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The 2023 Shortyz Awards: Recognizing Excellence in the Short-Term Rental Industry

2023 Shortyz awards winners



For local inhabitants and businesses, the disaster is also economic. Florida is a big travel market. With great beaches and world-famous attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, the state attracts many families who book a vacation rental for their stay. Cities like Orlando and Kissimmee usually rank high in market size for vacation rental revenues.

On Wednesday 26 April 2023, the Shortyz Awards ceremony took place in London, bringing together over 200 individuals from the global short-term rental industry. The Shortyz Awards celebrate the achievements of rentalpreneurs, accommodation owners and operators, technology providers, channel managers, property management system providers, online travel agencies, interior designers, payment system providers, insurance companies, media, investors and more.

Voting Process The 20 award categories were judged by an independent panel consisting of investors, consultants, and experts. After the judges made their selections, a short voting period was held, with more than 65,000 votes cast from around the world. The winners were determined by a 50:50 split between judge scores and the public vote.

Nominees and Winners An unprecedented 390+ entries were received during the entries period, which lasted from the start of December until mid-March.

As the founder of Rental Scale-Up and Head of Product Marketing at PriceLabs, I was thrilled to attend the event and see PriceLabs take home the award for Best Ancillary Services Provider.

Here are the results of the 2023 Shortyz Awards:

  • Sustainability award: EnviroRental was awarded for their efforts in sustainability.
  • Consumer champion award: Island Escapes was named the consumer champion.
  • Most effective use of social media award: Guesty‘s Influencer campaign was awarded for the most effective use of social media.
  • Best app or website solution award: Boostly was named the best app or website solution.
  • Best home automation solution or product award: Operto Connect was awarded for the best home automation solution or product.
  • Best corporate accommodation booking channel award: AltoVita was named the best corporate accommodation booking channel.
  • Best OTA / online accommodation booking platform award: Plum Guide was recognized as the best OTA / online accommodation booking platform.
  • Best sales & marketing campaign award: Plum Guide‘s No Time for Average Stays campaign was awarded for the best sales & marketing campaign.
  • Best holiday site operator award: Skol Apartments Marbella was named the best holiday site operator.
  • Best ancillary services provider award: PriceLabs was awarded for the best ancillary services provider.
  • Best mobile rental accommodation company award: Campiri was named the best mobile rental accommodation company.
  • Best channel manager award: Avantio was recognized as the best channel manager.
  • Best property management system [PMS] award: Avantio was also awarded for the best property management system.
  • Best subscription / membership model company award: HomeExchange was named the best subscription / membership model company.
  • Best leisure property management company award: Casiola Vacation Homes was awarded for the best leisure property management company.
  • Best urban property management company award: ALTIDO was named the best urban property management company.
  • Rentalpreneur award: Bill Faeth of Build Short Term Rental Wealth was awarded the Rentalpreneur award.
  • Innovator / Disruptor award: Jamie Lane of AirDNA was recognized as the innovator / disruptor.
  • Rising Star award: Madi Rifkin of Mount was awarded the rising star.
  • Pioneer award: Margot Schmorak of Hostfully was named the pioneer.

The Shortyz Awards are a testament to the hard work and innovation in the short-term rental industry, and it was a privilege to attend and celebrate the achievements of my colleagues and peers.

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