How to sell your property management company (1-hour conference)

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how to sell a vacation rental company

On June 30, Rental-Scale-Up will be hosting a free 1-hour conference titled: “MONEY MATTERS: SELLING, BUYING, AND RAISING MONEY IN THE VACATION RENTAL INDUSTRY”. This conference is for property managers as well as for vacation rental tech providers. You can get your free ticket and bonuses here. Together with the CEOs of C2G Advisors, Vintory, and Hostfylly, will go over the following topics:

  • What can you learn from the recent short-term rental investment deals and acquisitions done by VTrips and Vacasa?
  • What kind of housekeeping do you need to execute before thinking about raising money or selling your company?
  • What can you learn from Vacasa’s acquisition playbook?
  • Where and in what should you be investing in the short-term rental industry in 2022? Who and what should you avoid?
  • Where to turn to find buyers, sellers, or investors? Is crowdfunding a viable option for the latter?
Money Matters - Selling, Buying, and Raising Money in the Vacation Rental Industry

Selling a vacation rental company is not only about talking with either Vacasa or Vtrips

Airbnb, Vacasa, Hometogo, and Sonder have gone public recently, and vacation rental tech companies are raising money from VCs. Giants such as Vacasa and Vtrips are gobbling up others, but they are not the only game in town. Many smaller property management companies have been acquired, but you never hear about them – until nowHow do YOU become part of this vacation rental boom and is it here to last?

When it comes to investing, it can be hard to know what’s worth your time and money with all the noise. Conversely, with so many companies competing for attention, it can be tough to get your business seen by potential buyers.

Join us for this free 1-hour long online conference to learn from subject matter experts about what investors are looking for, how you can set your business up for success when selling, or how and where to invest.

Speakers for our buying / selling / raising money for a vacation rental business conference

Here are the experts who will be sharing their real-life experiences with you:


Brooke and the team at Vintory:

  • Understand STR Metrics very well
  • Understand ROI on marketing campaigns better than anyone in the industry
  • Have more data than anyone on new inventory acquisition campaigns

Using the data from the markets Vintory covers, Brooke will dive into the factors you must consider when investing in new markets as a property management company.


Jacobie and his team:

  • Completed more short-term vacation rental M&A transactions in 2021 than any other advisory firm
  • Understand the multiples and structures of transactions today, in order to help a seller can navigate the sale-side process
  • Have a pulse on types of buyers in the market and their investment thesis

Here is what Jacobie had to say on how the financial landscape is changing quickly in the short-term rental industry: “The M&A activity in the short-term vacation rental industry is at an all-time high. More buyers and more money are entering the market than ever before. There are also newer models being
explored outside the traditional 3rd party management, such as asset ownership (prop-co vs op-
co), lease arbitrage, build-to-rent, and everything in between. Different buyers focus on
different metrics, including geographical regions, quality/type of inventory, and revenue
metrics (i.e., net revenue, EBITDA, gross rents). Buyers are also expecting more professionalized
Sellers. With all of this interest and expectations, it’s important for sellers to be informed with
up-to-date information on buyer criteria and how to best prepare their company for a potential


Margot and her team:

  • Successfully raised $4 million in a recent round
  • Margot has led a startup that is now 50+ employees, so understands the requirements for growth, investment in tools and employees, and showing value to investors
  • Margot herself has been involved with previous companies that went to IPO

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