood, CA, and Montclair, NJ, are known for their affluent and well-educated populations. This demographic has more disposable income and a higher likelihood of spending on international travel and event-based experiences.
  • Cultural and Social Hubs: Cities like Chapel Hill are cultural and social hubs, often associated with a vibrant lifestyle and a strong interest in cultural events. This makes them more likely to have a higher concentration of passionate fans willing to travel for concerts.
  • University Presence: Cities like Ann Arbor, MI, and Chapel Hill, NC, are home to major universities. College towns often have younger populations who are more likely to be enthusiastic concert-goers and fans of pop culture icons like Taylor Swift.
  • Close-knit Communities: Smaller towns like Crozet, VA, and Quincy, MA, tend to have close-knit communities. The excitement and word-of-mouth about major events can spread quickly, encouraging group travel and collective participation in events like Taylor Swift’s concerts.
  • Proximity to Major Urban Centers: Many of these cities are located near major urban centers (e.g., Montclair, NJ, is close to New York City). This proximity means residents can easily access international flights and travel deals, making it more convenient to plan trips abroad.

The Economic Impact of “Swiftonomics” in the US 2023

Let’s go back to 2023!

When it comes to Taylor Swift’s tour, the economic impact is nothing short of astounding. According to a study by Question Pro, Swifties spent around $5 billion directly in the US cities that hosted the tour in 2023. 

But this figure is just the tip of the iceberg!

U.S. Travel confirms that $5 billion is a conservative estimate, focusing only on direct spending by fans. 

When you factor in indirect spending—like the extra money spent by people who traveled to join the festivities but didn’t attend the concerts—the total economic impact is likely over $10 billion. This includes everything from dining and shopping to hotel stays and beyond. 

So, it’s clear that Taylor Swift’s tour is not just a musical event, but a massive economic boost

The ripple effect on Europe & North America in 2024

Short-term rental hosts are seeing a surge in bookings, not just in the host cities but also in neighboring areas. This ripple effect demonstrates how major events can drive significant economic activity beyond the immediate locale.

Some mind-blowing numbers that’ll make you believe why Taylor’s Era tour is such a big deal!

According to data from QuestionPro, shared on June 8, 2023, concertgoers spent about $1,300 per show. And get this—71% said it’s worth it because the experience is so rewarding, and 91% said they’d go again in a heartbeat.

Clearly, when Taylor Swift’s on tour, the demand goes through the roof!

The survey by QuestionPro, of 596 people also found:

  • It’s a family affair. Nearly 20 percent noted attending with parents, 31 percent with children, and nearly 20 percent with siblings.
  • Besties and partners. The highest proportion of attendees listed going with their friends, 53 percent, and romantic partners (42 percent).
  • It cost more, lots. The average concertgoer spent about $720 more than their budget for a total average of $1,327.74, including expenses such as tickets, outfits/costumes, merchandise, food & drink, and travel.
  • Not just for kids. About 58 percent of attendees are between 35 and 64 years old while just 37 percent are between 18 and 34. Less than 5 percent are

What Short-Term Rental Owners & Property Managers Need to Know?

For European STR owners and property managers, this surge in travel presents a golden opportunity. Despite the excitement, many European STR hosts might not yet be fully aware of the potential impact. With American travelers making up a substantial portion of the bookings, property owners must stay updated and prepared. Offering flexible booking options, optimizing listings for Swiftie-related keywords, and ensuring top-notch guest experiences can help capitalize on this influx.

Thibault Masson, emphasized in 2023 during her previous tour, the crucial importance for short-term rental owners and property managers to stay aware of major events in their local markets.

Curious about how to stay ahead of the game when it comes to local events?

Check out this insightful article by Uvika Wahi (Content Head at Rental Scale-Up) to learn how top professional managers handle events, their projections for 2024, and winning strategies for event-based success and equip yourself with the knowledge to thrive during such high-potential events.

Europe Tour 2024 Vs. Taylor’s Previous Tours

Comparing this year’s European tour to last year’s US tour, we see strikingly similar patterns of increased bookings and economic impact.
For instance, during the US tour, Indianapolis experienced an astounding 7,000% surge in Airbnb searches over the concert dates according to Airbnb.

Likewise, European cities are seeing significant boosts in both search and booking activities. Searches for stays on Airbnb by Americans during the European dates of the tour have surged nearly 70 percent.

According to United Airlines, Milan has seen the biggest jump in passenger numbers, with a 45% increase in demand for Taylor Swift’s debut in July compared to last year.

In January, Amadeus flight search data showed a 21% increase in international searches for travel to Paris, France, particularly around Taylor Swift’s 2024 tour dates. The report also noted that Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, and the USA experienced similar trends in rising flight searches.

Let’s dig into these numbers: All this search activity and airline bookings by Americans heading to Europe might seem coincidental. Sure, Americans can travel to these countries anytime, not just for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour. But here’s the interesting part: the surge in searches and bookings is happening right around the same dates as her shows. So, it’s pretty safe to assume that a lot of this travel buzz is because of the Eras tour.

Next up is the UK, here actual occupancy surge happened and not just the search activity.

Take Liverpool’s successful Eras tour show, for example. According to a graph by PriceLabs, occupancy rates for the concert dates (June 13-15, 2024) saw a significant 60% rise, jumping from 32% last year (June 15-17, 2023) to 54% this year.

WhatsApp Image 2024 07 04 at 5.48.07 PM 1

This data underscores how Taylor’s tour is driving a surge in travel and accommodations, transforming each tour stop into a bustling hub of activity and economic growth.

What Does This Mean for You as a Vacation Rental Owner or Property Manager?

Here’s where the opportunity comes in for you:

  1. Increase Your Visibility and Bookings:
    • Example: Imagine a vacation rental, that’s perfectly located near one of Taylor’s concert venues. With the “Swiftie Travel Wave” in full swing, your property could see a significant spike in bookings. Fans traveling from around the world will be looking for places to stay close to the event. Make sure your listing highlights its proximity to the venue and the unique experience it offers.
  2. Leverage the Event for Unique Marketing:
    • Example: Create special packages or promotions tied to the event. For instance, offer Taylor Swift merchandise like posters, T-shirts, and keychains.
    • This can make your property stand out and attract those dedicated fans looking for a memorable stay.
  3. Optimize Your Pricing Strategy:
    • Example: During major events, demand for short-term rentals can surge. Adjust your pricing to reflect this heightened demand, just as you would for any peak season. Dynamic pricing tools can help you stay competitive and maximize your revenue during these high-demand periods.
  4. Prepare for Increased Demand:
    • Example: Ensure your property is well-prepared for the influx of guests. Stock up on essentials to minimize last-minute issues and manage your property more effectively.

In a nutshell, Taylor Swift’s European tour is turning out to be a major travel trend this year just like it has been in the past years. For short-term rental owners and property managers, this is more than just a chance to capitalize on the Swiftie influx—it’s an opportunity to give your business a serious boost.

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