Airbnb’s 2023 Commercials Feature New Categories: Farms, Chef’s Kitchen, Islands, and Skiing, with music and locations

Airbnb's 2023 Commercials Feature New Categories: Farms, Chef's Kitchen, and Skiing, with music and locations



For local inhabitants and businesses, the disaster is also economic. Florida is a big travel market. With great beaches and world-famous attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the state attracts many families who book a vacation rental for their stay. Cities like Orlando and Kissimmee usually rank high in market size for vacation rental revenues.

Airbnb Categories will continue to be the talking point of Airbnb’s 2023 marketing strategy if the company’s 2023 new global marketing campaign commercials are anything to go by. Taking a page from the recipe that worked so well in its 2021 and 2022 campaigns, these commercials showcase the best of what Airbnb has to offer, highlighting one Category at a time.

After spotlighting its Castles, Amazing Pools, Camping, and OMG! categories in its 2022 campaign as covered by us, Airbnb’s 2023 commercials shift focus to the Farms, Chef’s Table, Skiing, and Islands categories, catering to different traveler segments from before.

From Chef’s Table to Skiing: Utilising Distinct Identifiers for Each Category

We’ve previously talked about how Airbnb coordinated product teams to launch a redesigned homepage, search results, listing ranking, and navigation all at once to launch Airbnb Categories. This is a significant undertaking that yields personalized recommendations for guests. The categories featured in its 2023 commercials underscore that the factors that decide categorization are more varied than they appear on the surface.

For example, it looks like Airbnb’s Chef’s Kitchens category is the result of a complex combination of identifiers, presumably including amenities, photos, and reviews. Skiing properties, however, are identified through an equally sophisticated system that more likely takes geography, seasonality, images, customer feedback, and amenities such as access to ski slopes into account. With this data-driven approach to categorization, Airbnb is ensuring its customers can easily find the perfect place – no matter their activity or preference.

Just like in 2022, the news commercials make it clear this is only a sampling of what can be found within the app by showing mockups of someone browsing the available listings in each category to conclude the commercials, thus highlighting that anyone can easily find their perfect place with Airbnb.

Yellow Submarine | Airbnb OMG! Category

Lisa was looking to take her family on an epic adventure when she came across Keith and Jen’s iconic yellow submarine in Marton, New Zealand. What better way to spend a long weekend than in a submersible floating in a forest of trees? The crew played games, slept in the Captain’s quarters, and found a sea of green⁠⁠—all in their yellow submarine.

What is the song on the 2023 Airbnb commercial for the OMG! category?

The music title is Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.

Where is the yellow submarine featured in the OMG! Category commercial located?

The yellow submarine is located in Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. The real listing title for this vacation rental is “Yellow Submarine” as well.

How is the Airbnb Yellow Submarine inside?

Yellow Submarine Short-Term Rental in Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand I Airbnb OMG! Categeory

Escape the world and experience something extraordinary with a magical mystery tour in the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine! Powered by love, you’ll enjoy a unique stay among redwood trees and get to explore an incredible steampunk lounge & galley. With two bedrooms, one bathroom, and all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay, you can relax and immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind adventure. Let your imagination run wild with submarine adventures ranging from Cold War superpower scenarios to classic “Das Boot” moments while your kids stay connected with their childhood dreams. Guests will be expected to leave the submarine tidy upon departure and all personal possessions should be taken prior to disembarking! The memories of this unforgettable journey will last forever.

What is the link to the Airbnb listing?

Here’s the link to the Yello Submarine: www.airbnb.com/rooms/20445002 

Old Town Road | Airbnb Farms Category

Annie Marie and her family wanted nothing more than to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all. So they packed up their car and headed to Lisa’s 40 acre farm in Vashon, Washington for some quality time surrounded by nature. With Starbuck the pony at their side, they had a week filled with adventures. They spent the week enjoying their cozy cottage and going on adventures with resident sidekick, Starbuck the pony. From the farm to the open fields and private beach, there was no shortage of places to explore.

What is the song on the 2023 Airbnb commercial for the OMG! category?

The song used is Old Town Road by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Where is the farm featured in the Farms Category commercial located?

The farm is located in Vashon, Washington, United States. Its real listing title is “40 acres, dog friendly: The Coach House.”

