Why PriceLabs is launching Revenue Estimator Pro, its souped-up Airbnb calculator

Thibault Masson

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As the editor of Rental Scale-Up and also the Head of Product Marketing at PriceLabs. Today, I’d like to share an insider perspective on the development of our latest innovation, Revenue Estimator Pro. My dual role offers me a unique vantage point, combining editorial insight with product development expertise. It’s from this intersection I aim to shed light on how Revenue Estimator Pro is set to transform revenue estimation in the vacation rental industry.

Airbnb is eating the vacation rental world 

“Airbnb” has transcended its company name to become both a noun and a verb in our everyday language. This linguistic shift mirrors the transformation within the hospitality industry, signifying the pervasive influence of Airbnb. 

Airbnb Calculator is a thing

Investors and hosts spend a lot of time on Google searching for keywords related to Airbnb calculators. Yet, this is not just about revenue estimates. Hosts are also anxious about finding the best rates and fees for their properties.

People tend to search for an Airbnb calculator than for, say, a vacation rental earning calculator. It reflects again the power of the Airbnb brand.

Searches for "Airbnb calculator" in the US
Searches for “Airbnb calculator” in the US

Regrouping the keywords by the specified categories offers a clearer understanding of the specific needs and decisions faced by Airbnb hosts and short-term rental investors:

Investment Decision: Revenue Estimate for a Property

  • Keywords: airbnb profit calculator, airbnb income calculator, airbnb rental calculator, airbnb profitability calculator, airbnb revenue calculator, airbnb investment calculator, airbnb arbitrage calculator, airbnb roi calculator, airbnb property profit calculator, how much can i make on airbnb calculator, airbnb estimate, airbnb income estimator, airbnb property calculator, airbnb rental income calculator, airbnb rental property calculator
  • Purpose: These keywords indicate a focus on understanding the potential revenue and profitability of investing in a property to be used for Airbnb. Users are interested in evaluating the financial viability and expected returns before purchasing or listing a new property.

Rate Pricing Decision for an Existing Airbnb

  • Keywords: airbnb price calculator, airbnb pricing calculator, airbnb rental price calculator, airbnb rates calculator, airbnb rate calculator
  • Purpose: Hosts are looking for guidance on how to competitively price their listings. These keywords reflect the need for tools that help determine optimal nightly rates based on market trends, property features, and desired occupancy rates.

Airbnb Fees Calculator

  • Keywords: airbnb host fees calculator, airbnb fee calculator, airbnb cleaning fee calculator, airbnb fees calculator, airbnb host fee calculator
  • Purpose: These searches are driven by the need to understand and calculate the various fees associated with hosting on Airbnb, including service fees, cleaning fees, and how they impact overall profitability.

Multiple companies want to rank for Airbnb Calculator

The race to rank for “Airbnb calculator” on Google underscores the high demand for precise revenue estimation tools. It highlights a competitive landscape where accuracy can significantly impact investment and operational decisions.

The competition to rank for “Airbnb calculator” reflects the diversity of the short-term rental industry, with various companies aiming to meet specific market needs:

  • Short-term rental marketplaces (e.g., Airbnb’s own calculator) aim to attract more listings by providing prospective hosts with easy access to potential earnings information.
  • Data Analytics Firms (e.g., AirDNA’s Rentalizer, Airbtics’ Host Profit Estimator) focus on delivering market insights and trends to help users make informed investment decisions.
  • Property Management Systems (PMS) (e.g., Lodgify) offer integrated tools for managing rental operations, appealing to hosts seeking both revenue estimates and operational support. An Airbnb calculator is a great source of leads for them
  • Investment Analysis Platforms (e.g., Mashvisor’s RentoCalculator) target real estate investors needing detailed financial analyses to evaluate potential returns on properties

The Booming Vacation Rental Data Market for Investors

The vacation rental data market has seen exponential growth, driven by a demand for detailed market insights. PriceLabs, with our Market Dashboard, has been at the forefront, offering in-depth analyses. This focus on capturing users even before they enter the short-term rental market is strategic, ensuring businesses can make informed decisions from the outset.

The Broad Need for Revenue Estimation

Revenue estimation extends far beyond Airbnb hosts. Vacation rental and short-term rental managers also face a critical need for precise, reliable projections. Whether it’s attracting new homeowners or advising current partners on market changes, the ability to provide accurate revenue estimates can significantly influence business strategies and relationships.

Attracting New Homeowners

Accurate revenue projections are crucial for convincing potential homeowners to list their properties. Demonstrating the financial benefits through data-driven analysis can sway homeowners considering the rental market.

Advising Current Partners on Market Changes

In a fluctuating market, managers must advise homeowners on adapting pricing strategies in response to seasonal demand, local events, or economic shifts to maximize profitability.

Enhancing Business Strategies and Relationships

Reliable revenue estimates enable managers to fine-tune their business strategies, focusing on the most profitable property types or locations. This strategic insight strengthens the trust and partnership between managers and homeowners, leading to better decision-making and portfolio optimization.

Differentiating Airbnb Calculators

While many tools offer basic revenue and ADR estimates, they often fall short in delivering nuanced details like seasonality and detailed occupancy rates. Moreover, the lack of transparency regarding data sources and comparables can leave users questioning the accuracy of these estimates. This is where we saw an opportunity for innovation.

More than a calculator: Introducing Revenue Estimator Pro

  • Estimate: Instant Revenue Report for Any Address
  • Refine: Tailored Estimates through Smart Filters and CompSets 
  • Organize: All Your Estimates in One Dashboard
  • Share: Professional PDFs and CSVs Ready to Download

Against this backdrop, PriceLabs crafted Revenue Estimator Pro, a tool born from our dedication to innovation and the real needs of the market. This isn’t just another calculator but a comprehensive analysis tool that offers a new level of detail and customization for revenue estimation.

Vacation rental managers often grapple with the challenge of producing precise revenue forecasts for new listings, an essential step before debuting a listing or negotiating with property owners. Traditionally, this process involved laboriously combing through myriad listings to identify comparable properties, a task that is both overwhelming and time-intensive. In response to this challenge, PriceLabs has unveiled Revenue Estimator Pro, an innovative tool crafted to enhance and expedite the process of revenue estimation for vacation rental properties across the globe.

Revenue Estimator Pro empowers managers to quickly garner comprehensive revenue estimates for any property address, shedding light on monthly revenues, average daily rates, and occupancy. This breakthrough not only speeds up the decision-making process but also improves the precision of revenue forecasts. It delivers swift, thorough insights into the short-term rental market, encompassing seasonal patterns and local market benchmarks.

Furthering its utility, Revenue Estimator Pro allows for the customization of comparables, enabling users to refine their analysis based on specific factors, such as location, amenities like pools, and performance indicators like revenue and guest reviews. Managers have the convenience of a unified dashboard for managing all their estimates, along with the functionality to generate and share professional, branded PDFs or CSV files with partners, property owners, or real estate agents.

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