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short-term rental and vacation rental podcasts

Podcasting provides awesome content for short-term rental communities. You can get the weekly dose of your favorite podcast show “on-the-go” while jogging, driving, or as a morning routine with a fresh cup of coffee. That’s why podcasting shows have become growing digital formats with fast penetration in the short-term rental and vacation rental ecosystem. Dozens of podcasts appear as tools to share knowledge and experiences. Listening to short-term rental podcasts easily becomes your “daily news dose”. 

So if you are a property manager or owner who wants to find useful tips on your short-rental business, but also to get a sense of belonging to the vibrant short-rental community, subscribe to podcasts that are pleasing to your ears. Who knows, they might even give you the motivation to start one?

We created the ultimate list of short-term rental and vacation rental podcasts for short-term rental enthusiasts. These podcasts are available through Google podcasts, Apple podcasts and on Spotify.

Each podcast on our list has its own unique style and a premise that is appealing to different audiences. Some podcasts are for more niche audiences, while others offer a more general overview of the hot topics in our industry. From each podcast, we present three podcast episodes that might motivate you to put on your headphones and take your dog for a walk. But, if you prefer watching video content over podcasts we have the go-to list with the most popular YouTube videos on how to start and scale an Airbnb business right here.

1. Vacation Rental Success

One of the most well-known podcasts in the industry is Heather Bayer’s Vacation Rental Success. With 25 years of experience in the industry, Bayer is author of Renting Your Recreational Property for Profit, CEO of a cottage rental agency, and an author of Cottage Blogger. Her weekly interview podcast show is a must for property managers and owners of different profiles.

The hour-long podcast episodes can seem a bit long for busy property managers and owners, but Heather Bayer announced that she plans to publish shorter versions of talks on her YouTube channel. What’s hot, what’s not, what’s new, what will make your business a success, are the questions that Heather discusses with her guests in the last eight years. Heather brings interviews with industry experts and successful owners, so episodes are full of tips and helpful takeaways that you can also implement in your short-term rental business. Talks are focused on solving problems and inspiring how to be successful.

If you are a binge-listener, then you can enjoy all podcast episodes on Heather’s YouTube channel. The podcast provides interaction from live listeners through Facebook. What is also useful is that Bayer usually discusses topical questions, related to recent participation of her quest at some event or blog. 

How to meet your short term rental hospitality touchpoints

How to Create a Consistent Vacation Rental Brand

A Masterclass in Growing a Vacation Rental Company

2. BiggerPockets Podcast

Released weekly, the BiggerPockets Podcast is a real estate podcast hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene. It features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches, and experience levels.

This podcast is not vacation-rental focused per se. In fact, it aims to give you a feeling as if you’re friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs – and that you can grab a beer with each of them and chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned.

A frequent topic that is being discussed is how to network as a real estate investor. They cover motivation stories, often from people who are revealing that helped them to have “bigger pockets”. The episodes last almost two hours and there is a transcript available in case you missed something. This podcast show offers both entertainment and education. 

51 Units and $900/Month in Pure Cashflow on a “BRRRRnB” with Shelby Osborne

Financial Freedom Before 30 Through Just 10 Deals With Felipe Mejia

$12,500 per Month in ‘Pure Cash Flow’ With Todd Baldwin

3. Unlocked by Matt Landau

Unlocked is a podcast series hosted by VRMB founder Matt Landau (read more about other great content from Matt here). He tries to invite some of the world’s most innovative vacation rental professionals to be part of the podcast show. What is unique about this show is that it tries to create a stronger short-term rental community, by reminding rental professionals that the success depends on themself. What is really handy is that podcast episodes provide a summary of resources mentioned in the shows, including email contacts and also it lists who are the featured guests. The podcast-interviews most recently are done with more than one industry expert. 

