How to get a free Minut noise monitor from Airbnb (5 steps)

Uvika Wahi

airbnb minut free noise monitor

If you are an Airbnb host, you can now get up to 10 free noise-monitoring devices from Minut. In this article, we tell you which Airbnb hosts are eligible for this offer, how to get your free noise monitors, and what the Airbnb x Minut partnership is about. This time, we are talking about a real integration between Airbnb and Minut: If guests breach a certain noise level, they will be notified automatically with a message directly sent out through the Airbnb app. In the past, Airbnb gave discounts on or even offered competing products such as NoiseAware and Roomonitor. What is new here is the offer ($0 for up to 10 devices + 3 months of subscription), the scale (available in 65 countries and regions), and the true integration (Minut messages are sent out through the Airbnb messaging system, making them look more compelling).

Earlier this year, we explained how the Swedish company Minut had been expanding its presence in southern Europe. Thanks to this new deal with Airbnb, Minut is enlarging its footprint beyond North America and Europe, pushing into Asia-Pacific.

For Airbnb, the Minut partnership builds upon several actions taken in the last two years, from a global ban on parties to restricting younger people from booking an Airbnb.

Who can get the free Minut noise monitor from Airbnb?

  • Airbnb hosts in more than 65 countries and regions can get the Minut devices shipped to their addresses. For instance, all countries in North America (Canada, Mexico, and the US), all countries in Europe, and many in Asia-Pacific (e.g. Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Singapore, but neither China nor Indonesia). Most African (except Morocco) and South American countries are excluded from the deal.
  • For each Airbnb account, a host can ask for one Minut device per listing for up to 10 listings (so, 10 free devices max can be ordered directly in the Minut online store
  • If you need more than 10 devices, you can need to contact the Minut sales team 
free noise monitor for Airbnb hosts

While the noise monitoring device is free, it comes with a mandatory paid subscription

minut airbnb subscription plans which to choose
  • The Minut noise monitor is part hardware and part software.
  • The software part makes sure that warning messages are sent out to guests and enables hosts to access an app to monitor noise levels.
  • Thanks to the Airbnb offer, the device (hardware) is 100% free.
airbnb minut home sensor airbnbhost
  • However, Airbnb hosts must subscribe to one of Minut’s yearly plans, Standard or Pro. Note that Airbnb hosts get 3 subscription months for free per listing. So, if you are using in dollars, you end up paying:
    • Minut Standard Plan for Airbnb hosts, with 3 months for free: 
      • $10 /month
      • Billed as $120/year
      • With 3 months free per listing: – $30
      • Total bill: $90
      • Standard shipping: Free (at least in the US)
    • Minut Pro Plan for Airbnb hosts, with 3 months for free: 
    • $15 /month
    • Billed as $180/year
    • With 3 months free per listing: – $45
    • Total bill: $135
    • Standard shipping: Free (at least in the US)

How to redeem the offer?

how to connect airbnb to minut
  • Start connecting Minut to Airbnb by creating a Minut account
  • Enter the email address you use for your Airbnb account.
create a minut account
  • Airbnb then sends you a verification email
airbnb to minut
  • Once verified, you can proceed with your purchase in the Minut online store
  • Pick the number of free devices you need (up to 10)
  • For each device you ask for, you must pay for a yearly subscription (with 3 months free). For instance, if you ask for 3 devices, you must purchase 3 yearly subscriptions.
  • On the check-out page, enter your shipping address and pay.
  • Devices ship under 3 to 6 business days.

How does the Minut noise monitor send messages and noise warnings to guests at your property?

airbnb noise warning

The integration between Minut and Airbnb will allow you to sync your Minut properties with your Airbnb guest data. If loud noise is detected at a property, the guest will automatically receive a message telling them to keep it down.

The integration with Airbnb lets Minut receive reservation and guest information from your booking calendar. Within the Minut host app, guests are automatically added to the listing based on your Airbnb reservations.

Once the Minut sensor detects noise in your property, this integration will automatically send a message through Airbnb directly to the guest currently staying there (if any), letting them know to keep it down.

Guests will also receive messages according to the host’s noise monitoring settings, so automated text messages or “SMS to guest” are sent through the Airbnb app instead of an SMS. 

Everything is connected via the Minut web app under Integrations. As the owner of the Airbnb account (not a co-host), Select Airbnb and go to Set up.

airbnb minut integration

Press connect and follow the steps required on Airbnb’s side.

You’ll be directed to log in to your Airbnb account and allow Minut to import your listings. Note that if you’re not the owner of the listings, then syncing will not work.

airbnb minut syncing
airbnb minut connect

Once the connection is set up, you’ll need to link your Airbnb listings with the correct home in the Minut app. This is so Minut can get the correct guest information when a high noise event occurs.

Minut syncs all bookings that are made in Airbnb after you connect the integration previously existing bookings won’t be synced.

Press Create Link and choose the corresponding listing in your Airbnb system.

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Once all of your homes are linked to an Airbnb property, you’re all set!

How to disclose your Minut device to your Airbnb guests

Within a property, Airbnb allows monitoring devices only in public spaces and common spaces. Noise monitoring devices such as Minut must be clearly identified and disclosed ahead of a reservation. Common spaces do not include sleeping areas or bathrooms.

Airbnb requires hosts to disclose the presence of a Minut device ahead of any booking.

  1. Go to Listings and click or tap on the listing you want to edit
  2. In Listing details, scroll down to Things guests should know and click or tap Edit
  3. Under Safety Devices, check the box for Security cameras/audio recording devices
  4. Click or tap Edit and describe each device, its location, and if it will be off or on (you’ll also be asked to confirm some details about your listing)
airbnb minut noise monitoring
airbnb minut noise monitoring

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