Nokori Pulse, the new vacation rental industry news and community site launched by Wes Melton

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Nokori Pulse is an industry news and community website aimed exclusively at vacation rental owners, managers, and industry professionals. Created by Wes Melton, an industry insider who was the co-founder and CTO of property management company and travel tech startup StaySense, Nokori’s Pulse wants to become a news and networking website that gathers and shares useful industry insights.

The community is on an invite-only basis for the moment. Yet, the Pulse team has shared with us a pre-approved invite link (here), so that Rental Scale-Up readers can get fast-tracked into this community.

Nokori’s Pulse, a niche LinkedIn for short-term rental professionals

nokori pulse vacation rental industry news

Pulse wants to fill in the gap between extensive and unfocused networking sites such as LinkedIn and local industry groups where excellent knowledge is exchanged but could benefit more people. These two factors combined mean that the information flow is too fragmented across our industry, according to Wes Melton.

Vacation rental pros often use LinkedIn to share industry news with their own network. While some people, such as Sykes Cottages’ CEO Graham Donoghue, share best practices and actual business data on Linkedin, most share standard news from industry outlets such as VRMintel, Skift, Phocuswrights, Rental Scale-Up (shameless plug) or from blogging vendors such as BeyondPricing and Rentals United.

Meanwhile, other vacation rental managers have their own local or mastermind groups, when they actively share best practices. Some individuals have a fantastic knowledge of specific topics that ought to be shared more widely.

A distribution channel for vacation rental industry news

nokori pulse wes melton

Wes Melton’s goal is to make it easier for anyone in the industry to share some news, best practice, data, or anything of value with linked-minded professionals, beyond their existing circle. A vacation rental manager near Lake Tahoe may have compelling things to say about revenue management that a short-term rental operator in near Lake Como, Italy, could put to good practice.

Industry associations like VRMA already help bridge part of this gap. Still, even them cover only a small chunk of the existing property managers, Airbnb hosts, software vendors, vacation rental consultants, and other players. Nokori’s Pulse is supposed to bring them together and to give them a voice.

Upcoming features

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, several top events have either been canceled (e.g., VRMA International 2020 cancellation) or have migrated online (e.g., Vacation Rental World Summit, VRMintel’s Revenue Management conference). Pulse’s launch became all the more timely.

A few weeks after has opened its doors, more than 500 members have joined. Wes wants to keep the quality of the content and the quality of the network high, so, for the moment, joining is by invite only.

Wes says that new features are released weekly. For instance, a data scientist is working on the site’s news feed to make it more relevant to each user.

Feel free to join Pulse and follow its founder Wes.

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