Our Wakeup Call with Dana Lubner

Margot Schmorak of Hostfully

Properties in 5 Years with Brooke Pfautz

4. Get paid for your pad

This podcast by Jasper Ribbers, long time short-term rental host and co-author of the best-selling book Get Paid For Your Pad, features real-life experiences from Airbnb hosts all over the world. The shorter 30-minutes episodes include advice on how to improve your listings. The podcast show targets both property managers and owners. The podcast’s description is very detailed and helpful to find lessons learned from each episode. 

How to Drive Direct Bookings with Your Porter

How to Market to the Work-From-Home Traveler

The Importance of Community

5. Short term rental success stories 

Short Term Rental Success Stories in this podcast show by Airbnb superhost Julian Sage are being told by professional Airbnb hosts who start, manage, and scale their vacation rental business. The talks are quite often with regular property owners who share their experiences and struggles. 

How Hosts are Staying Positive in Times of uncertainty

Approaching Landlords for Short Term Rentals

Converting High End Properties to Short Term Rentals

6. Airbnb Investment Properties Podcast

The short five minutes podcast episodes, also available on Spotify, are intended for real estate investors who want to learn about buying or renting/subletting Airbnb investment properties. The insights are provided by David Leroux, real estate investor, and author of the Airbnb Investment Properties Cash Flow Method. David provides learning moments on how to find the best Airbnb investment properties/vacation rentals.

Should you charge the same amount per guest for Airbnb/VRBO/

Should you charge for early checkin?

How much should you charge for cleaning?

7. Sarah and T – The professional Vacation Rental Manager’s Podcast

The podcast show is aimed at professional vacation rental managers. The episodes that last around half an hour are brought by Tim Cafferty of OuterBanks Blue and Sandbridge Blue and Sarah Bradford of Winter Park Lodging Company and Steamboat Lodging Company. 

Andrew McConnell tackles Google, Book Direct and “Covid-19”

Mr. Clean – Durk Johnson challenges us on cleaning in Vacation Rentals

 4 Ways to Fend Off Owner Drama

8. Airbnb Entrepreneur Successes Revealed

This is a podcast for short-term rental entrepreneurs by Airbnb Realtor Rachel Prince. In her interviews with homeowners, first-time buyers, investors, and entrepreneurs, Rachel wants to show how they are using the Airbnb platform to generate six-figure business models in under a year and slamdunk their ROI. Rachel releases two podcast episodes monthly. 

Avoid Rental Arbitrage Bankruptcy

How to Improve BNB Communication between Guests & Hosts

The Zillow for Vacation Rentals to Buy & Sell

9. The Secret Sauce Podcast

The Secret Sauce podcast is aimed at the tastes of short-term property managers. It is “cooked” by Rental United. The 30-minute long insightful podcast episodes feature interviews with diverse property management experts. 

The Secret Sauce of – Interview of Alessandro Pacilio

The Secret Sauce of Veeve – Interview of Pierre Hubisz

The Secret Sauce of Smiling House Luxury – Interview of Moriya Rockman

10. The Hosting Journey 

Property owners are taken on a hosting journey through podcast episodes released two times per month by Evelyn, who is an Airbnb host. The tips from Evelyn’s podcast are useful for home-sharing owners. Perhaps it might be motivating to try this podcast knowing that Evelyn dealt not just with missing guests, rude guests, broken doors, and neighbor complaints, but also with two hurricanes and one flood with guests in tow.

How to Find and Work With a Property Manager for Your Airbnb

Five Tips for a Welcome Entrance

What Are You Thinking and Is It Helping You?

11.Vacation Rental Machine

Hosted by Airbnb superhosts Jon Bell and Julian Sage, Vacation Rental Machine is a short podcast show that is intended to help property owners in their effort to start, grow, and scale their vacation rental business. What is particular about this podcast is that it tries to teach hosts how to create systems that would automate their short-rental business. 

Should You Cancel A Guest on Airbnb?

