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In the highly competitive world of vacation rentals, standing out is crucial. A unique trend that has gained traction in France could offer U.S. vacation rental managers a new way to differentiate their properties and boost bookings: love rooms. Inspired by the success of Japan’s love hotels, these themed accommodations are designed specifically for couples seeking a romantic and luxurious experience.

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Understanding the French Short-Term Rental Market

France has made a significant mark in the short-term rental market, with over one million listings on Airbnb. Despite having a population five times smaller than the U.S., the number of French listings is comparable, showcasing the country’s enthusiasm for sharing their homes with visitors. This highly competitive environment has driven French hosts to innovate and find unique ways to attract guests, leading to the popularity of love rooms.

At a recent French conference for short-term rentals, attended by over 1,500 industry professionals, the trend of love rooms was a hot topic. Several booths promoted courses on launching unique accommodations, with love rooms being highlighted as a particularly successful category. This trend is not just about offering a place to stay but about providing an experience that stands out in a crowded market.

What Are Love Rooms?

Love rooms are accommodations that go beyond the standard hotel offerings by providing an intimate atmosphere with special amenities. These rooms are meticulously designed to cater to couples looking for a unique and memorable romantic getaway. Common features include jacuzzis, saunas, hammams, LED lighting, massage oils, and even more exotic additions like pole dance bars and home cinemas.

Why Consider Love Rooms for Your Vacation Rental?

  1. Differentiate Your Property:
    • The vacation rental market in the U.S. is highly saturated, with countless listings available on platforms like Airbnb. By transforming a property into a love room, you can tap into a niche market that is always in demand: couples celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries, honeymoons, or Valentine’s Day.
  2. High Return on Investment:
    • Love rooms command higher nightly rates compared to standard listings. Guests are willing to pay a premium for unique experiences that offer romance and luxury. This can significantly increase your property’s profitability.
  3. Boost Positive Reviews and Repeat Bookings:
    • A memorable and unique stay often leads to glowing reviews and repeat bookings. In the vacation rental industry, positive reviews are invaluable. They enhance your property’s visibility and attractiveness on rental platforms, leading to more bookings and better income.

Successful Examples from France

French hosts have successfully embraced the love room concept, offering insights and inspiration for U.S. vacation rental managers:

  • Secret Room Near Perpignan: This 80-square-meter suite offers a real jacuzzi, a hammam with essential oils, and a pole dance bar. It creates a private spa-like experience with a touch of excitement, including unique features like a St. Andrew’s cross and playful accessories.
  • Charming Suite with Sauna and Jacuzzi: Designed for relaxation and intimacy, this suite includes a private sauna session, LED lights, and natural massage oil, making it perfect for a romantic getaway.
  • Luxury Indulgence Suite: This love room features a jacuzzi, massaging heated chairs, and a home cinema, offering a bubble of escapism and indulgence for couples.

Implementing Love Rooms in Your Properties

To start, consider the following steps:

  1. Identify Suitable Properties:
    • Select properties that can be easily transformed into romantic getaways. Look for spaces that can accommodate amenities like jacuzzis, saunas, or themed décor.
  2. Invest in Quality Amenities:
    • While creating a love room doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, investing in quality amenities will ensure a luxurious experience for your guests. Consider adding features that enhance romance and intimacy.
  3. Market Your Love Room Effectively:
    • Highlight the unique features of your love room in your listings. Use high-quality photos and descriptions to attract couples looking for a special experience. Emphasize the romantic aspects and the luxury amenities provided.
  4. Gather Feedback and Improve:
    • Encourage guests to leave reviews and use their feedback to continually improve the experience. Positive reviews will help boost your property’s visibility and attract more bookings.


As the vacation rental market continues to evolve, offering unique and memorable experiences can set your property apart from the competition. By adopting the love room concept, U.S. vacation rental managers can tap into a profitable niche, enhance guest satisfaction, and ultimately increase their bookings. Embrace the trend and transform your properties into romantic escapes that couples will love and remember.

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