What is it like to stay at the farm showcased in Airbnb’s Farms category commercial?

The Coach House in Vashon, Washington I Airbnb Farms Category Commercial

Discover a peaceful and restorative getaway at the Coach House at Vashon Field and Pond! This immaculate ground floor living space features a bedroom with a queen bed, a full kitchen with dishwasher, woodstove (wood provided), propane BBQ (propane provided), picnic table in the forest, full bath, room darkening shades in the bedroom, open loft and a sofa bed in the main living area. Invite 2 more guests to sleep in the loft for an additional fee. Enjoy your stay surrounded by stunning interiors and exteriors featured in Country Living Magazine and Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations.” Explore nearby Pt. Robinson Lighthouse Park or take a stroll through the forest trails to a secluded beach. Orca, Humpback, and Grey whales can sometimes be seen from the beach! Pets are welcome with an additional fee. A non-smoking property equipped with all you need for your stay.

What is the link to the Airbnb listing?

Here’s the link to the Coach House: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/12963071

Voicemail | Airbnb Islands Category

Pedro and his friends were looking to disconnect. Literally. So they left the shores of Angra dos Reis behind and headed out to George’s private island escape, Casa Mar A Mar. They spent one week surrounded by the open sea, living out their own island adventure. They swam. They kayaked. They saw a pod of dolphins and contemplated leaving civilization behind for good. It was the perfect place to reconnect with what matters.

What is the song on the 2023 Airbnb commercial for the Islands category?

The commercial is set to the sound of a default voicemail recording message.

Where is the island featured in the Islands Category commercial located?

The island is located in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

What will you find on the island showcased in Airbnb’s Islands category commercial?

The Ilha Dos Desejos entire island rental I Airbnb Islands category

The title of the actual listing on Airbnb is “Uma ilha inteira para você em Angra dos Reis,” translating to ‘An entire island for you in Angra dos Reis’ and it is available for up to 8 guests. Escape to a personal paradise and enjoy the ultimate seclusion on your very own island! Casa Mar A Mar, an award-winning Brazilian architecture project, is situated among the trees and offers an open plan living space with outdoor living room, full kitchen, outdoor dining room and bedroom with access to an outdoor bathroom. Enjoy breathtaking views of the sea from the surrounding decks that come complete with chairs and sun loungers. Live your best life at this one-of-a-kind destination!

To get along:
Life on an island is different from life on the continent. It’s much closer to the rhythms of nature. Therefore, it is worth noting that:
– Ilha dos Desejos is a private residence. It’s not a bed and breakfast, hotel, or resort.
– Our water comes from the collection of rainwater, so the supply is irregular. There is no water shortage, but consumption must be conscious.
– Our energy is mainly solar. On foggy or high-consumption days, we use the generator. We are installing new batteries but until then it is possible for us to lack electricity at night.

So be mindful of the expectations created. If you can’t live without air conditioning and television, the Ilha dos Desejos might not be for you. Read reviews from other guests, and contact us with any questions before booking.

The arrival on the island can be by helicopter or boat. The value of the helicopter depends on the airport of origin and the number of passengers.

By boat, we recommend a local trainer, as a more affordable option. It can accommodate all passengers and luggage. Leave Angra dos Reis and the journey takes 40 minutes. The price is R$500 per trip (R$1000 round trip).

If you prefer to arrive faster, we suggest taking the speedboat transfer. We recommend a nautical agent who will introduce you to the vessel you wish, including for tour during your stay.

If you come by car or motorcycle to Angra dos Reis, we recommend a covered parking lot to leave the vehicles during the days you are on the island. The price is R$40 per vehicle per day.

If you need an executive car to get to Angra dos Reis, let us know and we can help with the reservation.

The hiring of the homemaker and the cook is not included in the daily rate. Their work is essential. He is responsible for operating the electrical systems and rising water, as well as climbing and descending the nautical equipment, barbecuing and cleaning the external areas. She’s a full-fledged cook. Together they also clean and tidy the rooms. The daily rate of 2023 is R$600 (for both). Check-out day is also charged if you leave after lunch. Payment is made directly to them.

