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airbnb categories 2022 TV spots

Airbnb 2022 commercials: Airbnb Categories (Castles, Amazing Pools, Camping, and OMG!), with music and locations

Thibault Masson

Airbnb is launching a new global marketing campaign promoting its just-launched Airbnb Categories. The campaign features 4 of the 56 ...

vrbo trip boards

Why Expedia Group is taking Vrbo’s Trip Boards to and

Thibault Masson

Vrbo wants to be seen as the best site where to book large vacation rentals that are fit for family ...

ajl atelier raincatcher

Vacation rental consultancy AJL Atelier and M&A specialist Raincatcher partner up to target the US market

Thibault Masson

Vacation rental and business consultancy AJL Atelier and business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions firm Raincatcher have announced their partnership. ...

vrbo 2022 travel trends

Vrbo’s strengths within the Expedia group: Longer stays over hotels, success in France, Australia, and Brazil.

Thibault Masson

Vrbo is part of the Expedia Group. During the pandemic, Vrbo became a hot item within the group’s brands (e.g. ...

US: invests in tech and ads to grow its “alternate accommodations” business

Thibault Masson

As announced in 2021, is doing more to increase its revenues, in the US, from its “alternate accommodations” business, ...

fractional ownership luxury vacation rentals

Fractional ownership of luxury vacation homes: Pacaso, Ember, Here, Kocomo, Prello, Altacasa & August

Thibault Masson

Several companies such as Pacaso, Ember, and Kocomo are now offering fractional ownership of luxury vacation homes. What does this ...

airbnb 2022 summer release categories

How do Airbnb Categories work?

Thibault Masson

For its 2022 Summer Update, Airbnb has introduced 56 categories that allow travelers to discover more properties and destinations than ...

How do Airbnb Split Stays work

How do Airbnb Split Stays work?

Uvika Wahi

The last couple of years have been transformative for the short-term rental industry and although not all the changes may ...

airbnb 2022 summer release brian chesky

(video + text) Brian Chesky shows what Airbnb’s 2022 Summer Release is about

Thibault Masson

Let’s hear about the 2022 Summer Release directly from Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky. Here are the video, transcript, and visual ...

airbnb 2022 summer release update

Airbnb 2022 Summer update release

Thibault Masson

So, after the dust has settled, does Airbnb’s “biggest change to the platform in a decade” live up to its ...

airbnb quarterly results Q1 2022

Airbnb quarterly results: First profitable Q1 ever, great outlook for 2022

Thibault Masson

While waiting for the “biggest change to Airbnb in a decade” (see our expectations for Airbnb’s 2022 Summer release), let’s ...

Navigating the Operational Challenges of a Growing Business - Overcoming Inflation and Labor Shortages in Short-Term Rental Management

Navigating the Operational Challenges of a Growing Business: Overcoming Inflation and Labor Shortages in Short-Term Rental Management

Uvika Wahi

In recent years, many short-term rental management businesses have experienced significant growth and expansion. Now, owing to inflation and labor ...

Finding the best vacation rental dynamic pricing tool made easy

Finding the best vacation rental dynamic pricing tool made easy

Uvika Wahi

Pricing competitively is proven to drive profitability for vacation rental businesses, but adjusting prices manually is time-consuming, and often prone ...

Skift Future of Lodging Forum for hospitality industry

Skift Future of Lodging Forum: Who is it for, what to expect, and how to attend

Uvika Wahi

Since the pandemic, the short-term rental industry has seen an influx of a whole new generation of guests. As travelers ...

GuestReady CEO Alexander Limpert on how short-term rental management companies can achieve operational excellence

Alexander Limpert on how property management company GuestReady scaled operations to achieve excellence

Uvika Wahi

When looking at ways to improve operational efficiency in short-term rental property management, it is important to look at businesses ...

jarvis ml for vacation rental managers

$16 million in seed funding for Jarvis ML, a machine learning solution provider for vacation rental managers

Thibault Masson

Jarvis ML helps short-term rental and vacation rental management companies increase their revenues and profits by letting them leverage their ...

booking-com partner liability insurance zurich’s new €1,000,000 Partner Liability Insurance and Damage Deposits by vs Airbnb vs Vrbo

Thibault Masson

When it comes to listing a vacation rental property on an online platform, one of the biggest blockers for hosts ...

How to Overcome Rising Costs with Operational Efficiency in times of inflation and labor shortages

How to Overcome Rising Costs with Operational Efficiency in times of inflation and labor shortages

Uvika Wahi

2021 was a landmark year for the vacation rental industry in many ways, from unprecedented category awareness to explosive demand ...

What is HomeToGo’s “onsite booking” model and how it can help the company compete with Airbnb

Thibault Masson

What if the rise of HomeToGo’s “onsite booking” services was allowing vacation rental managers to find a new source of ...

vacation rental managers association vrma advocacy

Over $400,000 Raised in Record-Breaking VRMA Advocacy Fundraising Campaign Kickoff

Thibault Masson

On Tuesday, April 12, at the Vacation Rental Management Association’s Spring Forum in Chicago, the organization held a surprise kickoff ...

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