DARM 2022: What to Expect at VRMintel’s 4th Annual Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference

4th Annual Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference

The 4th Annual Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management (DARM) Conference is already upon us and will take place in Tennessee on August 8-10, 2022.

The DARM Conference is the only conference of its kind that focuses on data and revenue management for vacation rentals. The conference brings together top experts in the field to share their knowledge and experience with vacation rental professionals.

The conference was created to help vacation rental professionals better understand how to use data to drive revenues and improve their business operations.

VRMintel Editor and Founder, and DARM Conference organiser Amy Hinote
VRMintel Editor and Founder, and DARM 2022 Conference organiser Amy Hinote

Organised by VRMIntel’s Amy Hinote, the DARM conference has swiftly grown to be an essential industry event, becoming as sought after as the Streamline Summit 2022 or VRMA International 2022. The DARM conference also fills in a gap left by the VRMA International Conference, as the latter does not especially focus on revenue management in its program.


When and where can you attend the 4th Annual DARM Conference?

The 2022 edition of the Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference is scheduled for August 8-10, 2022. Spread over three days, the event’s first day will be dedicated to setup and welcome, while registration will open simultaneously with breakfast at 7:45 AM on August 9, 2022.

DARM Conference 2022 Venue - Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Tennessee
DARM Conference 2022 Venue – Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Tennessee

The venue for this year’s DARM Conference is the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Tennessee.

How can you attend DARM 2022?

There are two separate tracks for registration, one for property managers and the other for industry vendors and suppliers.

There is also a third online-only option available for those unable to attend the event in person. The video package comes included in both the in-person packages as well for those who wish to replay sessions or watch sessions they might miss.

  • DARM Property Management/Vacation Rental Management (PM/VRM) Attendee (non-refundable) – $1,249.00
  • DARM Vendor/Supplier Attendee (non-refundable) – $1,599.00
  • DARM Livestream Online Attendee Ticket with Video Package (non-refundable) – $799.00

A wider program to include Marketing, Homeowner Acquisition and Retention, Executive tracks

When it comes to moving the conversation around data and revenue management forward, the DARM Conference has positioned itself as “the room where it happens.” This year, however, will conference has added additional segments to its program to also educate attendees on other key aspects of the business of vacation rentals, with emphasis on growth and executive strategy:

  1. Revenue Management
  2. Advanced Revenue Management
  3. Marketing
  4. Data
  5. Executive
  6. Think Tank Studio

Keynotes by Zillow and Pacaso Co-Founder Spencer Rascoff and Author Aaron Ross

DARM Conference 2022 Keynote Speakers Aaron Ross and Spencer Raskoff

This year’s Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference is due to be headlined by Pacaso and Zillow Co-Founder Spencer Raskoff, who through his work has immense insight into the inner workings of both real estate and vacation rentals, as well as where the two converge. He will be part of the keynote discussion titled Vacation Rental Industry Investment: The Widening Intersection of Real Estate and Short-Term Rentals that will conclude day one of the conference on August 9, 2022.

Former Salesforce executive and author of the bestselling book Predictable Revenue Aaron Ross will bring the conference to a close with his keynote session From Impossible to Inevitable.

Full lists of planned sessions by track


  • Championship Teams: The Secret to Winning the Game of Business with Amber Hurdle   
  • The Secret Equalizer with John Suzuki     
  • State of the Vacation Rental Industry: Leisure Short-Term Rental Performance and Predictive Indicators with Jason Sprenkle, CEO, Key Data    
  • Fireside Chat with Expedia Group’s Vivek Bhogaraju, GM, Revenue Performance Solutions, Lodging & Vacation Rental
  • Is Business Booming, Hitting a Speed Bump, or Bottoming Out? Data Trends to Drive Decisions for 2023 and Beyond with AirDNA’s VP of Research, Jamie Lane                                                           
  • When the Winds Shift: Optimizing Stay Restrictions to Boost Revenue with PriceLabs Founder and CEO Anurag Verma
  • Get Out of My Head: Creating Modern Clarity with Stoic WisdomWSJ Best-selling Author and Rented CEO Andrew McConnell
  • 4th Annual DARM Tech Battleground: Vacation Rental Industry’s Shark Tank 