How to Add Value to Your Short Term Rental Property

Most Common Stress Points Short Term Rental Hosts Face

12. The Short Term Rental Profits Show

How to identify the best markets to invest in as each city offers unique ratios of risk and profitability? How to navigate the rapid rise of short term real estate investment properties? This podcast show by Jason Hartman aims to provide answers to these questions. It gives lessons on how property managers can simplify the experience for investors and how you can leverage dynamic pricing to maximize revenues as seasonal demand varies throughout the year. There are tips on the most important differences between short term rental and residential rental strategies. The target listeners of this podcast are investors that want to increase cash flow while tapping into the short-term rental market.  

Have Short-Term Rentals Changed Amid Coronavirus?

Property Tour, Empowered Investors, Hybrid Property Management

Making Money In Your Yard with Spencer Burleigh

13. Vacation Rentals Podcast 

The podcast brings insights to the community of property managers and owners. In the podcast episodes, you can find industry updates, strategies, and tactics to navigate your vacation rental businesses through the Coronavirus pandemic. The hosts of this podcast show are Justin Jones, CEO, and founder of Internet Marketing Expert Group, and Micah Berg, Vacation Rental expert. 

COVID-19 Update – A Business Protection Plan

COVID-19 Updates – Long Term Rental Management

Handling PR in a crisis

14. Live Let Thrive (Airbnb life, shareconomy, real estate, innovation)

In this podcast show, Steve and Myka share their own experiences about Airbnb life and the sharing economy. The podcast episodes also dive into providing answers on how to succeed in your short-rental journey. The more than hour-long interviews provide tips for property owners on how to increase bookings and scale-up.

Managing your STR Manager, South America VA’s, Famous Airbnb’s

Direct Bookings, Clever Marketing, Building your STR Team w/ Sara Aber

Pre-Launch Marketing, Passive Arbitrages, Home Warranties, & Bridge Loan Programs

15. The Property Management Show 

The Property Management Show is hosted by Brittany Stephens, Fourandhalf’s director of client Success, and Marie Liamzon, director of Product Development & marketing at Fourandhalf. This podcast interviews with experts aim to help property managers to improve their business.

Website Accessibility 101 for Property Managers with Attorney Kris Rivenburgh

A Conversation with Two Experts in Property Management Business Plans

Using Data to Guide Property Owners Through Delinquency & Economic Uncertainty

16. The Boostly Podcast

The podcast show hosted by Mark Simpson from Boostly will help you learn how to boost the direct boosting of your independent hotel, guest house, or bed and breakfast through marketing strategies. You will find plenty of tips on how to improve branding, how to communicate with guests, things to do when you can’t take guests yet. 

Why Email Marketing is the Key To Your Future Bookings

You will never have to worry about a cancellation again with Chris Baxter of SuperControl

Stories from other hosts during the Coronavirus Crisis

17. Thanks for visiting 

Annette and Sarah, Airbnb super hosts who have almost a decade of combined hosting experience, bring the essential fundamentals of running a profitable 5-star Airbnb side-hustle or full-on business. Their podcast presents stories and creative ideas on how to improve your listings, full of tips that would help property owners to stay on top. 

How to Price Your Properties for Success | with Meg Park

How to Market & Brand Your Short Term Rental Business | with Tayler Smith

Attracting Influencers to Your Short Term Rental | with Levi Kelly

18. Holiday Let Success 

More direct bookings provide more control, believes Elaine Watt, host of Holiday Let Success podcast. The episodes provide interviews with industry experts and successful holiday homeowners, but also useful ideas, resources, and discussion. “Every holiday homeowner has the same battles, learning curves and worries whilst striving to build their holiday let the business to be the best that it can be-from weeks rented and increasing income to the all-important guest experience. So we’re here to talk”, explains Elaine. 

Getting Started As a Holiday Let Host

Alison Curran vs the OTAs

Automation for growth

19. Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast

How to become more confident and more successful real property owner and real estate investor? These questions are tackled in the podcast episodes of Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor Podcast, brought by the Rental Property Owner Association. Eventhough the podcast grasps broader themes from property market, in some episodes there are useful tips for short-term rental enthusiasts. The podcast is hosted by Brian Hamrick from Hamrick Investment Group.   

