Coronavirus Resource Center

To help vacation rental managers, Airbnb property management companies, vacation rental owners and short-term rental operators, we have put together this Coronavirus Resource Center.

Most of this content is exclusive to Rental Scale-Up. Our goal is to help you understand what is going on, through data, facts, trends, and research. We want to give you a feeling of control over the impact of the coronavirus crisis on your rental business. Also, we want to help you forecast the rebound in your own market and be ready for the recovery.

Airbnb, Booking.com, and Vrbo/HomeAway cancellation and refund policies

Our overview of the cancellation and refund policies of Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway (updated daily)

Airbnb Monthly Stays, the new Airbnb feature to help hosts to switch to monthly rentals

Airbnb extends Extenuating circumstances until May 31, Pushes for Airbnb Travel Credit, while promising $260M in help to hosts

Coronavirus and Airbnb: “More Flexible Reservations” to balance the needs of guests and Hosts

Vacation Rental and Short-term Rental Market data and trends in times of coronavirus

Coronavirus crisis makes dynamic and smart pricing not reliable. Which metrics and tools can you still use to see current patterns and forecast recovery?

Coronavirus insights from Vacation rental & Airbnb data (US, Europe, Asia) + Forecasted Demand Trends

Vacation Rental Data and Charts show that coronavirus has biggest impact on bookings in Europe (vs US), in urban areas, for the next 30 days. Drive-to destinations to fare better.

Online conferences and webinars to help you deal with the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis

Getting your business through the COVID-19 crisis with actionable insights from world-class short-term and vacation rental experts

AJL Profitability Hub, Simon Lehmann’s online vacation rental conference with 9 experts

Relief measures to help your rental business navigate the coronavirus COVID-19crisis

Join Rental scale-Up and support “To Guests, With Love”, a fun initiative to unite and promote the vacation rental industry

How vacation rental managers can take advantage of the $2tr stimulus loans and package