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pricelabs minimum stay

PriceLabs: $30M to help property managers better price their listings

Thibault Masson

PriceLabs, a leading dynamic pricing tool for the short-term rental industry, went from bootstrapping to raising $30m and from figuring ...

dynamic cleaning fees

Increase your revenues with dynamic cleaning fees (revenue management for vacation rentals)

Thibault Masson

You probably know the concept of applying dynamic prices to vacation rental rates so that they automatically increase or decrease ...

airbnb host cancellation fee penalty

Airbnb changing its policy on avoidable Host cancellations: Hosts must pay fee from $50 to $1,000 (updated)

Thibault Masson

(updated on July 27, 2022) Airbnb has announced that, starting August 22, 2022, hosts who cancel a reservation risk paying ...

urban short term rental str markets 2022

(US data) Urban short-term rental demand recovering, yet still under 2019 level. International travelers still not fully back.

Thibault Masson

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered a vacation rental boom in the US, with markets in coastal and mountain destinations recording record ...

shoppable airbnb

Add a new revenue stream by creating a “shoppable airbnb”

Thibault Masson

Do you own a vacation rental or Airbnb? If so, you may be interested in offering “shoppable stays” to your ...

martinique guadeloupe

A glimpse at the Guadeloupe and Martinique vacation rental markets with Welcome à la maison

Thibault Masson

Madly Schenin-King is a female entrepreneur who’s managed to build Welcome à la Maison, the biggest short-term rental industry event ...

rent responsibly conference

Why attend Rent Responsibly’s free educational online conference (July 12 – 13)?

Thibault Masson

Our partner Rent Responsibly is organizing a free educational conference on July 12 – 13, called the RR Summit. This ...

short term letting regulations england

How you can help shape England’s short-term letting regulations (open consultation)

Thibault Masson

In its 2021 Tourism Recovery Plan, the English government set out its intention to consider a Tourist Accommodation Registration Scheme. ...

unbundling airbnb

“Go to Airbnb, pick a niche and execute it 10x better”: When Airbnb’s party ban favors smart entrepreneurs.

Thibault Masson

On June 28, 2022, Airbnb turned its temporary global party ban into a permanent one. The ban was born from ...

summer 2022 vacation rental trends

2022 Vacation Rental Trends: Sunny days in Europe and US, but what’s next?

Thibault Masson

Vacation rental data provider AirDNA has used May and June data from Airbnb and Vrbo to look at what Summer ...

airbnb horror movie 2022

What Airbnb horror movies can teach hosts about creating trust with guests

Thibault Masson

When it comes to hospitality-linked horror movies, hotels had been dominating the screens for years, from Pyscho’s Bates Motel to ...

short-term rentals for digital nomads

Short-term rentals for digital nomads: Still a trend to pursue in 2022?

Thibault Masson

Should all short-term rental managers and owners try and attract digital nomads? At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a ...

airbnb new listing title for airbnb categories

2022 Update: Airbnb addresses concerns around listing titles, listing visibility, and categories attributed 

Thibault Masson

Since the release of the Summer 2022 Update, Airbnb hosts have shared recurring concerns about losing control over their listings. ...

sonder vacasa stock prices

Vacasa, Sonder, and Airbnb stocks down by up to 80% in 6 months: Should all property managers see it as a sign of a hard recession about to hit?

Thibault Masson

As a vacation rental manager, should you see the value of the shares of publicly-traded companies such as Vacasa, Sonder, ...

airbnb OMG FUND

How to apply for the $10,000,000 Airbnb OMG! Fund (Airbnb Categories series)

Thibault Masson

Airbnb Categories, the company’s new way to help its users discover new listings and destinations, is at the front and ...

techsplained vacation rental tech

Techsplained, the show that demystifies vacation rental tech

Thibault Masson

Techsplained is a show that helps vacation rental property managers and owners clearly understand what industry tech solutions do. Every ...

how to sell a vacation rental company

How to sell your property management company (1-hour conference)

Thibault Masson

On June 30, Rental-Scale-Up will be hosting a free 1-hour conference titled: “MONEY MATTERS: SELLING, BUYING, AND RAISING MONEY IN THE ...

airbnb co-hosting local partner powered by luckey

Airbnb’s new Co-Hosting platform welcomes professional property managers and matches them with individual hosts

Thibault Masson

While Airbnb says that it wants to focus on small hosts, it is also keen on professional property managers playing ...

How to optimise your listings in view of the Airbnb Categories update

How to optimise your listings in view of the Airbnb Categories update

Uvika Wahi

If you’re an Airbnb host or a short-term rental property manager, you likely already know about the recent significant changes ...

airbnb guest travel insurance (1)

Airbnb Travel Insurance for Guests: Cost, details, limitations, differences with Aircover

Thibault Masson

Airbnb is rolling out its guest travel insurance in the US, the UK, and 8 countries of the European Union. ...

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