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The Book Direct Blueprint by Boostly's Mark Simpson

The Book Direct Blueprint: A Short-Term Rental Guidebook

Uvika Wahi

Mark Simpson has been on a roll this past year creating comprehensive resources for short-term rental hosts. Aside from the ...

15 things to do today to get more low season vacation rental bookings

15 things to do today to get more low season vacation rental bookings

Thibault Masson

When vacation rental owners start looking online for marketing advice, it is often to find ways to increase low season ...

How To Set Promotions And Discounts On Airbnb

Adrienne Fors

Looking for ways to increase your occupancy and make your listing stand out in the Airbnb search results? Offering special ...

holiday rental mastery rex brown

Vacation Rental Management Conference: Holiday Rental Mastery author Rex Brown on creating guest loyalty

Adrienne Fors

This article is part of our Rental Scale-Up vacation rental management conference series. This is an extract from our May 2020 conference: ...

Airbnb Custom Promotions: How To Attract More Bookings With Better Merchandising

Adrienne Fors

Do you offer any summer discounts? Have you lowered your rates recently? While it’s definitely important to sell competitive rates, ...

How to optimize your Airbnb for Summer 2020 travel trends

Adrienne Fors

Is the summer 2020 travel season going to be a total bust? As a property manager, you’re probably wondering when ...

Airbnb new cleaning protocol

Airbnb hosting cleaning commitment: 5-step protocol, Education & Online Quiz to get the Airbnb Cleaning Highlight

Thibault Masson

In April 2020, Airbnb announced its Enhanced Cleaning Initiative. The company had already published some a few simple cleaning checklists ...

Airbnb Professional Hosting Tools: What Property Managers Need to Know

Adrienne Fors

If you’ve managed properties on Airbnb for a while, then you’ve noticed how the system is constantly changing and evolving. ...

airbnb pro marketing page for property managers

How to Set Up and Maximize Your Airbnb Pro Marketing Page

Adrienne Fors

Included in Airbnb’s suite of professional hosting tools, along with rule-sets and the multi-calendar, is the pro marketing page. This ...

airbnb business host or airbnb pro

“Are you a private or a business host?” asks Airbnb (and soon to comply with EU request

Thibault Masson

Airbnb and have agreed to ask, respectively, Airbnb hosts and Booking partners whether or not they are professionals in ...

GDPR vacation rental marketing

GDPR for Vacation Rental Business Entrepreneurs: Quick and Not-So Dirty

Thibault Masson

If you have, like me, a vacation rental business for which you have launched online websites where people can book ...

How vacation rental data can help assess real estate investment opportunities

Thibault Masson

How can you use rental vacation revenues to guide your real estate investment decisions? This was a great conversation topic ...

Rental Owners Share Their Proven Tips and Useful Tools + More Rental Marketing Advice

Thibault Masson

This is the online version of my weekly RentalPreneurs newsletter. You can subscribe to it for here by clicking here. ...

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