Airbnb IPO


Real Airbnb booking data show which travel trends should do well in Winter, Spring, and Summer 2021.

Thibault Masson

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has created new travel trends, erasing the boundaries between working and traveling. Staycation has ...


Airbnb host data: Who are Airbnb hosts? Why are individual hosts more important than professional ones?

Thibault Masson

Hosts are an indispensable part of Airbnb’s business model. They provide the spaces and experiences that travelers can enjoy and ...

airbnb swot Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Airbnb business model: IPO SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)

Thibault Masson

Widely seen as one of the most promising start-up unicorns, Airbnb has been topping the watch list of investors who ...

Airbnb IPO S-1 prospectus: 7 thought-provoking facts for property managers

Thibault Masson

Airbnb’s S-1 document is out. You can look at real booking, final, guest, and supply data from Airbnb for the ...


Should you list on Airbnb + + Vrbo/Expedia?

Thibault Masson

As the Airbnb IPO is upon us, data companies have been gathering insights from different angles to help investors price ...


Airbnb IPO: 5 podcasts with Airbnb’s founder Brian Chesky to understand the company’s valuation

Thibault Masson

2020 has been a year of wild and unpredictable changes for Airbnb. The vacation rental platform was hit hard by ...

airbnb ipo

Airbnb IPO prospectus: Market data and risk factors that will matter, according to AllTheRooms

Thibault Masson

The forthcoming Airbnb IPO is expected to be the biggest one this year as the short-term rental unicorn aims to ...

The Airbnb Host Endowment

Airbnb IPO for Hosts: Launch of the Airbnb Host Endowment and Airbnb Host Advisory Board

Thibault Masson

Airbnb says that it wants to place hosting at the center of its activities and to share its corporate success ...

airbnb ipo timeline

Airbnb IPO timeline: A road to dominance or to accountability?

Thibault Masson

Airbnb’s renewed interest in making an IPO debut has taken the spotlight in industry media over the past couple of ...

airbnb ipo

Airbnb IPO 2020: An incredible comeback story, but doubts about the business rebound linger

Thibault Masson

On August 19, Airbnb officially announced that it was filing paperwork for an IPO. What does it mean? Why should ...

airbnb house parties

COVID-19 House parties: Airbnb extends booking restrictions to Spain, France, and UK and launches Summer Safety Campaign

Thibault Masson

Last week, we detailed the rise of wild house parties taking place in vacation rentals, as clubs and event venues ...

Airbnb Global Head of Hosting - Catherine Powell

Discover how Airbnb’s Global Head of Hosting wants to rebuild trust with Airbnb Hosts

Thibault Masson

Catherine Powell is the new Global Head of Hosting at Airbnb. In late July, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky announced drastic ...

airbnb ceo Brian Chesky on drastic changes in travel patterns, pausing Airbnb plus and luxe, focusing on homes and experiences, refunding guests, firing employees, IPO plans and racial justice.

Thibault Masson

During an interview with Andy Serwer, Brian Chesky gave a very interesting and detailed exposé that vacation rental managers, Airbnb ...

airbnb brian chesky

Airbnb’s Brian Chesky on almost losing everything, and now running a leaner and More Agile Company

Thibault Masson

The tone of the press about is changing. The company is now treated as the comeback kid that has ...

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