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2021 Short Stay Summit: 3 major holiday rental associations get together

short stay summit 2021

The last 18 months have provided plenty of networking and educational opportunities within the realm of holiday rentals, but none offline. As a result, real-world interaction has been largely limited, and physical conferences have been pretty much out of the question. However, as markets unlock, vaccines roll out, and demand recovers, physical events are again on the horizon. One milepost on this route is the first-ever Short Stay Summit, scheduled for Tuesday, 14 September 2021, in London.

In years before Covid-19, the vacation rental industry saw a plethora of physical events in various locations. Short Stay Summit is proposed to consolidate that experience in Europe in the form of the Short Stay Summit. The European Holiday Home Association (EHHA), the UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA), and the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) have all come together to create “the largest European conference in the industry since 2019”.

2021 Short Stay Summit: Merilee Karr interview

We spoke with the Chair of the STAA and CEO of UnderTheDoormat, Merilee Karr, about the circumstance that paved the way for Short Stay Summit and what lies in wait for those who attend.

Hello, Short Stay Summit, Goodbye, VRMA Europe

The Short Stay Summit is due to replace VRMA Europe, the last edition of which took place in Prague in 2019. As Merilee explains in the video, this is key to highlighting the industry’s collaborative nature and providing one unified platform for industry professionals to network, educate themselves, and seek opportunities.


The summit will take place at Tobacco Dock in central London, and the choice of venue is intended to act as a reference to the uniqueness and character of vacation rental properties. The venue’s design also makes it completely Covid-secure, which of course, also played a big part in its selection for the summit.

The last year and a half have seen consumer priorities shift drastically to put vacation rentals front and center for travel. The coming time will prove critical if industry professionals are to capitalise on this shift fully. Industry events, especially those at the scale of Short Stay Summit, can help learn what short-term rental businesses must do to keep up.

The Short Stay Summit is one-day event supported by Vrbo, Booking.com, Homes & Villas by Marriott International, Awaze, Rentals United, UnderTheDoormat and Breezeway. This will be the largest European conference the industry has seen since 2019. 



Uvika is a Content Editor at Rental Scale-Up. She uses her experience as a digital nomad and a social media expert to reveal and share vacation rental industry trends.

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