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VRWS 2022 vacation rental world summit

Get Excited for VRWS 2022: The Vacation Rental World Summit

Thibault Masson

If you’re in the vacation rental industry, VRWS 2022 is not an event you want to miss. VRWS 2022 is ...

airbnb categories commercials

New Airbnb Categories ads: Can they replicate the success on TikTok of the commercial with the older couple?

Thibault Masson

In February 2022, Airbnb launched a commercial called Baecation, made of a slideshow of still photos featuring a lovely old ...

hopper homes data

Hopper Homes: First performance indicators and future disruption plans

Thibault Masson

How has Hopper Homes been performing so far? With more than 1.72 million destinations searched and 800,000 vacation rental listings ...

ai-generated short-term rental photos

AI-Generated Vacation Rental Photos: From fake listing photos to blog posts, why you need to learn to use them

Thibault Masson

We’ve already covered how vacation rental managers could use AI-generated text to create more enticing listing descriptions, respond to reviews ...

rental scale-up pricelabs

PriceLabs acquires Rental Scale-Up to deliver more vacation rental insights

Thibault Masson

PriceLabs, the dynamic pricing and revenue management software company, has acquired Rental Scale-Up. Our team, i.e. Uvika and me, will ...

vacation rental data europe booking com

Do vacation rental data confirm the travel boom in Europe and’s good numbers?

Thibault Masson

As a short-term rental manager, how can you use demand and supply data to confirm what you see happening in ...

airbnb inflation new hosts (1)

Airbnb impact on affordable housing: +50% New hosts in one year, STR bans in tourist destinations

Thibault Masson

Are we stuck in a vicious cycle? Airbnb says that people are turning out in droves to become new Airbnb ... stock vacation rentals 32% of room nights from non-hotels, new features to attract short-term rental hosts.

Thibault Masson

There is no doubt that vacation rentals, short-term rentals, and other non-hotel properties are key to’s growth. When Booking ...

guesty pms valuation

PMS Guesty raises $170M and triples its valuation

Thibault Masson

Vacation rental software remains attractive to investors. Guesty announced on August 16, 2022, that it had closed its latest funding ...

vacasa stock

Is Vacasa’s switch from pure M&A growth to direct homeowner acquisition succeeding?

Thibault Masson

What made Vacasa’s stock jump up more than 30% in mid-August 2022? Last June, we reported how the stocks of ...

Booking.Com damage policy new damage policy discourages hosts from asking for a damage deposit

Thibault Masson has rolled out a new “damage policy” whose goal is to dissuade hosts from taking damage deposits. Instead, hosts ...

APAC villa rental markets

3 dramatically different villa rental market recovery stories: Bali vs Thailand vs Sri Lanka (2022 data)

Thibault Masson

While the US vacation rental market began booming as soon as the summer of 2020, the European market only started ...

airbnb search ranking algorythm

How does the Airbnb search algorithm work?

Thibault Masson

While it is impossible to list all Airbnb ranking factors, we can briefly show you how search placement and ranking ...

airbnb earnings Q2 2022

Airbnb Q2 earnings picture a resilient company prioritizing occasional hosts to get through the recession

Thibault Masson

Airbnb as a resilient company Airbnb’s business model was shaken but then validated by the new ways that guests used ...

pricelabs minimum stay

PriceLabs: $30M to help property managers better price their listings

Thibault Masson

PriceLabs, a leading dynamic pricing tool for the short-term rental industry, went from bootstrapping to raising $30m and from figuring ...

dynamic cleaning fees

Increase your revenues with dynamic cleaning fees (revenue management for vacation rentals)

Thibault Masson

You probably know the concept of applying dynamic prices to vacation rental rates so that they automatically increase or decrease ...

airbnb host cancellation fee penalty

Airbnb changing its policy on avoidable Host cancellations: Hosts must pay fee from $50 to $1,000 (updated)

Thibault Masson

(updated on July 27, 2022) Airbnb has announced that, starting August 22, 2022, hosts who cancel a reservation risk paying ...

urban short term rental str markets 2022

(US data) Urban short-term rental demand recovering, yet still under 2019 level. International travelers still not fully back.

Thibault Masson

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a vacation rental boom in the US, with markets in coastal and mountain destinations recording record ...

shoppable airbnb

Add a new revenue stream by creating a “shoppable airbnb”

Thibault Masson

Do you own a vacation rental or Airbnb? If so, you may be interested in offering “shoppable stays” to your ...

martinique guadeloupe

A glimpse at the Guadeloupe and Martinique vacation rental markets with Welcome à la maison

Thibault Masson

Madly Schenin-King is a female entrepreneur who’s managed to build Welcome à la Maison, the biggest short-term rental industry event ...

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