Round-Up: Anfitrões de Aluguel’s Million Real Boost, Hostway’s Smart Lock Integration, Rentals United Launches Elevate

Uvika Wahi

Round-Up: Anfitrões de Aluguel’s Million Real Boost, Hostway’s Smart Lock Integration, Rentals United Launches Elevate

Nexpon’s Million-Real Boost Fuels Anfitriões de Aluguel in Brazil’s Booming Vacation Rental Scene

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Nexpon, a notable media company, is injecting a substantial sum of 1.48 million Brazilian Reais (a little over US$300,000) into Anfitriões de Aluguel, a growing network of short-term rental hosts based in Santa Catarina.
  • This investment extends beyond financial backing. It represents a 24-month partnership where Nexpon brings not only capital but also valuable industry experience and influential connections to aid in the startup’s expansion.
  • Anfitriões de Aluguel operates akin to a property management company, offering services encompassing property listing, revenue optimization, and thorough cleaning. It positions itself as an online travel agency (OTA).
  • Anfitriões de Aluguel has already booked over 74,000 nights, served 570 properties, and generated more than R$28 million in reservations.
  • While their website presently showcases only three hosts, the company’s broader network encompasses 18 hosts, with plans for further recruitment.

About the Companies:

  • Nexpon: A media company experienced in advertising and brand promotion, now investing 1.48 million BRL in Anfitriiões de Aluguel to accelerate its growth.
  • Anfitriiões de Aluguel: A collaborative network of short-term rental hosts operating in the Santa Catarina region of Brazil, offering property management services, presenting itself as an online travel agency (OTA).

Uvika’s View:

  • Santa Catarina’s popularity as a sought-after destination is no accident. It boasts an international airport, stunning coastal landscapes, and renowned surfing spots. 
  • In fact, Florianopolis, its capital, is purported to have claimed the top spot as the most searched Brazilian city for accommodation on Airbnb in 2023.
  • This is precisely why the investment in Anfitriões de Aluguel makes perfect sense. Operating in Santa Catarina, the investment will further boost the visibility of this already flourishing region, aligning perfectly with the startup’s mission.
  • Anfitriões de Aluguel, essentially a collaborative host network, is poised to utilize this investment to expand and refine its host training programs. This strategic move ensures that the onboarding of new properties becomes more efficient — a pivotal aspect of their business model.
  • Santa Catarina’s popularity is an integral part of Brazil’s short-term rental market’s meteoric rise. Latin America, especially Brazil, is experiencing tremendous growth in short-term rentals, with Airbnb bookings skyrocketing by an astounding 110%
  • Noticing this potential, Airbnb has amped up its targeted investments in the regions with a comprehensive strategy encompassing public relations, social media initiatives, and partnerships with local celebrities. The recent release of two commercials aimed specifically at the Brazilian market underscores their commitment to this thriving region.

Hostaway Unveils Smart Lock Integration to Enhance Vacation Rental Management

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Hostaway, a vacation rental property management software company, has introduced its own smart lock integration and management feature.
  • This integration eliminates the need for third-party software, streamlining the smart lock usage process, and allowing vacation rental property managers to seamlessly add and manage their smart locks directly through the Hostaway platform.
  • Property managers can remotely lock and unlock doors, and issue time-limited access codes to guests, cleaners, and maintenance staff, all within the Hostaway system.
  • This integration also allows for manual code adjustments within reservations, offering an added layer of security and customization.
  • Hosts and vacation rental managers have the flexibility to assign multiple locks to a single listing or allocate one lock to multiple listings based on their specific business requirements.
  • The integration works with a wide range of popular smart locks and provides real-time insights into lock battery status, minimizing the risk of guests being inconvenienced by unexpected lockouts.

About Hostaway:

  • Hostaway is an all-in-one vacation rental software with a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline various aspects of property management, including marketing, sales, accounting, reporting, payment processing, and communication.
  • The company specializes in providing technology solutions to property managers, particularly those managing vacation rentals, offering deep integrations with major platforms like Vrbo,, and Airbnb.
  • Additionally, it boasts a marketplace with over 150 software partners.

Uvika’s Take

  • Streamlining guest check-in processes with smart locks has become an industry standard, enhancing the overall guest experience.
  • Hostaway’s direct integration offers a comprehensive solution, reducing the reliance on third-party software for smart lock management, removing a layer of management, and making managing the check-in process smoother.
  • This development closely follows Hostaway’s recent $175 million investment, which was intended to further streamline its technology. It appears that Hostaway is indeed staying true to this objective, with the intent of keeping property managers within the Hostaway ecosystem as much as possible.

Rentals United Introduces Elevate: AI-Powered Insights for Vacation Rental Managers

Key Takeaways for Vacation Rental Managers:

  • Elevate by Rentals United is an AI-powered data platform designed for vacation rental property managers.
  • It provides property managers with comprehensive data insights and AI-driven recommendations to optimize their vacation rental businesses.
  • With Elevate, property managers can:
    • Make data-driven decisions to improve revenue and performance.
    • Compete effectively by comparing their properties to the market.
    • Enhance listing visibility and rankings on online travel agencies (OTAs) to attract more bookings and positive reviews.
  • The tool is available exclusively to Rentals United customers.

About Rentals United:

  • Rentals United is a known vacation rental channel management software committed to providing a 360-degree solution for vacation rental businesses.

Uvika’s Take:

  • Elevate seems to be a rebranding and enhancement of Rentals United’s existing Data Studio tool, now with additional AI capabilities. This may offer a more streamlined approach for property managers.
  • It introduces several AI-powered recommendations that align with current trends in the vacation rental industry:
    • Property Scores: Property managers can access individual property scores, enabling them to identify underperforming listings swiftly, and take targeted actions to improve listing performance.
    • AI-Driven Pricing: This is in line with the growing adoption of dynamic pricing in the industry. AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data enables property managers to set optimal rates, especially during high-demand periods and events.
    • Review Analysis: This component provides property managers with a rapid means of identifying primary pain points mentioned in guest reviews. This facilitates a focused approach to addressing guest concerns and improving overall satisfaction.

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