How You Can Build A Successful Short-Term Rental Business with J Massey

How He Bought an Island and is Building a World-Class Resort with Dan Behm

Short Term Vacation Rentals RPOA Expert Panel 2020

20. Into the Airbnb

Jae Seok An from Airbtics in this podcast talks ten minutes with vacation rental hosts from different countries about the numbers behind their vacation rentals. The talks reveal useful insights about property owners and managers that want to learn more how to put data in use. What is particularly handy is that there is a short summary on points that you can find in 

Successful long-short rentals in Savannah, GA

Co-hosting and Rental Arbitrage 10 Airbnb units in Toronto

‘International jungle’ 1BR with 80% occupancy rate in Washington, DC

21. How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business with Dana Lubner and Matt Landau

This podcast series is the outlier in this list, as its purpose is more educational than informative. How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business is a 10 episode serial that focuses on the impact of unfair changes of regulation and on building more sustainable short-term rental businesses.

The podcasts hosts (Dana Lubner and Matt Landau) invite stakeholders from the industry to talk about various issues connected to advocacy in the short-term rental business. For the most part, the podcast centers on how host groups can drive advocacy efforts and on strategies for generating revenue that host groups need for community and advocacy efforts.

This podcast serial is built around the best-practices of rental groups in dealing with the challenges of unfair regulation. Hosts Dana and Matt break down the best practices of host communities in ten core principles that are guaranteed to contribute to creating a more sustainable short-term rental business. Here is our suggestion for the top three episodes.


The Big Day

Go Together

22. Vacation Rental Ninjas: A Marketing Podcast

Vacation Rental Ninjas is a podcast that mainly focuses on the marketing aspects of the vacation rental business. 

The topics covered in Vacation Rental Ninjas range from marketing strategies for short-term rentals to SEO and social media management, and website development for direct bookings.

Vacation Rental Ninjas is a great resource for vacation rental owners and managers as it offers invaluable insights about tactics for driving more traffic to rental websites (or brand blogs) and tips on decreasing bounce rate and improve your rankings.

This podcast is great if you want to be up-to-date with the key industry trends for 2020, but also if you want to better understand travelers and the consumer lifecycle, and if you want to learn about useful tactics that can help you drive more direct bookings.

Book Direct Marketing Tactics that Work

The Consumer Lifecycle

SEO Questions, Tool Of The Day, And More

23. The Airbnb Entrepreneur with Rachel Price

The Airbnb Entrepreneur podcast is hosted by Rachel Price, who is the author of two books, Airbnb Mentality and Airbnb Side Hustle. She is also the creator of an online course for real-estate investments in Airbnb rentals titled Buybnb. She also runs

The Airbnb Entrepreneur podcast can be a valuable resource to all homeowners, first-time buyers, investors, and entrepreneurs that want to use Airbnb’s platform to generate additional income or to improve their real-estate investment ROI.

The host, Rachel Price invites a number of interesting people from the industry to discuss all aspects of the short-term rental business on the shows and the podcast features interviews with real estate brokers, investors, Airbnb Superhosts, and property managers

Forced to Change BNB Prices

Avoid Rental Arbitrage Bankruptcy

How to Improve BNB Communication between Guests & Hosts

24. The STRU Podcast with Richard Fertig

The STRU podcast hosted by Richard Fertig is the go-to podcast if you are want to know about the ins and outs of the short-term rental industry.

Richard Fertig has over 20 years of experience in the rental industry, both in the long-term and short-term segments. According to Richard, the STRU podcast is his way of sharing the knowledge and experience he gained over the years as a vacation rental owner.

In this podcast, you can learn about practical issues such as how far in advance should Airbnb hosts open their calendars or listen to tips about Airbnb taxes and short-term rental asset protection. This podcast also shines a light into the bigger picture of the industry by discussing the priorities that investors will be focused on before Airbnb goes public.

