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Asia-Pacific: SE Asia villa market slumps (-66% in Bali), while Australia booms (+80% in Byron Bay)

Thibault Masson

While data about the surge in vacation rental bookings in the US abound, fewer reports are available about other regions. ...

Last minute discounts pricing strategy for vacation rentals

Last-minute bookings, when should you drop or raise your price?

Uvika Wahi

Property managers and Revenue Managers are constantly trying to set the prices that will maximize the revenue of each property ...


Summer 2021 Holiday rental market trends (Airbnb, Transparent)

Thibault Masson

In Europe, the surge in short-term rental bookings has arrived. Yet, data shows that the US started riding this wave ...

While US vacation rentals are booming, Europe still stuck

Thibault Masson

Two months after our February article called European holiday rental market 2021 perspectives darker than US, the gap between the ...

How permanent are the remarkable changes in Airbnb’s listing numbers?

Thibault Masson

For more than a year now, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered demand patterns across most of the world’s short-term rental ...

Pricing, forecasting, and benchmarking - utilizing competitive data by Neal Cyr

Pricing, forecasting, and benchmarking: Master the two primary sources of competitive data

Uvika Wahi

Competitive data in the short-term rental market provides managers answers to important questions regarding their pricing strategy. This type of ...

US vacation rental market data bookings

New bookings skyrocketed in February in the US but remained depressed in Europe.

Thibault Masson

For vacation rentals in the US, on average, February was exceptionally bad in terms of the number of nights stayed, ...


Is it spring yet? HomeToGo and Sykes Holiday Cottages data turn positive

Thibault Masson

As reported in our analysis of the reservation data pulled by Transparent, the UK saw a surge in bookings starting ...

european holiday rental market data 2021

UK holiday rental reservation boom creates optimism for European holiday rental market

Thibault Masson

Up until mid-February, the situation between the US and European holiday market could not be more contrasted: in the US, ...


European holiday rental market 2021 perspectives darker than US

Thibault Masson

How is 2021 shaping up for the European holiday rental market? As travel restrictions are very much in place across ...

rented automated rate tool for vacation rentals

ART Review: Competitive nightly pricing with Rented’s new pricing tool

Uvika Wahi

A handy tool for vacation rentals is dynamic pricing. Done right, dynamic pricing can help short-term rental owners and managers ...

Pricelabs market data dashboard for tracking vacation rental recovery

PriceLabs Review: Revenue management with dynamic and data-driven pricing

Uvika Wahi

Whether you are a single-property owner, a co-host, or a property manager, chances are pricing right is a tricky subject ...

4 vacation rental data specialists predict 2021 travel trends through seven graphs

Uvika Wahi

If proof is in the pudding, then pudding in the vacation rental industry’s context is data. We asked experts from ...

transparent smart rental pro dashboard for tracking vacation rental recovery

Transparent Review: Consolidated vacation rental data tracking with Smart Rental PRO

Uvika Wahi

From establishing baselines, setting goals, to moving forward, data must inform all business decisions for utmost efficacy. We understand the ...

airbtics vacation rental analytics

Airbtics Review: Efficient property acquisition and competitive pricing for property managers

Uvika Wahi

Expanding a vacation rental property management business requires due diligence. When looking to identify optimal acquisition opportunities, the more data ...

search for vacation rentals worldwide

Surprising insights from 2020 Google Trends: While interest in Airbnb, cabins, and nearby destinations remained strong, topics like cleaning and cancellations faded away fast.

Thibault Masson

To help you look back at 2020 and see which ongoing trends you should prepare your rental business for in ...

forecasting revenue for vacation rentals

Forecasting 2021 Revenue: Why is it vital for vacation rentals?

Thibault Masson

The basics of Forecasting The term forecasting can be intimidating for those who have not done it before, but it ...


AirDNA review: Better pricing and pacing data with My Properties and Comp Set

Thibault Masson

How to leverage AirDNA‘s new “My Properties” and “Comp Set” features to finetune your listing rates? How can you start ...


Transparent launches Smart Rental (vacation rental and Airbnb data & analytics)

Thibault Masson

Smart Rental is Transparent’s latest advance in the vacation rental data industry. The analytical tool offered by the Madrid-based vendor ...

How to choose a vacation rental dynamic pricing tool

How To Choose A Vacation Rental Dynamic Pricing Tool

Adrienne Fors

Are your rates too high? Are you leaving money on the table? Competitive pricing is one of the most important ...

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