  • 2022 Vrbo Trends and Property Listing Optimization with Jordan Locke, Partner Revenue Performance Manager, Vacation Rentals, Vrbo
  • Building Your Revenue Management Team: In-House, Outsource, and Everything in Between with Heather Richer, Founder, Richer Logic and ASTRHO
  • Changes in the OTA/Distribution Landscape with Cameron Felton, Evolve; Sarah Franzen, Natural Retreats; Emily Pattillo, Highgate; Cidalia Pinto Coelho, Awaze/Novasol; and Mike Bohmer
  • Climbing Out of the Valley: Scalable Strategies for Filling Need Periods with Eve Anderson and Tim Schutts, TravelNet Solutions
  • Comp-Based Pricing Algorithms with Tim Speicher, CEO, Buoy
  • Current Travel Trends & How Airbnb is Adapting to Them with Julia Herrington, Airbnb
  • How (and Why) Revenue Support Is Linked to Homeowner Support and Vice Versa? With Chad Blankenship, VTrips; Pat Denny, Holiday Isle; Heather Richer, Richer Logic; Max Schuster, StayMarquis; and moderated by Tim Cafferty, Outer Banks Blue
  • How to Build a Revenue Management Strategy with John de Roulet, Wheelhouse
  • Let’s Get Serious about Revenue Management with Jeff Breece and Ryan Saylor, Beyond
  • Portfolio-Level Revenue Management: The Pickup Approach with John de Roulet, Wheelhouse, and Andrew Kitchell, CEO, Wheelhouse
  • Rate Strategy and Communication in Today’s Travel Landscape with Mike Boehmer, VP, Revenue Management, Vacasa
  • Revenue Management beyond Dynamic Pricing with Eduardo Mandri, Cofounder and CEO, Angel Host
  • Revenue Management Technology: What Functionality Is Still Missing? Revenue Managers Sit Down with Tech Execs to Influence Future Road Maps with Revenue Managers’ Q&A with James Burrows, CCO, Rentals United; Andrew Kitchell, CEO, Wheelhouse; Andrew McConnell, Rented; Ryan Saylor, VP, Beyond; Maureen Shilling, Cofounder, RevMax; Anurag Verma, CEO, PriceLabs, Moderated by Sarah Franzen and Emily Pattillo


  • 2023 Outlook: Scale Your Vacation Rental Business with Purpose and Precision with Jamie Lane, VP, Research, AirDNA
  • Data-Driven Property Managers: How to Grow VRM Profitability with Financial Data You Already Own with Jesse Ehret, Founder and CXO, Ximplifi
  • Grow Your Property Inventory Using OwnerPoint’s Data and Growth Platform with Larry Hoffer, CEO, OwnerPoint
  • Leverage Competitive Intelligence and Industry Data for Profit with David Angotti, Cofounder, StaySense
  • Setting Up Your Key Data Dashboard for Each Department with Jason Sprenkle, CEO, Key Data
  • Tightening the Relationship between Property Data, Guest Experiences, and Profit with Jeremy Gall, CEO, Breezeway     


  • Are We Pricing Repeat Guests Out of Our Markets? Prioritizing Repeat Stays with Tyann Marcink, Queen of Guest Experience, Touch Stay, Cohost of The Guest Cast podcast, and Founder, Missouri Haus and Branson Family Retreats
  • Building Your Web: Online Strategies to Drive Direct Traffic, Increase Brand Visibility, Strengthen Community Relationships, and Create Recurring Revenue with Travis Wilburn, CEO, Stay Charlottesville
  • Evaluating Online Marketing Performance and Making Rapid Adjustments with Conrad O’Connell, Founder and CEO, BuildUp Bookings
  • Five Data-Driven Strategies to Power Your Email Marketing with Mark Bastin, Hannah Dylewski, and Britt Benson-Greer, RealTech
  • How to Drive Direct Bookings and Steal OTA Traffic Brittany Mendez
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) & Geotargeting: Demystifying the Tracking Data Overload with Paul Hanak, ICND, and Brandon Sauls, CEO, ICND
  • Website Design and Testing: Rethinking How We Have Always Done It with Amber Carpenter, VTrips