Why Concentrating Your Airbnbs in One Location is Risky?

Pets in Airbnbs. Is it Possible for Hosts to Keep Them Out? | STRU Podcast 018

Airbnb Hosts: How Far in Advance Should You Open Your Calendar?

25. Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast with Wim Slickers

Slick Talk is a podcast focused on delivering listeners the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. Before committing to full-time podcasting, the host, Wil Slickers, had a successful career in the hospitality industry, working for a major hotel chain and as a manager of independent properties, restaurants, and an all-suite hotel property. An experienced host paired with industry leaders and innovators is a guarantee for interesting and insightful content. If you want to stay on top of the latest industry trends then including Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast in your media diet is a no-brainer. 

Slick Talk features in-depth interviews with prominent vacation rental industry leaders and some of the guests that have appeared on the podcast so far include Scott Shatford, CEO of AirDna and Monica Snyder from NoiseAware. We warmly recommend that you check out the Vacation Rental Mastermind Series, which is a special series of the podcast that brings in-depth talks with the top experts from the industry.

AirDNA: Leading The Way With Data & Analytics

Breezeway: Powering the Future of Property Care and Services

NoiseAware: The Proven Solution for Party Prevention

26. Serviced Accommodation Secrets Podcast with Sally Kember

Sally Kember’s Serviced Accommodation Secrets podcast will give you everything – from the nuts and bolts of the vacation rental business to the essential info on how to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry.

The host, Sally Kember, runs a short-term rental business in Surrey, the UK herself, and her experience and bottom-up approach is useful for both newcomers in the business and experienced entrepreneurs. The show provides listeners with practical tips and advice on how to fine-tune a short-term rental business.

Among the many usefull guides, you’ll also find thought-provoking interviews with other short-term rental entrepreneurs. We’ve found the episodes focusing on Covid-19 to be especially interesting and packed with tips and actionable insights that you can use to improve your rental business today.

Opportunities for you in November Lockdown

Tap into demand in your local area

Interview with Chris Maughan – Co-Founder and CEO of I-PRAC

27. Youtube Podcast with Juanjo Bande (Spanish)

Juanjo got into the short term rental business as an Airbnb host in 2014, but he’s been dealing with real estate since long before that. He has worked as an architect since 1998 and has first-hand experience in the property industry. Juanjo has written four books in Spanish that focus on analyzing Airbnb and its impact on tourism, society, housing, and real estate.

His knowledge and experience combined make for a great podcast show. How to avoid bad guests? How to maximize occupancy rates? These are just some of the questions that Juanjo answers in the episodes. He also hosts interviews with industry experts and successful owners which makes the podcast a great resource for any host or property manager. 

Some episodes are subtitled in English, so if you’re an English-speaker looking for insights on the Spanish vacation rental market, this podcast is a great source loaded with helpful takeaways.

How to avoid bad guests on vacation rentals and Airbnb

9 ways to make money with Airbnb | Airbnb every Week 03

Airbnb and taxes in Spain | Interview with Álvaro Graciani (with English subtitles)

28. The Short Term Rental Podcast with Romain Giacalone (French)

The Short Term Rental Podcast aims to help listeners discover new industry opportunities, learn, and progress – and do that while working, jogging, or relaxing. This podcast takes on important topics in a conversational and easy-to-grasp way.

The podcast is delivered in French and produced and hosted by Romain Giacalone, who is a multi-talented short-term rental consultant with wide-ranging industry experience. His expertise is channel managers, check-in solutions, and dynamic pricing tools.

As an industry insider with in-depth knowledge of the European short-term rental markets, Romain talks about the steps that hosts and property managers should take to make their short-term rental properties more profitable.

Interview with Guillaume Sniady and Marie Rony from Eviivo

Izi Home: medium / long term rental with guaranteed rent for the owner (Izi Home : la location moyenne / longue durée avec loyer garanti pour le propriétaire)

Swikly, secure and automated damage deposits

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