Regarding food, the cook prepares meals. You can bring your groceries or hire our Menu and Delivery service. In this case, you tell us your preferences, we suggest different dishes and set the menu and shopping list together with you. Then we do the grocery and fish store shopping and deliver to the pier at the time of your shipment. The value of the delivery service is R$500 or 10% of the purchase value above R$5,000. If you are coming by helicopter or prefer to have purchases delivered to the Island on the day before your arrival, you may be charged the price of the boat.

If you wish to host guests during your stay or host an event, there will be an additional charge. The maximum capacity is 20 people, including guests. Please request a quote.

What is the link to the Airbnb listing?

Here’s the link to the Coach House: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/48008078

Luna Mezzo Mare | Airbnb Chef’s Kitchens Category

Anu and her family were looking for a place to gather and enjoy each other’s company, and cooking. When they found Fran’s Wensley home they knew it was the perfect spot. A rustic countryside escape with rolling hills and a gourmet chef’s kitchen? Yes chef. It was a delectable weekend away filled with good food, great company, and new memories made – from scratch.

What is the music on the 2023 Airbnb commercial for the Chef’s Kitchen category?

The music is an Italian classic: Luna Mezzo Mare by Lou Monte.

Where is the property featured in the Airbnb Chef’s Kitchen commercial located?

Although the Youtube video description lists the incorrect property, the Airbnb showcased in the commercial video is located in Wensleydale, Victoria, Australia. The listing is titled “Wensley – Rustic Luxury, Great Ocean Rd Hinterland.”

What is it like to stay at the villa shown in the Airbnb Chef’s Kitchen category commercial?

The Wensley vacation rental in Victoria, Australia I Airbnb Chef's Kitchen Category

Enjoy the ultimate escape in complete seclusion at The Wensley! Set high on 80 acres of rolling hills, this bespoke timber and architectural house & shed is built from recycled Oregon and Ironbark. Located in a peaceful pocket of the Surf Coast Hinterland called Wensleydale, The Wensley offers you the chance to unwind in style or explore The Great Ocean Road and its surrounding countryside. Be captivated by this breathtaking location and make lasting memories!

1.5 hrs from Melb, 20 Mins Birregurra & Brae, 25 Mins Aireys Inlet, and 15 mins from Moriac & Winch.

When you hire Wensleydale, you have exclusive access to the 80-acre property and use of the house & shed. Maximum occupancy is 10 guests – with 5 beds in total. Two bedrooms downstairs – and a spacious loft bedroom upstairs housing ground-level bunk nooks. We also have a cot.

The house has been designed, constructed, and decorated in great detail. Bringing the outside inside the high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and natural finishes create an airy, uncluttered, beautiful space to breathe and escape the trappings of city life. In summer you can choose to turn on the fans, open the floor-to-ceiling window-doors and enjoy the breeze of cross ventilation. Or shut the house up and turn on the aircon in extreme temperatures. In winter curl up by the fire and read a book.

The lounge, dining, and gourmet chef’s kitchen are open plan offering panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The living area’s feature is the concrete chimney, poured in-situ, and home to a chimney Phillippe which heats the house in winter. Sink into our sofas and watch the sunrise with a coffee or the moon rise with red wine.

There’s no TV in the main house but in the pigeon holes on the way upstairs, you’ll find a serious stash of wine glasses and a great selection of books and boardgames. You can log on to the wifi, download the Sonos app and listen to your favourite tunes on our Bose sound system.

Cook up a storm in our fully stocked kitchen and host a fabulous dinner party (table seats x10). Concrete benches, fully stocked walk-in pantry with gourmet essentials, Nespresso machine, Soda Stream, microwave, commercial grade cookware, microwave, dishwasher, Falcon gas stove and electric oven are perfect for creating your favourite meals. Enjoy the use of the Kitchen Aid, rice cooker, wok, mandolin and our extensive collection of chopping boards (which we love to use as platters). Eat outside on either the sunrise or sunset deck – depending in the time of day.

You’ll sleep like a log in our luxurious beds and beautiful linen surrounded by all the wood! Both downstairs bedrooms have the choice of either memory foam pillows or goose-down king pillows. We use a combination of 100% linen and Actil First Line Cotton sheets (with a muslin weave) for the ultimate sleep.

The master bedroom is home to a generous pillow-top king bed. You’ll fall asleep to the sound of frogs and wake up to the stunning view of our neighbours damn. And if you’re lucky you might see a fox sneak down and try and poach some duck eggs. Make yourself at home and unpack into our walk in robe (which is also where our cot & change table currently live).

