2024 Travel Trends from Booking.com: Key Takeaways for Vacation and Short-Term Rental Managers

Thibault Masson

2024 travel trends - booking.com

Every year, Booking.com shares its eagerly anticipated travel predictions, offering a wealth of insights for those in the travel industry. These predictions are not just forecasts; they’re a recognized sociographic study that’s crucial for vacation rental and short-term rental managers to understand. This year, our Rental Scale-Up team has taken these insights and translated them into practical guidance. We’ve analyzed each trend and traveler category to show how they specifically impact the vacation rental and short-term rental markets. Whether you’re looking to adapt your services or simply stay ahead of the curve, our breakdown of Booking.com’s 2024 predictions will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed in the evolving world of travel.

(Alter) Ego Enthusiasts:

These travelers embrace shaping alter egos during their holidays, with 37% creating intricate narratives about their real lives. They’re excited to reinvent themselves, with 42% prepared to rent a nicer car than they usually drive. They might also extend their online personas into the real world, embracing augmented reality experiences.

Impact on Short-Term and Vacation Rentals:

  • Mountains: Offer themed stays or adventure packages for unique experiences.
  • Sea: Provide exclusive experiences like private boat rentals.
  • Country: Create immersive local culture or historical experiences.
  • Urban: Offer luxurious or unique amenities like high-end kitchen appliances or home cinemas.


These travelers seek cooler destinations to escape the heat, with an emphasis on being close to water for relaxation. They look for properties that highlight climate advantages such as air conditioning, proximity to water, or swimming pools.

Impact on Short-Term and Vacation Rentals:

  • Mountains: Highlight the cool climate and natural water bodies.
  • Sea: Emphasize beachfront locations and water sports facilities.
  • Country: Market the serene environment near lakes or rivers.
  • Urban: Focus on properties with good air conditioning and pools.

Surrender Seekers:

Travelers inclined towards spontaneity and adventure. Over half are keen to book surprise trips where the destination is unknown until arrival. They value flexible travel options and the element of the unexpected.

Impact on Short-Term and Vacation Rentals:

  • Mountains: Offer flexible policies and promote nearby adventure activities.
  • Sea: Highlight impromptu water activities or beach adventures.
  • Country: Provide information on local spontaneous activities.
  • Urban: Tailor experiences for last-minute bookings, like city tours.

Culinary Excavators:

Almost two-thirds of these travelers are interested in discovering a destination’s ‘must-eat’ dishes. They seek to experience indigenous cuisines and local food, often choosing food-first destinations.

Impact on Short-Term and Vacation Rentals:

  • Mountains, Sea, Country: Offer well-equipped kitchens, promote local food markets, and collaborate with local restaurants.
  • Urban: Highlight proximity to culinary hotspots and famous restaurants, and offer a well-equipped kitchen.

Reboot Retreaters:

Focused on self-improvement and rejuvenation, 58% of these travelers are looking for uninterrupted sleep and relaxation. They value wellness packages and sleep-focused amenities.

Impact on Short-Term and Vacation Rentals:

  • Mountains: Emphasize a peaceful environment with spa services or yoga retreats.
  • Sea: Highlight relaxing beachfront properties with wellness activities.
  • Country: Offer a serene setting with wellness-focused amenities.
  • Urban: Focus on quiet properties with wellness amenities like a private pool or garden.

À La Carte Affluencers:

These travelers seek to optimize their vacations by combining value and luxury. They look for budget-friendly luxury and are often keen to travel closer to home or to less expensive destinations.

Impact on Short-Term and Vacation Rentals:

  • All Markets: Provide luxurious touches at a reasonable price, highlighting upscale amenities like a gourmet kitchen or private pool.

Mindful Aesthetes:

73% of these guests are more likely to book a property with sustainability practices. They value accommodations that are both sustainable and stylish, and properties focusing on sustainability create better guest experiences.

Impact on Short-Term and Vacation Rentals:

  • All Markets: Implement and highlight sustainable practices and certifications.

By understanding these detailed traveler preferences and tailoring rental offerings accordingly, properties can cater effectively to these diverse and emerging travel trends.


The insights and trends discussed earlier stem from the Travel Predictions 2024 research, which was commissioned by Booking.com. This extensive survey was conducted to understand the travel preferences and tendencies for the upcoming years, specifically targeting those who plan to travel for business or leisure in the next 12-24 months. Here are some key details about the survey:

Respondent Demographics: The survey polled a substantial sample of 27,730 respondents. These individuals were selected from a wide range of 33 countries and territories, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive understanding of global travel trends.

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