  • Diversifying beyond Airbnb and Vrbo with Got2Go, At Ease, HomeToGo, Hopper, and Whimstay
    with Alexa Aliota, Whimstay; Bryan Boice, HomeToGo; Anthony Gantt, At Ease; Craig Musumeci; Got2Go; John Stokinger, Hopper; and moderated by Alex Husner and Annie Holcombe
  • Employee Recruiting and Retention: Building–‒and Keeping–‒a Winning Team with Sue Jones, CEO, HR4VR; and Steve Trover, CEO, Better Talent              
  • Executing an Exit Strategy or Preparing for a Pull-Back: Guide to Navigating the Current Market with Ben Edwards, President, Weatherby Consulting
  • Long-Term Value Building for Executives: Building Value in Your Business to Accomplish Long-Term Goals and Exit Strategies with Tracey Gillespie, Wells Fargo
  • Show Me the Money: Five Steps to Take When Preparing Your Company to Sell with Daniel Benavides, Sandman Savrann PLLC; Jacobie Olin, President, C2G Advisors
  • The Truth about Scale: An In-Depth Look at Which Components of a STR Business Benefit from Scale with Steve Schwab, CEO, Casago


  • Ancillary Revenue Opportunities for VRMs: Exploring Additional—and New—Sources of Revenue with Eric Broughton, CEO, Ok2Charge; Arthur Colker, CEO, StayFi; Jeremy Gall, CEO, Breezeway; Matt Loney, CEO, Xplorie; Alisa Justice, VP, Silicon Travel; and Wes Walker, CEO, Propersum
  • Franchise Models in the Vacation Rental Industry with Steve Caron, CEO, iTrip; Lukas Krause, CEO, SkyRun; Steve Schwab, CEO, Casago
  • How Is Consolidation in the Vacation Rental Affecting Destinations? with Miller Hawkins, Booe Realty; Claire Reiswerg, President, Sand ‘N Sea; Leslie Becker, Founder and Broker, Smith Mountain Lake Properties; Scott Seay, CEO, VTrips; David Krauss, CEO, Rent Responsibly, and Moderated by Amy Hinote
  • Inside Inhabit—What Does the VR Tech Stack Look Like in 2023 and Beyond? With Lynell Gordon, LSI; Desiree Garcia, RevMax; Amber Trzinski, Bluetent; Tifany Butterfield, Streamline; Jessica Singer, LiveRez; Chris Savino, Lynnbrook; Brady Stump, Inhabit; and Moderated by Lino Maldonado, BeHome247
  • Risk Mitigation and Changes in the Travel Insurance Industry with Laird Sager, CEO, Red Sky; Brady Stump, CEO, Rental Guardian; Tony Santilli, National Accounts Director, Generali Global Assistance; and Moderated by Annie Holcombe
  • The Impact of Private Equity Investment in the Vacation Rental Industry and What the Future Holds with Stephanie Koenig, Stoic Lane; Ben Edwards, President, Weatherby Consulting; Scott Seay, CEO, VTrips; Sean Breuner, AvantStay; and moderated by Amy
  • The Next Generation Has Arrived: A Look at What Is Driving New Entrants in the Vacation Rental Industry with Heather Brown, Co-Founder and CEO, StayLuxe Properties; TBA, AvantStay; Clint Skidmore, COO; LMPM; Luca Zambello, CEO, Jurny; and Alex Zemianek, JZ Vacation Rentals


  • How to Use Data to Ignite Your Inventory Growth Success with Brooke Pfautz, CEO, Vintory
  • Managing the True Source of Your Revenue: Your Homeowners with Heather Brown, StayLuxe; Caleb Hannon and Fran Lawrence, StayLakeNorman; Whitney Sauls, Sloane Realty; and Moderated by Valerie Clagett, Rented           
  • Using In-Property Technology to Improve Guest, Owner, Management Company, and Employee Experience with Suneel Goud, VP, GuestView Guide



Uvika is a Content Editor at Rental Scale-Up. She uses her experience as a digital nomad and a social media expert to reveal and share vacation rental industry trends.

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