Airbnb, Booking, Vrbo cancellations, refunds, and travel restrictions

Are big booking platforms friends or foes to hosts and managers

Are big booking platforms friends or foes to hosts and managers?

Uvika Wahi

Keeping our monthly tradition alive of organizing free online conferences that address challenges associated with various aspects of managing short-term ...


Airbnb COVID-19 safety practices: Mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and 5-step enhancing cleaning process

Thibault Masson

In October 2020, Airbnb rose the bar when it came to COVID-19 safety practices: All Airbnb hosts were required to ...

airbnb house parties

COVID-19 House parties: Airbnb extends booking restrictions to Spain, France, and UK and launches Summer Safety Campaign

Thibault Masson

Last week, we detailed the rise of wild house parties taking place in vacation rentals, as clubs and event venues ...


COVID-19 certification for cleaning services: Discover Cristal International Standards, Vrbo’s expert

Thibault Masson

As cleanliness is perhaps the hottest topic in the short-term rental industry at the moment, property managers can access checklists, ...

Vrbo ease of use

8 ways Vrbo has adapted to post-COVID traveler needs

Adrienne Fors

Vrbo has not sat idle when the COVID-19 crisis hit the vacation rental industry. For instance, it tried to balance ...

short-term rental operators

Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, and Trip endorse WTTC’s Safe Travels protocols for Short-Term Rentals

Thibault Masson

This is no small feat: Getting arch-rivals Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, Trip to agree to have a common stance on something. ...

airbnb trust

Property managers found Vrbo’s response to COVID-19 crisis the best, while trust in Airbnb collapses, Survey finds

Adrienne Fors

This survey is a snapshot taken in late March, at the peak of the havoc created by the coronavirus COVID-19 ...

Covid-19: rolls out Health, Safety, and Cleaning guidelines and mentions on property pages

Adrienne Fors is now allowing its partners to indicate on their listings which health and safety, physical distancing, and food safety ...

vrbo homeaway cleaning checklist

Vrbo and HomeAway Cleaning Checklist Enhanced to face COVID-19 coronavirus (vacation rental cleanliness)

Thibault Masson

The vacation rental cleanliness topic is a hot one, as travel bans get lifted across the world. We have already ...

vacation rentals bans restrictions

Are Vacation Rental bans here to stay? How are OTAs enforcing them?

Thibault Masson

After massive refunds and cancellations, vacation rental managers and short-term rental operators are facing another source of adverse winds: Bans ...

airbnb sorry

Airbnb extends Extenuating circumstances until May 31, Pushes for Airbnb Travel Credit, while promising $260M in help to hosts

Thibault Masson

While most hosts were busy looking at Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky’s live stream, where he promised to give back $260 ...

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