Vacation Rental Management Conference: Vacation rental consultant Adrienne Fors on Channel Managers & PMS

Adrienne Fors

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Vacation rental consultant Adrienne Fors on Channel Managers & PMS

This article is part of our Rental Scale-Up vacation rental management conference series. This is an extract from our March 2020 conference: “Getting Your Business Through the COVID-19 Crisis with Actionable Insights from World Class Short-Term and Vacation Rental Experts.”

Vacation Rental Management Conference: Rental Scale-Up & Strategic Stays’ Adrienne Fors

One of Rental Scale-Up’s very own writers, Adrienne, joins us to share her hands-on experience of the crisis: As a consultant for several vacation rental owners and property managers, she’s had to go into their PMS and channel managers to change their settings. She’s had to help with cancellation policies and processing refunds. As someone helping daily smaller companies, she will share with us some of the actions that she’s taken to help her clients’ rental businesses weather the storm.

Vacation Rental Management Conference: Video From The 2020 COVID-19 Crisis Actionable Insights Conference

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