The 2nd downstairs bedroom has a pillow topped Queen bed and is dusted in the dulcet tones of calming blue. This room completely blacks out which is perfect for an epic sleep in!

Our downstairs bathroom is home to the most luxurious natural stone tub which is ideal for long soaks…perhaps with a book or a vino! The window/door opens up to our sunset deck where the outdoor shower and galvanised french bath tub live. Take one of the lanterns from the entry and shower or bath under the stars at night.

Our loft bedroom is home to three ground level bunk nooks – two Queen beds and one King. Although all in one room these beds still offer a small amount of privacy from one another. With an ensuite with shower and toilet this is the perfect retreat for kids or … the guest who arrive last!

The shed houses a laundry and breakout area with a TV for emergencies such as The Grand Final, Aus Open or teenage meltdowns.

The Wensley is suitable for children of all ages – we have a cot, highchair and kids table for guest use. As the house is built entirely out of timber the chance of splinters is quite high – especially for those crawling!

Unfortunately, pets are not permitted.

What is the link to the Airbnb listing?

Here’s the link to the Wensley: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/29642943

Boombastic | Airbnb Skiing Category

It was the perfect weekend to hit the slopes and Paz and her friends knew exactly where they wanted to go. So they packed up their gear and followed the flurries north to Corralco, Chile for a much anticipated adventure. When they arrived at Pablo’s cozy mountainside retreat they knew they picked the perfect launch pad and aprés spot. Just 7km from the lifts, they were able to spend their powder-filled days on the mountain and their nights by the fire enjoying good food and even better company. From first chair to the last run of the night, this ski-weekend is just one of the millions of trips made possible by Airbnb Categories.

What is the song on the 2023 Airbnb commercial for the Skiing category?

The song is “Mr. Bombastic” by Shaggy.

Where is the property featured in the Airbnb Skiing commercial located?

The property is located in Malalcahuello, Araucanía, Chile, close to the nearby Corralco ski center. The listing title is “Cabin in Corralco with native forest and hot-tub.”

What is it like to stay at the cabin shown in the Airbnb Skiing commercial?

Cabin in Corralco with native forest and hot-tub I Airbnb skiing category

Enjoy the perfect mountain getaway at this cozy new retreat! Located in the middle of a native forest of oaks, coigües and raulies, this stunning location offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation. With views of the majestic mountains and only 7km from Corralco ski center as well as 4km from the town, you’ll have all you need for an unforgettable stay. The sun wraps around the house throughout the day, and you can even enjoy a fantastic terrace with wood stove and hot tub!

The mountain residence is designed to be connected with a native forest that surrounds it. The light and green of the forest is captured by the house to have a real connection with nature. The land and sorroundings has several spots for adults and children to explore. The bedrooms are in a module isolated from the common areas and in turn are connected through a glass bridge generating privacy when sleeping and connection with environment and nature. It has a large partially covered terrace to ensure relaxation during different weather conditions. There is also a wood stove to relax in the afternoon with a glass of wine and a hot tub in the middle of the forest.

You can access the entire mountain residence and its lands of approximately 5000 sqmt with native forests and a hot tub. The house includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as a living, dining room and kitchen connected to a partly covered and partly roofed terrace to ensure that you can re-energize in sunny, rainy and snowy times.
The area is close to hot springs such as the Malalcahuello, Manzanar and Tolhuaca.

This brand new residence has a wooden hottube and an outdoor stove. The thermal insulation allows to maintain optimal temperatures, it also has central heating with a very easy-to-use pellet boiler. We will leave you pellets available for use.

What is the link to the Airbnb listing?

Here’s the link to the cabin in Corralco: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/46338360

Airbnb’s segmentation approach provides customers with tailored choices, allowing them to explore destinations and experiences that may have not been previously considered. Categorising guests into distinct groups aids in providing more personalized recommendations, sweeping aside the one-size-fits-all approach to booking accommodation.

The Categories feature also continues to do the work of igniting the imagination of travelers, revealing possibilities that they may not have known existed, such as the option to book entire islands. This opens up a world of possibilities for visitors, allowing them to explore destinations and experiences far beyond their own expectations.

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